6 Basic Strategies to Get More Twitter Followers

Are you having trouble getting more twitter followers?

According to this article “Comprar seguidores para Twitter”, growing your Twitter followers organically can take months.

Even increasing likes on your Twitter posts is very difficult without an effective strategy. That’s why people turn to alternatives like buying Twitter likes – comprar curtidas Twitter.

The social network Twitter has become one of the most widely used tools in the world, with millions of users who follow news, where they make jokes and also where they promote themselves.

Thanks to Twitter, they have emerged from couples in real life (yes, it’s true) to media signings and contracts with clothing brands.

It has also become a place where a battle of disinformation is being waged, with so-called “fake news” now abounding in the world of the Internet.

For this reason, many institutions, including the UN, the European Union… are making use of Twitter as the main weapon to combat disinformation.

But the purpose of this article can come from this, but we are also concerned with the fact that many users seek to get followers so that their account is among the most followed or at least has a representation in which when they tweet, their tweets they can be retweeted so that it has a larger audience and can therefore reach many more people.

And not only that, many companies, especially in human resources departments in marketing businesses, are opting for a strategy that involves seeing how many followers the person has on Twitter.

Yes, like when fashion brands hire “influencers” on Instagram to promote their products, something similar happens on Twitter.

For this reason, having many followers on Twitter is something basically essential for people who are dedicated to this world, especially in business and the media.

But buying followers, one of the strategies to get more users to follow you on this social network, can be dangerous since many services opt for “bots” or spam that do nothing but increase your numbers.

However, later, the blue bird company can detect it and that is when the problems start, since it will delete their accounts and your number of followers will drop in ways that you would not expect.

Throughout this article we will explain in detail some of the websites that are trustworthy so that you can have more followers with the purchase of a package offered by these pages.

The main tools are:

  1. The best website to have a perfect brand
  2. The fastest site for promotion
  3. The best page to increase your followers
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  5. The best customer service

6 Basic Strategies to Get Twitter Followers

Once you are already part of the Twitter community, many questions begin to haunt your head:

How to get more followers? Is this social network worth it? Will I get a job with Twitter? Is it also worth investing time and money in this business?

Always before all these questions, there are answers in one way or another. Those who give them are usually SEO and Marketing experts who guide you through this world that can be very difficult.

But, for these experts, there are six strategies that are very clear and that we will proceed to list and explain throughout this article.


Use the tools to gain followers on Twitter

First and foremost, you have the option on the Internet of being able to buy a package with which to increase your followers, just like with other social networks such as Instagram or Facebook.

Using this type of tool to gain followers on Twitter is more than allowed in the community.

Although many doubt its ethics, it should be noted that it is something that practically all businesses use to have more visibility and, therefore, more promotion for their brand.

Below we explain in depth what these Internet services are that you can go to.


Prices to buy followers on Twitter

One of the services par excellence that you can find on the internet to increase the number of users who follow you to your Twitter profile is, without a doubt, SocialStar.

SocialStar is a service that many people use as it is one of the best for promoting your brand or your name. And not only on Twitter, but also in a long classification of social networks that go through Instagram or YouTube.

If you are a first timer and want to try how this works and then opt for more, you can buy a package of 100 followers to start, which will cost you a ridiculous price of 4.19 euros.

But you must bear in mind that there is a greater variety of packages, which go through 5,000 followers, for example, with a price of 98.99 euros.

And if you aspire to the maximum, you can go for the 12,500 followers with a price of 206.09 euros.

As you will see, the maximum package of this page is lower than the previous one of SocialStar. So it is up to you to choose which one suits you best.

If you have already decided to buy, don’t worry because it will be much easier than you imagine and it will only take you a couple of minutes to complete them. You just have to follow these steps.

The first thing is to select the package that best suits what you need at that time. From there, you have to send the data, that is, Twitter user and email address to the page to start proceeding.

Don’t worry, it won’t need any more of your personal data. Once chosen, you now have to choose your payment method, which goes through the traditional Visa and Mastercard credit or debit card to the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

When the transaction is made, your order will arrive in your email and you will be able to enjoy the increase in your followers gradually. Efficiency works.

Don’t worry if there is a problem as it has great customer service and also has a 30-day guarantee.

Don’t lose sight of her!

And why choose SocialStar? You will ask yourself. Well, very simple, simply because SocialStar is the leader in providing Twitter services, including buying followers.

Buy cheap Twitter followers.


Prices followers on Twitter SocialBoss

This is another of the methods that you can use and that we recommend 100% when buying followers for your Twitter account or accounts.

You will find a wide variety of packages that you can access in a very simple way to buy followers.

For example, you can start with 100 followers for the low price of $5.99.

If you want more, don’t worry because you will have it, since you can opt for 1,000 followers, which the page itself considers to be the “top” of its website for the price of $29.99.

And finally, if you aspire to the maximum, you only have to go for the last package that is 20,000 followers, for a price of 399.99 dollars.

Of course, you must be attentive to the prices that are handled since this page is continuously updated and brings out many promotions.

Among the conditions you will find that the website will not access your Twitter accounts when buying followers.

Also, if it’s not for you, you have the option to buy these packages for any user of the social network. You will only need an identifier or URL.

Also, maximum discretion and privacy is guaranteed with 24/7 customer support for all social media platform services.

The delivery of the users once you buy them will be done gradually and it may take between 2 to 7 calendar days for said delivery.

And above all, it should be emphasized that they will be quality followers, that is, they will not be bots.

You should know that the SocialStar team is made up of professionals only. That’s why you should rest assured that they will do exactly what you ask, and not just with Twitter followers.

But then how does it work? Well, once you have selected the package that most appeals to you, you have to refer to the Twitter account and wait for the order to be confirmed with the payment method you used so that your followers start to rise like foam .

Of course, you will have different payment methods to use: from the traditional Visa or Mastercard to the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.


Another option that you find on this list is Followerius, a service specialized in offering packages with very similar prices to the previous websites where people can buy followers for their Twitter account or accounts, depending on what suits your needs. .

It is a page that is advisable, above all, for those who are starting the business.

It is recommended then that if you are starting with this page and looking to buy followers to increase the visibility of your Twitter account, choose this one so that the interactions continue to rise and your profile can be seen beyond your own circle of friends, family and friends. of the University.

Of course, what we can tell you is that you won’t worry any more about security with this tool, since it is one of the safest on the market as it does not ask you for any type of personal data.

In addition, the visits will be delivered gradually, which means that it will be done naturally in order to avoid those bots or spam that flood social networks.


We cannot forget another tool that we trust a lot to buy followers for your Twitter account or accounts.

And that is PopularityBox which, as its name suggests, will give you the tools, in this case the followers so that your profile is one of the most prominent so that your tweets reach many more people.

Like the previous page, it is a good alternative for people who are just starting out in the business, which, as you can imagine, is very competitive.

It is one of the fastest pages in the entire purchase process, since in the blink of an eye the followers that you have bought in the package will begin to arrive.

In addition, it has affordable prices, like the previous views.

Also, you should not worry about the quality since it will be guaranteed thanks to customer service 24 hours a day and totally efficient.

With an international payment system, where priority is given to credit and debit cards but also to cryptocurrencies, you will have that security seal that you are looking for when making an online purchase that will be totally discreet.


And, lastly on this list, we will quickly talk about another one that you should know about in case you want to buy followers for your Twitter accounts. Yes, it’s about Liketron.

The prices on this page are similar to those already mentioned and have a seal of good quality.

That means that your followers that you have bought will be unique users, thus avoiding by all means that bots reach your profile, since this is one of the complaints of many people who opt for this to give their profiles a boost. on social networks.

Do not forget that you will find quality and very efficient customer service that works 24 hours a day and with which you can resolve all the doubts you have both in the purchase process and in the final result.

Tweet relevant content for your followers

Tweeting relevant content can be a bit subjective, if you will allow us to say so, but there are always elements that you must take into account when publishing and, above all, for the target audience that you have in your account.

What does that mean? Well, basically if you are a journalist, your followers will not care much what you do with your cat, for example.

In other words, if you have a network of followers and you want to grow, your job is to publish news and information that is relevant to your target audience.

From there, those followers will interact with you and will make your tweet reach a larger audience and therefore have the opportunity to expand your network of followers on your Twitter profile.

Leverage your existing customer base

Once you have your customer or user base in your profile, it’s time to consolidate them.

That is to say, thanks to them you will be able to reach more people since the more they follow you and the more retweets they make, the more people all the tweets you post will reach.

The best thing is also that those followers include you in lists where other accounts can see that you deserve a position in a prominent topic, such as news from the Middle East or news about the war in Ukraine, as examples.

tweet often

As with blogs, websites… the important thing is that you don’t leave your Twitter profile because that way, many of your users will also leave your profile and stop following you.

Your mission is to increase your followers, so it is crucial that you keep them updated as well so that they see what they are looking for and what they have followed you for.

Two to three tweets a day is fine, but more is even better.

Of course, be careful not to saturate your profile since it can cause the opposite effect: that your users stop following you because they think you are annoying.

For that reason, set yourself the goal of tweeting, for example, five times a day so as not to saturate.

If you don’t have time or can’t do it in real time, there are now many tools where you can leave your tweets scheduled and leave them at the time you have determined.

Take advantage of the optimal times to tweet

Speaking of programming, it is very important that you take it into account because there are certain times that are the most optimal for people to read you more.

The truth is that it will depend on the public you have according to the geographical area.

Why do we say it? Well, basically because when they wake up in Spain, many in the United States are already asleep, so you won’t reach that audience until seven or eight hours later, if you do.

The most optimal times are usually in the morning, just before the time of entry to the business because people usually go on public transport with the phone in hand taking a look at their profiles on social networks, as well as at night , the “prime time” schedule where many people also take a look at what has happened during the day so as not to go to bed without knowing a little more about the planet.

Another of the most optimal times is when something is happening at that moment. That means that when, for example, there is a television show, you can take advantage of those broadcast hours to tweet and that they are seen more.

If you use hashtags, you will surely reach more people.

Increase followers with hashtags on Twitter

And finally, as we just mentioned, it is very important that you follow the hashtags so that your tweets reach a much larger audience.

Hashtags are labels about a specific topic that is being talked about at that moment, such as the war in Ukraine or some television event, such as soccer. It will always be preceded by the “#” symbol and where you have to put all the words you want to use together. For this reason, hashtags or labels are usually just single words.

It is also very important that you follow the “trending topics” of each country, since in each geographical area they will talk about something different.

You also have the option to put the world list and that way, your tweets will cross borders and your followers will increase.

mobile with twitter

Frequently asked questions on how to get followers on Twitter

How to get Twitter followers from scratch?

It is true that it can be difficult to get followers on Twitter if you start with an account from scratch, but everything is possible.

Therefore, the first thing is to connect with your friends and ask them, if possible, to recommend your account.

Once this is done, your account will begin to increase in followers and you are already starting the path to stardom in the social network. It’s all about consistency and following the strategies listed in this article.

How to get more than 1000 followers on Twitter?

You can get more than 1000 followers on Twitter thanks to some strategies such as buying service packages that we have shown you on this page.

It may be easier than you imagine.

How to get more followers on Twitter without following anyone?

In case you do not follow anyone, it is important that you make a mark in a specific field and if this is not the case, you can opt for follower package purchase services with which users will gradually be delivered to you.

How much does it cost to buy followers on Twitter?

It will always depend on the package that best suits your needs, but they can range from 4 euros to 200 euros, approximately.


Twitter is one of the most used social networks in the world and having followers means that your name or brand is within the reach of the planet.

Therefore, it is very important that you opt for one of the strategies outlined in this article, such as buying a follower package, so that your profile is much more visible and your tweets reach a larger audience to become an opinion leader with new followers on your twitter account.