3 Beach Umbrellas From Home Depot

Beach Umbrellas From Home Depot

One of the most important things to remember while buying a beach umbrella is that the sun is the most damaging thing for your skin. Prolonged sun exposure is a leading cause of cancer and premature aging, so sitting under an umbrella is always better than baking in the hot sun. To find the best umbrella, select a sturdy one that is easy to set up and transport. Also, be sure that it offers UV protection. In this article, we will discuss three options that you can buy from home depot.

Coolibar Titanium Beach Umbrella

A metallic beach umbrella, the Coolibar is a great way to stay cool while you are on the beach. It features a 50+ UPF rating and a patented double canopy design. It stands 7 feet tall and has a six-foot arc, but can be collapsed to just 45 inches in diameter. It is made of durable non-corrosive aluminum, is lightweight, and can be used by two people. Its green underside absorbs UV rays and keeps the surface area under it 15 degrees cooler.

The Coolibar Titanium Beach Umbrella is lightweight and can be swung open for optimum shade. The fabric is specially treated to reflect harmful ultraviolet rays. This umbrella is six feet in diameter and has a tilt mechanism for optimum shade position. A lightspeed canopy is worth the added cost, particularly if you plan on having a large group. This umbrella also allows for extra floor space.

Tommy Bahama 6 ft. Tilt Umbrella

If you are looking for a convenient and durable beach umbrella, the Tommy Bahama 6 ft. tilt umbrella is the perfect solution. The new Navy Blue pattern makes this umbrella a stylish and convenient addition to any beach getaway. The umbrella comes with a powder-coated steel pole, a UPF 50-plus fabric canopy, and a convenient carry bag. No matter what your beach vacation plans are, you’ll be covered with this umbrella.

Frankford Steel Commercial Grade Beach Umbrella

You might have heard of Frankford Beach Umbrellas, but how can you tell if they’re the right choice for you? These umbrellas have been around for more than 100 years, and are still going strong. They stand for quality, reasonable prices, and superior customer service. If you want to know if they’re the right choice for you, read on to discover the benefits of purchasing one from this company.

The Monterey fiberglass market umbrella collection uses the highest quality materials to provide exceptional strength and shade flexibility. Its half-inch-thick fiberglass ribs ensure the frame will bend with the wind without compromising the frame’s integrity. Additionally, it has a durable aluminum center pole and maintenance-free resin. It has a two-piece pole and comes with a crank that allows it to tilt 60 degrees. You can easily adjust the shade to ensure that the fabric is shaded for as long as you want. This umbrella is also made with a closed stitching pocket for extra protection.