A UPS Driver’s Kindness Goes Viral – Dallen Harrel

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An Atlanta UPS driver recently left a heartwarming message for a customer in Roswell. Dallen Harrell, 24, provides delivery services for supply companies in the city. The gesture quickly spread across the internet and was viewed by millions of people. If you’re wondering what made this driver’s gesture go viral, read on. Then, watch the touching video to find out how you can thank this kind soul in return.

Dallen Harrel

A UPS driver in Atlanta recently sent a heartwarming message to a young mother-to-be. The driver, Dallen Harrel, is 24 years old and supplies companies in Roswell. His kindness was so obvious that it immediately went viral. Harrell was even offered a full-time UPS job after the holidays. The mother-to-be, Jessica Kitchel, wanted to thank Dallen for all he had done.

A UPS driver in Atlanta recently left a message for a woman in Georgia. She was surprised and delighted when she saw the message, which was left on a Google Nest video doorbell. The UPS driver, Dallen Harrell, remembered a stork ornament in the yard from her previous visit. Rather than leaving the package in the driveway, he went to the doorbell camera and wished the family a happy and healthy pregnancy. The video was posted on Instagram and went viral. UPS reached out to Harrell after the post went viral.

In Roswell, Georgia, a UPS driver left a sweet message for a new mom during a delivery. Dallen Harrell was making deliveries when he spotted a stork lawn sign on a new mom’s lawn. He then used the doorbell camera to leave a message for the new mom. This kind act of Dallen Harrel has since gone viral and garnered more than 80,000 views on social media.

Kitchel, a former Atlanta Ups driver, said that the couple was touched by the gesture. The couple has been in touch with Harrell and his wife-to-be and plan to introduce their newborn babies after the holidays. They thank him for his support and look forward to sharing this wonderful moment with their community. When it comes to the holidays, it’s always nice to get a surprise, especially from strangers!

In addition to delivering packages for his mother-to-be, Harrell also moonlights as a hip-hop artist, going by the stage name Lghtsknn Traumatized. The young man lost his father five years ago after suffering a heart attack as a child. His mother taught him kindness, compassion, and the value of looking people in the eye.

Jessica Kitchel

A video of a “joyful meeting” between a Metro Atlanta UPS driver and a new mom has spread around the internet. Jessica Kitchel, 36, noticed a yard sign in her neighborhood announcing the arrival of a baby boy. In response, she posted the video on her Instagram account. A UPS representative promised to call her to share the driver’s name. The new mom, Jessica Kitchel, has welcomed her son, Chancy, into her family.

A UPS driver in the metro Atlanta area recently left a special message for a new mom in Roswell. The driver, Dallen Harrell, had been making deliveries when he noticed the stork sign on the lawn and a video message from her Nest security camera. Jessica Kitchel posted the video to Instagram, where it has racked up more than 80,000 views. She reveals her heartfelt thanks to a recent campaign.

A few days later, Harrell returned to the delivery address to meet Kitchel and her family. The couple has been receiving multiple packages every day since the delivery. They plan to meet their baby boy in the coming months. The two hope to introduce the pair after the holidays. If you’re in the Atlanta area, you can find out how you can help! Just give the Ups driver a shout! He’s more than happy to help!

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