5 Inexpensive Baby Shower Prizes For New Mums

Baby Shower Prizes

Some of the most practical prizes for a baby shower are novelty items. Cookie baskets make everyone happy, while potted plants fit a “watch me grow” theme. Novelty bottle openers are also large and valuable prizes. Depending on the theme of the shower, you may want to offer prizes that match the overall theme. Listed below are some suggestions for prizes to consider. If you’re hosting a baby shower for a friend or co-worker, here are a few suggestions for prizes.

Baked goods make people happy

There is nothing more delightful at a baby shower than baked goods. Everyone enjoys them! You can purchase a variety of treats at a bakery or make your own. Baby shower treats make people happy, and you can also make them for a fun prize for the guests. A great option for baby shower prizes is brownies in a mason jar! Any type of baked good will work.

The baby shower dessert table is an endless source of inspiration. Try a classic color scheme, such as blue and pink, or get creative with the desserts by adding a theme. Cakes and cupcakes of all sorts are available and are sure to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. No matter what the theme or color palette, it is safe to make baked goods and desserts as the main event. It’s a fun way to honor the new mom-to-be and her baby!

You can even customize your party favors to be themed. For instance, you could make heart-shaped cupcakes and roll them in different colored sprinkles. Place them in colorful bags and adorn them with a personalized thank-you note. Another idea is to make owl or bear cake pops. These can be made out of peanut butter and chocolate. You can also make hand pies and package them in homemade pie boxes.

If you’d like to give away homemade favors to guests, try wrapping them in craft paper. You can add a patterned fabric on the lid. You can also add a little note about the theme. If you’re going for a harvest-themed baby shower, you can make scented sauna cubes, pumpkin candies, or even popcorn. It’s easy, cheap, and everyone will love these favors!

Cookie baskets are a good choice for a co-ed baby shower

If you’re planning a co-ed baby shower, cookie baskets make the perfect prize for the winners. The perfect gift for guests who love to bake, cookie baskets make excellent co-ed shower prizes. You can also give sassy wine charms as prizes. Each charm features a funny saying. A wooden cheese board and knife set also makes a great baby shower prize.

A gift card to a bakery is another great choice. Gift cards to bake cookies are easy to come by and can be any denomination. You can even give them as souvenirs at the shower. The prize winners are sure to love these and will appreciate the gift. A gift card to a bakery will allow guests to make fresh cookies anytime they wish. Whether you choose to give out a cookie basket for each guest, the treat will be a hit.

You can also have a photo station at the shower. Photo stations are a big hit at any party. A photo station is also an excellent choice for a co-ed baby shower. This activity can be done during non-game activities and will give guests a chance to share their pictures with their new baby. In addition to the prizes, photo booths make great co-ed baby shower giveaways.

When choosing prizes for a co-ed baby shower, keep in mind the number of guests. If you plan to hold a baby shower for both genders, you might want to have prizes for the winners of each game. In general, you can give out two or four prizes for each game. In addition to prizes for winners, you can also give out runner-up prizes and other special awards. Some people even award prizes to guests who are punctual and well dressed.

Potted plants match a “watch me grow” theme

Using succulents or cacti wrapped in pink or blue tulle as prize containers can make for an easy, unique gift. Another great choice for a prize is popcorn wrapped in cellophane with a “watch me grow” tag attached. This gift can be easily taken home and enjoyed by the mom-to-be and her guests! While you’re thinking of baby shower prizes, consider other gifts that will match the theme of the party.

Novelty bottle openers are big and valuable prizes

One of the best ways to give out baby shower favors is by giving novelty bottle openers to your guests. These novelty bottle openers are perfect for couples and men alike, because they play off the idea of popping a champagne bottle. You can easily buy novelty bottle openers in bulk from Amazon, and they come in adorable packages. They’re perfect for giving out at the shower, and they’ll be fun to use for years to come!

Baby shower favors can be anything the mom and dad-to-be like. You can buy something simple for the mom-to-be, such as her favorite chocolate. You can also choose something fun for the guests to take home, like nail polish, a tide pen, or a coffee gift card. You can also give out baby shower favors, such as lip balm, deodorant wipes, or under-eye concealer.

Other unique items that guests will love include handmade resin letter keychains, which can be purchased at Beau-Coup for around $2 each. You can also buy plantable flower seed elephants, which are great baby shower favors. Recycled Ideas also sells wine glass charms that double as baby shower favors. Emmy Charms wine glass charms cost $0.86 each, and My Wedding Favors & More sells personalized gold unicorn bottle openers for as little as $3. You can also purchase personalized gourmet popcorn bags from Symbolic Imports for around $3.

Photo frames

Picture frames make great baby shower or christening favors. Parents-to-be can use these as a unique birth announcement to celebrate the arrival of the new child. A picture frame will allow guests to keep a special photo of the new arrival. These are easy to make yourself. You will just need foam padding, fabric covering, and ribbon finishing. Add cute motifs or a baby-themed design to give the gifts a special touch.

Other great prizes are food and drinks. For a baby shower, you can give each guest a basket of yummy snacks and drinks. You can also include a basket of baked goods. People love to eat and bake, so why not provide homemade baked goods as prizes? Homemade gifts are fun to make and are an inexpensive way to show appreciation for your guests. Make sure to check out these gift basket ideas for inspiration! And remember to include the mother-to-be’s favorite photos in your gift basket!

Baby shower guests love prizes. Choose prizes that are useful and exciting. Baby shower prizes do not need to be expensive and hard to find. Choose prizes that guests can use around the house or on a date night out. Don’t forget to package your prizes well to avoid any confusion! You’ll be pleased with your guests’ choice of baby shower prizes. Remember to consider the theme of your party when selecting a gift for your guests.