Arq Underwear is a Stylish Alternative to Traditional Lingerie

Arq Underwear

When Arq first started in 2015, it was a small line of kids’ clothes. The founder, who isn’t a fashion designer, studied art at Brigham Young University and taught herself how to sew from her family and friends. She started by creating clothes for her children, but in 2016 she decided to try her hand at making adult underwear as well. Her designs for adults soon surpassed all previous designs and sold out in a matter of weeks.

Mary Young

The line of Mary Young arq underwear is a stylish alternative to traditional lingerie. Founded in 2015, this line of intimates has grown from a simple set of kids’ briefs to a full line of women’s underwear. While the company didn’t begin as a fashion house, the founder studied art at Brigham Young University and learned how to sew from her mother and grandmother. She created clothes for her kids, including a pair of “throw-back” underwear. Soon, though, an adult line of the underwear surpassed all previous designs. The first run of the adult line sold out in just 30 minutes!

The line offers comfortable, elegant lingerie and loungewear. Its brand focuses on the “soft cup bra,” and emphasizes minimal designs with no reshaping elements. The brand’s undergarments celebrate the body’s natural shape and encourage ethical production in Canada. The brand’s ethical production practices ensure the health and safety of workers. Moreover, the line is made of certified bamboo rayon. And to top it all off, it’s currently offering a 10% discount on its website.


ARQ started out as a small line of kids’ clothes in 2015. The founder was not a fashion designer by training. She studied art at Brigham Young University and taught herself how to sew from family members. At first, her designs were limited to a throw-back underwear set, but this was quickly followed by an adult version. The first run of adult underwear sold out in no time, proving that the brand was on the right track.

Arq underwear resembles the cotton training bras of your middle school days. These bras are high-waisted and offer plenty of coverage in the back. Arq’s Instagram page is replete with images of well-lit models in all shapes and sizes. Their underwear is comfortable and easy to wear. The company also gives staff a chance to work together for the first time. The company’s social media presence is also a boon to the company’s mission statement: “Building a better world through fashion.”

The brand began making undergarments for children and soon expanded into adult sizes. Their emphasis on comfort and quality is evident in the rave reviews from users. The undergarments come in a variety of complementary colors and are tag-free. All ARQ underwear is made in the USA, which is a good sign in itself. It’s important to find underwear that fits comfortably and won’t cause irritation to the skin, so it’s important to choose underwear that is soft and comfortable.

Origami Customs

If you’re looking for gender-affirming underwear, you’ve probably seen some of Origami Customs’ underwear. The company sells gender-neutral underwear, lingerie, and swimwear, but you can also have your underwear customized to fit your exact measurements. Founded by Rae Hill, who is trans, the company values transparency and non-capitalist values. The underwear is highly customizable and designed to flatter your unique figure. The company sells lingerie that is made to fit your unique figure, and they also offer a pay-what-you-can program for those who can’t afford it.

Origami Customs also offers flat front underwear, which feature compression to smooth out the pelvic area. Flat front underwear is typically made of mesh, which is one of the most breathable fabrics. Flat front underwear is usually made of bamboo or mesh. You can also get custom-fitting underwear for your child. The company offers several sizes, from XXS to 5XL. It’s best to measure yourself before ordering.

Origami Customs’ semi-sheer gaffed thongs are designed for trans women and anyone else looking for compression underwear. They can be worn with or without a tuck to give you a no-line silhouette under tight workout gear. These sexy underwear pieces are made with a unique pattern that will make you feel beautiful no matter what you’re wearing. The Origami Customs underwear line will satisfy your inner feminist!