7 Ways to Attract Attendees to Your virtual booth

It might be tough to communicate with prospective business leads as more trade events and conferences go virtual. You still might win well for your company if you have an interesting and appealing virtual booth. 

According to statistics, video, including virtual conferencing, accounts for about 80% of all internet traffic. Furthermore, as compared to in-person meetings, 86 percent of people say that online events have the same or better degree of involvement. According to recent study, a rising percentage of consumers expect to convert to extra virtual meetings and events in the next months. 

You’ll need to plan, design, and develop a virtual booth for your organisation to stand out in light of these changes and the growing prominence of virtual events and meetings. If you’re new to the virtual booth concept, don’t panic; there are a few simple steps you can do to transform your virtual booth into a core feature. 

You might be apprehensive if this is your first time creating a virtual booth. You, on the other hand, have nothing to be concerned about. Here are some pointers to make your virtual booth experience one to remember: 

1. Make a Strategy 

You must begin with a strategy, as with any marketing campaign. Set some reasonable goals for what you want to accomplish with your virtual booth.

Consider how you can digitise the components of your physical booth. This might be accomplished by the use of on-screen buttons or click-points, as well as a live video. 

2. Create an interactive booth 

It doesn’t mean you can’t engage those who are joining the event from the luxury of their own homes. Make some surveys or use gamification to promote the theme of your event or virtual booth. You might also participate in competitions and freebies. This may assist bring new prospects to your booth, in addition to being a pleasant opportunity to engage with people at the virtual event. Engaging material allows you to interact with your consumers while also providing them with useful information. 

It’s a fantastic approach to increase your lead generation while also raising your brand exposure. 

You may always conduct a poll to discover exactly which presenter your audience enjoyed most if you’re presenting a virtual booth at a conference, for example. You can, however, arrange a giveaway if you’re at a product launch event. The options are limitless! Don’t be scared to use your imagination! 

3. Visualize your ideas 

You must carefully evaluate the aspects you want to incorporate in order to build an appealing booth. Because the event is virtual, including certain aesthetic features can help you attract more visitors to your virtual booth. Promotional movies, powerpoints, and even case studies, for example, are effective. 

Remember that having a talking head at your booth isn’t the only way to be visually appealing. Maintain a level of curiosity for your guests. 

The opening few seconds are key as attendees navigate through numerous booths. So, play to your company’s strengths by showcasing something that will pique people’s interest in what will happen next. 

4. Design It First, Then Build It 

Create a quick sketch of how you imagine your booth once you’ve determined what visual components you’d like to incorporate. Take into account the visual appeal as well. Make use of symmetry to entice people into your virtual realm. 

5. Make Use of Videos That Have Been Pre-Recorded 

Visitors may get a sense of what your company is all about by watching videos. 

Utilize any pre-recorded advertising films in which you’ve previously put time and effort. It is, nevertheless, critical to keep them brief and simple. If you have movies that are longer than a few minutes, you might also want to split them up into discrete segments that you can play to guests at different times throughout the event. 

Having a playlist on hand might make things simpler for both your booth personnel and visitors. If it takes excessively long to locate a video that addresses their inquiry, visitors may lose interest. Your booth personnel will recognize what videos they have and how to access them faster if they have a playlist ready. It also gives a positive impression of your company. 

If you’re organised and prepared, you’ll appear to be experts in your industry. 

6. Inviting live experts to your booth is a good idea. 

More than simply the marketing team may be part of your virtual exhibit. Virtual events are a great way to get to know your guests better. Consider your organization’s specialists who can provide your visitors with some unique information. You could wish to include a designer, artist, analyst, or other  staff, depending on the product or service you offer.  Furthermore, collaborating with professionals to create and use interactive material may significantly increase virtual booth engagement. 

7. Keep in touch 

To avoid wasting your time and effort, make sure your marketing staff follows up with the leads. If you have the correct event software or tool, generating prospects at a virtual event may be straightforward. Ascertain that your marketing team has access to all of the data obtained by your booth staff during the virtual event. Then devise a strategy for following up on all of those prospects. 

Don’t forget to give your marketing team the contact information so they can touch base on the leads and nurture them. 

Using a virtual booth to connect with prospective leads online is a terrific approach for your company to expand its consumer base. You can design and develop an appealing virtual booth with some thought and imagination.