What are the benefits of the new featured Gojek Clone?

gojek clone app

Are you in love with the Apps that offer too much by taking up only a small Megabytes worth of Space on your Smartphone? Well, then you’ll surely love the Brand-New Gojek Clone App – KINGX 2022! This App is your Companion for everything! l

  • Schedule a Taxi Ride to the City Museum 2 Days before the Big Event!  
  • Restock Groceries, Milk, and Wine at your home while having Lunch in the Office. 
  • Order some Hot Chicken Soup and Hakka Noodles from the Food Truck that’s 4.3 Miles away from your Locality. 
  • Get your Grandmother’s Prescribed Medicines for her Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease delivered right to your Doorstep. 

All in all, KINGX 2022 is the World’s Biggest App that offers 70+ On-Demand Services right at your Fingertips. People call it the Big Brother of Gojek Clone because it is more Advanced, Feature-Enriched, and User-Friendly than ever.  



  1. Live Status Update Via Notifications 

Users don’t have to open the App again and again to get the Live Status of their Order or Driver. Via the Graphically Represented Stages on the In-App Push Notifications the User gets updates like Order Confirmed, Order Picked, Delivery Driver on the Way, Order Delivered, etc. 

  1. Live Tracking through Map 

The User can also track the Delivery Driver’s Location on the Map. The Map Screen on the App shows a mini scooter icon moving across the Map that depicts the Live Location of the assigned Delivery Driver. This is how the Real-Time GPS System works its Magic! 

  1. Contactless Payment Options

The Pandemic taught us to avoid making Cash Transactions whenever possible! Thus, with the Easy, Secured, and Reliable Online Payment Options available on the Gojek like App, the Users can effectively avoid exchanging Banknotes! The App Users can Top-Up their Wallets or simply use their Credit Cards to make the Payments.  


The Two Exclusive and Freshly Launched Features of this App are: 

  1. Online Video Consultation

The App Users can Book Instant Video Consultation Sessions with Doctors, Advocates, Tutors, Yoga Instructors, etc. Also, they have the feasibility to Schedule the Session on their Preferred Day, Date, and Time. However, the only note here is that the Users have to use their Credit Card to pay for the Consultation Charges.  

  1. Bid for Service 

Service Bidding is similar to Bargaining. The only difference is that the User is not standing in the middle of the Market negotiating to lower the prices of a Product. Instead, the Bids are made with Service Providers like Plumbers, Electricians, Painters, etc. The App User has the luxury to accept the Provider that offers the lowest bidding price for the job! 

Other freshly launched Features of this All-in-One Services App include: 

  • Smart Login with Face ID and Touch ID 
  • Video Calling with Service Provider Feature in addition to In-App Chatting and normal Voice Calling 
  • New Mobile Number and OTP-Based Authentication System to Sign in/Sign up.


KINGX 2022 is a Pre-Built App that doesn’t need to be developed from scratch. This means that the Entrepreneur doesn’t have to spend US$ 250,000 just to build the App from Ground Up and Launch it. The Cost of opting for this comprehensive App is way too affordable. Implying, you don’t have to Rob a Bank to start your own On-Demand Multi-Service Business in 2022 and beyond! 


Were you looking for an Affordable Business Solution that can do wonders? Well, here it is – Gojek Clone KingX 2022 App! Entrepreneurs, this is the Best App that is capacitated to offer a boatload of On-Demand Services complemented with Cutting-Edge Features! 

In short, earning Commission-per-Service and becoming a Millionaire in 2022 is written in your Fortune Cards!