A Brief Guide To The Importance of Mental Health

Importance of Mental Health

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“Mental Health” When we talk about health, we often point to physical health. Many people ignore the fact that mental health is also a very important part of our overall health and well-being. Although now you can find a mental health clinic in Multan, Lahore, Karachi, or other cities in Pakistan, there is still a dire need for awareness regarding mental health. Most of the people listen to the Urdu news in Pakistan, we listen to the news about suicides, the bad economic condition of people, inflation, and whatnot. If these mediums can spread such news they can also spread awareness regarding why such incidents happen.

Lack of awareness

When we heard the news, we knew something bad happened. We are scrolling social media, we see depressing posts from many teens and even adults, about how their life has become dull and boring and nothing excites them anymore. Also, watch people glorifying their traumas and calling that struggle. We see adults advising their children that the hardships and bullying they are facing will make them stronger people and it is good for them to face those tragedies at such a young age.

We think it’s normal to feel like this, we think discussing these things will make us weak and people will judge us for not being able to suffer from pain. Our ancestors have left this legacy for us to stay quiet, they told us that mental illness is a hoax and it is for weak people. People who are suffering from mental illness and admit it, are just making an excuse for not succeeding in their life.

This is not a weakness, this is not bravery to suffer and keep suffering. This is an injustice that we do to ourselves. Mental illness is just an illness or sickness like a fever or flu. Which needs help, medication, and treatment. You can seek help and it’s okay to seek help. There can be any psychologist in Lahore or any mental health clinic in Multan, or any therapist in Islamabad you can seek help from.

Role of media

People see the news and they believe what they see, people have trust in Top Urdu news in Pakistan. In this regard, when the majority of the population is suffering from mental illness, our media can be a big help. If we spread awareness in top Urdu news once or twice a week it will help people to think about it. There can be sessions with psychologists and therapists on TV to tell people that it is okay to talk about it.

Breaking the stigma

People are hesitant to talk about their mental issues because there is a stigma attached to them. People confuse mental illness with madness. They assume that people will think they are mad if they discuss their mental illness. But there is a need to break this stigma by talking about it and by normalizing therapies. Taking therapies and doing meditation can be helpful for your physical and mental health.

We can start this from our homes; many children have issues dealing with their daily life tasks. Parents can talk to them and find out the core factors of what is disturbing them. To cure the mental illness you have to find the reason which is causing the problem.  And that can happen only by talking about the problem. We have to break the stigma, if you don’t know where to find a good clinic, just search for the best mental health clinic in Multan, Lahore, or whatever city you live in. You will find many clinics like spring clinic or the Parklane clinic for mental health treatment.

Effects of mental illness

Mental illness can have terrible effects on lives if left untreated. We see in Top Urdu news in Pakistan the increasing drug usage among teens. People can lose their minds and even lives if they don’t pay attention to the signs of mental illness. Mental illness has a direct effect on your physical health, you lose appetite and your sleeping pattern gets disrupted by negative thoughts and overthinking. You can also start having memory loss if you stay anxious and depressed all the time.

In the worst cases, you can also start having delusions which can lead you to insanity. You can lose interest in everything, even the things you love to do. You can stop socializing and avoid interaction with people. This can affect your relationships and friendships, you will push the people you love away from yourself. Because you don’t have the energy to explain what’s going on with you.