What Are The Major Advantages of Android Game Development

Android Game Development

Developers like to use Android as a major tool to create mobile games of different genres. This operating system was launched in the year 2008.  Every year, approximately 81000 Android-based mobile games are released from the Play Store of Google. This simply highlights the increasing popularity of such game apps.     

The mobile game development industry is rapidly evolving. Every developer is utilising advanced technologies to boost user engagement. However, to improve mobile games standards they never ignore the Android platform utilisation.

This is mainly due to the following reasons.  

#1 Time-Saving

When using Android to develop mobile games, you do not have to wait much longer. This platform provides a simple and instant application submission process. Right now, game development companies have to serve the clients within a fixed deadline. No doubt, using this platform helps them to save time very easily.

#2 Appealing Features  

Every Android game development company focuses on adding appealing user interfaces and features to increase the engagement level of mobile gamers. It is only from this platform they utilise various game development tools which help to create eye-catching effects of the highest grade. 

#3 Simple Programming Language   

Java is the main programming language of Android. The language is easy to grasp which enables the developers to bring out interactive games with rich graphics pretty smoothly. Besides, this computing language also enables them to introduce necessary changes to the mobile game apps to upgrade the gaming quality.

#4 Wide Reach  

Presently, there are 24000 types of Android-based devices across the globe. So, when you develop games, it becomes instantly and easily available to the ever-growing mobile users all over the world. When you are planning to develop games, always hire dedicated game developers as they know the tricks to use this platform wisely to increase your audience base.   

#5 Agile Methodology 

This term implies splitting the app development methods into different cycles. Android offers greater agile methodology flexibility which ultimately helps you to launch mobile games of superior quality. It is an extensive collaborative method that aims to attain perfection to improve the mobile gaming experience of the users. Here, you do have the chance to supervise every development cycle to maintain quality and transparency. If you need further guidance, consulting an Android game development company will surely help you to proceed correctly.   

#6 Low Expenditure 

You do not have to spend much money when developing Android games. In this platform, you only have to pay once and then you have the opportunity to launch interactive game applications without paying further. This eventually provides you with an enormous revenue-generating opportunity by introducing real-cash games to serve the target audience base. 

#7 Increased Versatility

Mobile games that reflect a deep mark of versatility and creativity always witness the growing popularity of the users. This can only be done when you properly utilise the requisite tools of the Android platform thoroughly. This shall eventually bring a remarkable transformation to the gaming experience of your specific audience base. 

#8 Fast Performance

It is very frustrating when your mobile game apps are taking excess time to operate and run smoothly after installation. This ultimately turns away mobile users from engaging with your games. However, no such issues will occur on the Android platform. On this platform, your mobile games will run flawlessly to provide a refreshing experience to the gamers.  

Mobile games are quickly emerging as a major entertainment medium. People of all ages are exhibiting an intense interest to play mobile games of different genres. So, the developers always attempt to meet the gaming needs of mobile gamers using advanced technologies. In this way, they always succeed to retain your gaming interest throughout the year.


Android has always been a major tool to develop engaging mobile games. Developers do not have to pay frequently on this platform to create games. They only have to pay at once. In return, they can save a lot of money and earn profits from developing multiple real-cash game apps. Moreover, including Android in the game development process helps to maintain quality performance at every stage. Want to know more about the importance of this platform in mobile games development? Consult an expert at once.