A 30-Day Strength Training Routine By Martial Art Extreme

30-Day Strength Training

Strength training is unique for the fact that it helps you develop your body and your mind in a unique way that enhances your outlook on life. Strength training in the world of fitness both online and offline is not sudden and takes a gradual curve to a point in which you are simply stronger than used to be. So how do we go on this journey of strength training?

The simple answer to this is to have a repeating pattern of exercise that covers all your body and all the muscle groups and to follow these for weeks.

The complex and more new one stands to this is brought to you by us at Martial Art Extreme(MAE). Here we presented to you the 30-day strength training challenge which will transform your body and your mind. However, let us warn you that this requires a commitment beyond anything you have ever imagined and the simple ingredient of commitment will allow you to take on this difficult challenge with ease.


Before you begin this challenge, we would always ask you to consult with your doctor if you have a medical condition and also consult with your online exercise training instructor. We do not want you to risk injury before you take on this challenge.

Before you start this challenge, we would ask you to prepare yourself mentally and listen to a lot of motivational videos from fitness legends that will allow you to get in that mindset. After you have done that you can decide whether to do this challenge in your home or at your gym.


Day one is simple and you simply have to go to your gym and do the regular warm-up which your instructor has told you about and which can include jogging and cardio and any other aerobic exercise.

After you have done that you have to start going into this pattern wherein you will start with the simple exercise of leg press and barbell squad and you should not do more than 10 repetitions of each.

Having completed that you can move on to the dumbbell arm curl which you must take your steps slow and steady because you do not want to hurt your arms.

This can be followed by the triceps pushdown which two you have to do of sets not more than 10.

Then you can move on to the pulldown exercise and after that, you can start the incline or full bench press only after you have mastered all days you can attempt a deadlift with a weight that is comfortable to you.


As most fitness experts will tell you the second day of joining the gym is the hardest because you do not have that level of the first day and also because now your body is quite sore and this soreness of body will take at least a week to decrease. This is the crucial time that you want to reach your decision about undergoing this challenge but we can tell you one simple thing if you can persist today you can persist throughout the challenge. After today your muscle soreness will decrease as you continue repeating all

the above exercises and your motivation will increase as you get to familiarise yourself better with the equipment.


On the sixth day, you need to take a bit of rest and change the pattern of exercise wherein you must focus a bit of your time on warm-up oriented exercises as well as a bit of cardio and starching. This can easily be defined as the cheat meal day of exercise routines as you give your body an update on necessary rest.


The 10th day is important because on this day you will make some changes to your fitness routine and these changes will include increasing your weight. Let us tell you how you are supposed to do this because overpressure rising your muscles can lead to injury and we would always suggest that you try out a 10 to 12% increase in weights to simply see that you can lift these new weights or not. From our experience, we can tell you that you can easily do this.


By now you will see the confidence and you will also see a critical change in your exercise pattern wherein you will not take long rest between the sets because your body is getting used to working more hard. You have also now developed a good sleep cycle as well as a healthy appetite which is also driving you to fitness simply put you can feel this change in your body.


If you have made it to day 25 then you are certainly a champion because not many people can make it to the day. But something new can begin to arise in your mind about what is the point of this fitness program and should you even try to keep on going for an extra 5 days since you have struggled for the last 25 days. Believe us when we say that it is totally worth it and 5 days is nothing for someone who has gone on this fitness journey for 25 days.


This is the day that will make you the proudest because today you deserve all the congratulations in the world as you have set forth on this unknown journey and came out as a champion. This 30-day challenge will not turn you magically into a bodybuilder but this 30 days challenge will make you understand the importance of fitness in your life and will help you plan out the next 30 days of your fitness journey and once you are on the fitness bandwagon there is no turning back. Fitness is simply the addiction to self-improvement.

This was the 30-day challenge of strength development by us at Martial Art Extreme and if you are also willing to take on these kinds of challenges then do follow our blogs & also follow our Online yoga blog.