5 Dog Breeds That Are Popular With Dog Breeders in India

Dog Breeders in India

While there are many dog breeders in India, you might be wondering which breed is best for you. Listed below are three breeds that are popular among dog lovers and breeders in India. Read on to learn more about these breeds. Breeders in India can only use line breeding or out breeding techniques to produce their dogs. In line breeding, dogs are selected based on specific attributes rather than genetics. A line breeding facility will only use healthy, happy dogs in their lines.


Great Dane breeders in India are on the rise as the demand for these beautiful dogs grows in the country. Despite their large size and high price tag, they have numerous advantages: they are apartment-friendly, are adaptable, and have an above-average tolerance to hot weather. The breed is an excellent choice for people looking to adopt a pet, but may be out of reach for many people due to their high maintenance costs.

You can find Great Dane puppies in India ranging from Rs.5,000 to Rs.25,000. The price will depend on several factors, including the breeder’s reputation. Obviously, famous breeders sell their pups for a higher price than lesser-known breeders. However, buying a Great Dane pup from a reputable breeder will give you peace of mind that your new pet is healthy and happy.

There are different colors and patterns of Great Danes available. A male is more sought-after than a female, and a female dog may cost less than a male. Price differences between male and female puppies can vary by about Rs3,000. Purebred Great Danes are also more expensive than mixed breed Great Danes, but are usually less susceptible to hereditary health problems. You can buy a Great Dane puppy from a number of places, including India, the U.S., and Europe.


If you’re considering buying a Rottweiler, you should know that there are several health problems that Rottweilers in India can suffer from. The most common of these conditions is subaortic stenosis, which narrows the aortic valve and causes sudden death. An X-ray, with a reg. number, can help your veterinarian determine if the dog has this problem, but many puppies die before they reach adulthood.

The price of a Rottweiler puppy in India varies, depending on where you live and how many litters you’re looking for. Puppies in Mumbai cost anywhere from Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 50,000, and can be found at Kaps club Mumbai kennels and Club canine breeders. While the cost may seem steep, it’s worth it to ensure that the dog you’re getting is of high quality and will last a long time.

A Rottweiler has a muscular body and a deep, broad chest. The head is broad and rounded, with an upright face. The eyes are almond-shaped and the ears are carried forward. The tail is docked. The body is deep, and the coat is short and thick. The breed’s coat reflects its personality and its owner. The coat is short, and its texture is dense and glossy.


A Barkharwal is a large, muscular dog with an elegant, deep chest and a slender, straight back. Its long legs are designed for running, and it has a powerful neck, which can knock over young children. The breed’s medium length coat is a combination of thick undercoat and flat outer coat. It’s safe from harsh climate conditions and is available in black, tan, red, white, and brindle. While the Bakharwal is large in size, it can grow to be as large as 30 pounds or more.

Historically, the Bakharwal Dog was used to hunt militants in India during the historic rebellion. Today, breeders in India produce just one to three pups a year, not enough to replace the lost breed. However, the dogs’ health is still in poor condition, and they are prone to rabies and other diseases. Breeders in India are working to restore the breed’s popularity. There are currently over 600 Barkharwal dog breeders in India, and you can find one in your area.

A Barkharwal dog’s appearance resembles a shepherd. It has a square-shaped body with fluffy tails. People in the Gujjar region often trim the tip of a dog’s tail, believing that this makes it bolder. Its long, straight legs are strong and sturdy. It is a stubborn breed with an independent personality and excellent temperament. It learns signs and calls and is great with kids.

Soneri Kutta

There are many good dog breeders in India, but few breeders specialize in the Soneri Kutta, a type of Indian wolf. But if you’re looking for a dog that will be loyal, loving, and a great swimmer, you’ve come to the right place. Located in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, this breed is a favorite of many dog lovers, including pet owners who want a pet that will be loyal to their family for years to come.

The Soneri Kutta dog breed is a rare Indian dog that is a cross between a British water dog and an Indian Pariah dog. The breed is extremely agile, and is suited for herding sheep and buffalo in water bodies. The Soneri Kutta’s black coat gives them a distinctive appearance, and they tend to look like hounds. Known also as Bakharwal Sheep Dogs, these dogs were once used to herd buffalo in a mountainous region in the Himalayas.

The Soneri Kutta originated in the state of Jammu and Kashmir, where it was bred by the royal families for protection and hunting. It has a reddish-black coat and is easy to train. It is an intelligent, alert, and independent dog. Breeders in India should be willing to show you a Soneri Kutta, so you can enjoy your new companion.

Vikhan Sheepdog

If you’re looking for a unique dog, you should consider the Vikhan Sheepdog. This breed of working dog originated in northern India, and today can be found in the country of Pakistan. While it has been bred to herd livestock and hunt leopards, it has since branched out into other uses. These dogs have a unique coat and are able to survive long hunting trips.

This sheepdog is one of the most rare and special dog breeds in the world, and bred for centuries by the Bakarwal tribe of the Himalayan region. The Bakarwal breed has a long history of protecting livestock, and its name comes from a mix of wolf and Molosser sheepdog. Although the Bakarwal is now endangered, its origins date back to ancient times, when it was crossed with wild wolves in India. These dogs were then used to guard livestock by nomadic groups traveling through the Himalayas.

These dogs are not only beautiful and highly intelligent, but they’re also incredibly loyal. They guard against predators like snow leopards and wolves, and are often used by local sheepherders as guard dogs. Their thick coats can be difficult to maintain, but they are also able to live off of fish and crab. That’s a lot of work for one dog! If you’re looking for a pet, consider the Vikhan Sheepdog breeders in India.