Best 7 Points To Know Before Getting Your First Tattoo – Must Read


In the modern era, most people from all ends of the world have started tilting towards tattoos. It has now become one of the major fashion statements for most people. However, there are many who are eager to get themselves inked but unaware of the etiquettes. 

Well, if you are one of them, this article is for you. You can get a chance to learn tattoo etiquette in this article. So, if you are currently planning to get your God Tattoos for the first time, thoroughly go through this article. Here, you can find comprehensive notes about the Dos and Don’ts when it comes to getting tattoos. 

What To Do When Getting A Tattoo?

In this section, you can study the points regarding what to do while getting a tattoo. Go through the points here and make up your mind about a tattoo. Remember that making your mind ready for a tattoo is the main homework you need to do.

1. Take Your Time And Think

Proper thinking is always necessary for you before you get the permanent ink on your body. So, you should always ponder on the facts regarding your environment and lifestyle. Make sure that a tattoo is not seen as taboo by all other people in your life. 

Moreover, you should be clear regarding your professional space. Check if your colleagues or any others in your workspace have a tattoo. In some companies, you might not even get a chance on having a tattoo. 

Also, count on the fact that removing a tattoo can be a hectic job and it can adversely affect your skin too. So, do be completely sure about the rest of your life with a tattoo. 

2. Find A Tattoo Parlor

After you have made up your mind regarding getting a tattoo, you can look for a tattoo parlor. The best you can do is choose a parlor that is located near to your place. You can take the reference on the internet and check the user reviews while choosing the perfect place to get inked. 

Once you have found the right place to get your Greek God tattoos, you can sit with the artist and talk with him. A tattoo artist can always help you to get out of the fear of getting your first tattoo. Moreover, expect him to know about your preferences when it comes to the design and its concept. 

3. Finalize A Design

Once you have had a session with the artist, you can finalize the design of your tattoo. In case, you are up for one due to sentimental reasons, you must share it with the artist. Nearly, all experienced tattoo artists have a sense of aesthetics. So, you can always expect to get something unique and intriguing. 

Even if you are eager to inscribe a letter or a name on your body, the artist can always help you. In case the budget is not a constrain, you can ask the tattoo artist to add multiple colors and shades to your tattoo. 

4. Maintain Proper Tattoo Aftercare

There are many lawyers with tattoos in the world. So, you can listen from them that aftercare is something to be enforced when you have a tattoo. Well, it is true. In case, you get a tattoo, it is necessary for you to aftercare. For aftercare, you can consider applying ointments on your skin and apply soap to keep the place free of dust mites.

Even when the tattoo artist is working, you should have clean skin that is not smelly. A tattoo artist can always suggest you get a thorough bath before you visit the parlor for a session. 

In case, you need to remove a tattoo, speak up freely with a dermatologist. You can also go for a session with a tattoo artist too. Well, it is always true that the right tattoo can complement you but the wrong one can ruin your life. So, always feel free to remove a tattoo that leads you to mental hardships. 

What Not To Do When Getting A Tattoo?

Well, this is the second section of the article and here you would learn what not to do when getting a tattoo. Check out the points given below:

1. Do Not Get Drunk Or Stoned Before Tattoo Session

You should not be drunk or stoned before the tattoo session takes place. Neither you should decide to get a tattoo under the influence of any staff. The best way to get a tattoo is to stay sober and sit firmly in front of the tattoo artist. 

So, if you are planning to hit on a party or a disco and get yourself a tattoo from there somewhere, drop the plan straightaway. A situation like this can result in ruining the design or even worse, a skin injury leading to an impression.

2. Do Not Upset The Artist

YOu should never upset the artist while he is on his work. As there are different ways to inscribe a tattoo on your skin, the artist might make a mistake while doing his job. Now, even a small mistake can ruin the entire tattoo design. So, you should sit in a relaxed yet firm manner when getting a tattoo. 

Make sure your position is comfortable before even the tattoo artist touches the machine to your skin. In case of any problem, you must talk with the artist and resolve the matter. 

3. Do Not Get A Tattoo While You Are Ill

You should never go for getting a tattoo in case you are ill. The tattoo machine comes in direct contact with blood and the antibiotic can do an adverse reaction to it. So, this can even damage your immune system.

Moreover, you should not get a tattoo if you have diseases like diabetes or high BP as it can slow the healing process altogether.

Final Words

It seems quite simple to get a tattoo but only if you are aware of the etiquette. So, you need to have proper knowledge of the etiquette before getting a tattoo. Always share about your first tattoo with some of your close ones. This can help you to calm your mind and avoid stress.