10 Study Room Wall Decor Ideas To Inspire The Best In You

10 Study Room Wall Decor Ideas To Inspire And Bring Out The Best In You

Do you find yourself lacking motivation when it’s time to hit the books? There are lots of ways to switch things up and use your study room to boost your mood. Add some personal touches, play around with color combinations, or just hang a motivational sign on the wall! These 10 study room wall decor ideas by the best interior designers in Bangalore will help motivate you and bring out the best in you.

1. Hang a colorful banner

Pick a bright color that matches your personality and add a cool banner to your wall. String it up between two windows, above the headboard of your bed, or right behind your desk! This is an easy way to add some personal touches to any study space.

2. Display inspiring photos

Photos are one of the best ways to brighten up any space. Whether it’s a single large frame or small stack of polaroids, photos are always a good idea for study room wall decor. You can even display photos that inspire you to achieve your goals! If you have some artistic talent yourself, consider using your pictures as inspiration for new works of art!

3. Put up a map

Maps are versatile pieces of study room wall decor because there are so many options when it comes to hanging them. They look great near shoe racks and entryways, above desks and dressers, and they give any space a splash of color and personality. Plus, maps make great conversation starters; next time someone asks about an unfamiliar location on your map, tell them about how you visited there on your summer vacation!

4. Make a gallery wall

A perfect way to display some of your favorite pieces of study room wall decor is with a gallery wall. No matter what one thinks of this trend, few can argue that it’s an incredibly easy and stylish way to decorate any wall space with pictures and prints. A gallery wall with thoughtful picture choices and a cohesive color scheme looks beautiful and makes the room feel like home (and hopefully inspire you to do some studying!).

5. Display student awards or accolades

By displaying trophies, medals, ribbons, certificates, or other academic honours in your study space, you’ll be constantly reminded of all your hard work! This is not only an effective way to motivate yourself, but it’s also a wonderful conversation starter when friends come over.

6. Post inspiring quotes on the wall

Another great way to improve your mood (and keep you inspired) is with some inspiring quotes! Even in the smallest of doses, these hit home and can be incredibly powerful in motivating you to achieve your best. You can paste them directly onto the walls or print out small versions that you tape up instead! Either way, they’re bound to help improve your study habits (and maybe even make studying fun!).

7. Add color with string lights or fairy lights

A great way for adding personality to any space without committing too much time or money is with some string lights. Turn off the overhead light and set up some string lights behind your bed or near your desk. You can even come up with a color scheme and decorate your entire wall with fairy lights! Either option looks great, is budget-friendly, and will help you stay motivated to study!

8. Frame inspirational posters

Picking out the right quote or saying can be tough, but don’t worry; there are tons of options out there! Instead of looking for inspiration on Pinterest, why not make things easy by framing an inspirational poster instead? This way you get the look without too much work (or money)!

9. Use bright colors

When coming up with ideas for study room wall decor, consider playing around with different color combinations. Pick out a bright color for your base and then use accent colors to bring out the brightness! For example, you could use orange as your base color with light blue or yellow as accents.

10. Display inspiring art pieces

Finally, there’s nothing wrong with adding some study room wall decor that you actually like! Whether it’s an oil painting that reminds you of the beach or a poster for your favorite TV show, making your walls feel like home is important (and this might even make studying more enjoyable!). So go ahead and put up those posters; if they inspire you to do well in school, what’s the harm?


Using these ten study room wall decor ideas, you can make studying more fun and inspire yourself to do better! Whether it’s hanging up pictures of your favorite people or placing some inspiring quotes around your study space, there are tons of ways to decorate with purpose. So let us know which idea is your favorite in the comments below, and be sure to check out our other articles for more tips on sprucing up your study space!