Best Selfie Camera Apps For Android and iOS

selfie camera

Like a selfie camera apps, users need editing options to make their photos and selfies look their best on social media. As a result, social media users are always on the hunt for the best selfie app for their iPhone or Android devices. There are alot of useful selfie apps for the iPhone, many of which offer a variety of features and options for editing.

1. Sweet Selfie Camera App

One of the best apps for selfie out there is Sweet Selfie Camera.

Sweet Selfie Camera App is one of the most popular and best selfie apps for both iPhone and Android users. One of the best apps for selfies is this one.


An attractive face and body art filter editor can be found in the camera app.

Landscaping features, such as photo smoothing and photos, can be automatically applied to this camera. To give your images a more polished appearance, sharpen the processing.

Additionally, the app has features and tools that allow you to edit photos with makeup and other available options.

Using real-time filters, you can choose filters for your photos as you take them.

To make collages of multiple images, users can also use this app.

2. Facetune Selfie

One of the best selfie apps for both iPhone and Android users is FaceTune. You can use this app to take beautiful photos and then edit them as needed.


FaceTune’s image editing features include smoothing, editing, reshaping, and more.

You can use it to edit your photos so that they look their best when you post them on social media.

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Smoothing your skin, lightening dark circles, reshaping your chin and nose, enhancing your smile, and drawing attention to your eyes are all options.

This app can instantly perform plastic surgery in photos and selfies on your face.

These selfie apps allow you to edit your photos to their fullest potential.

Using this camera and editing app, you can take your selfies to a professional level.

3. Beauty Plus selfie app.

Beauty Plus is one of the best selfie camera apps for iPhone users who want a photo editor and a selfie camera all in one.


This is a well-known selfie camera app that offers a variety of editing options for selfies.

Using the app’s editing features, you can make your photos look flawless and refined.

The skin can be retouched and adjusted by the user.

In addition to editing the eyes and removing dark circles, you can also use this app to enhance your picture.

Other makeup tools were provided by this app, enhancing your beauty to a new level.

However, the app has a variety of filters that you can use to make your photos look their best in the short amount of time.

4. Candy Camera Selfie App

Selfie effects and features on Candy Camera Selfie App are known around the world.


Using this app, you’ll be able to take stunning photos of yourself with flawless skin and the best filters.

Selfies can be taken using this app’s real-time filters, which can be changed by swiping on the screen.

It simplifies the process of taking pictures for the benefit of the user.

Candy Camera is a stunning app that can enhance your photos with stunning effects.

Your face will glow and look beautiful if you use the camera’s artificial intelligence algorithm to detect it.

Its slimming and whitening features make it ideal for taking selfies.

This app has a collection of filters that can be used to enhance the beauty of your images.

5. YouCam perfect selfie app

One of the biggest competitors in the world’s top selfie apps is YouCam Perfect as well. Millions of people use this app to take and edit selfies. This app’s beauty camera can transform even the most ordinary photos into works of art. When you use this app to take pictures and take pictures, you will feel like a professional. The photos that are taken with the iPhone camera and this application are stunning.


This app has a wide range of options, including face and body reshaping.

More than a hundred filters are available for users to apply to their selfies and other digital images.

On the social media wall, they’re a perfect fit.

Users The following material can also be used to make a collage.

Use this app to show a variety of images.

As a selfie app, this one has an advantage over others in that it is simple for users to use and understand.

6. Retrica

This is one of the best iPhone and Android selfie camera apps. Filters and effects are stunning in this app. After all, this isn’t just a selfie camera app, but it also lets you connect with other users and follow them on social media. Finally, you can meet new people and show off your photography skills on this online social network.


In this app, you can also create your own Retrica filters.

This app has plenty of filters that you can use to enhance your photos.

Graffiti and stickers can be added to photos using this app.

7. Perfect365 

Perfect365 is an iPhone and Android app for taking the best selfies. In keeping with its moniker, this app is geared toward those who are active on social media. Social media users can enhance their photos with this app’s amazing photo effects and filters.


This app is ideal for those who sell cosmetics and beauty products to the general public.

This is a simple tool.

More than 80 million people use this app to look their best in social media pictures.

Artists add new looks to the app every week to keep it fresh for fashionistas.

This complete selfie app lets you alter your appearance by applying flawless makeup and other editing tools to your face and body.

8. Selfie Camera HD

Selfie Camera HD is an excellent tool for those who enjoy taking selfies because of its impressive features and tools. Unfortunately, the application’s interactive layout makes it simple for the user to use.


Users can apply various filters to their photos and selfies using this app.

You can use this selfie camera app to add a variety of stickers to your photos, and the user can access thousands of them.

A similar effect is achieved by using a selfie camera with this application.

Additionally, filters can be added based on user preferences.

It’s compatible with both Android and iPhone devices, and it produces stunning results.

9. Camera 360

Camera360’s popularity is a little lower than other apps, but this app provides beautiful images and a wide range of features. In addition to taking and editing photos, users can use this app. In addition, the app lets users record short videos. Android and iOS are supported, but this is best suited for iOS.


This camera app has a variety of filters, such as mirror filters, high dynamic range, and so on, that allow users to create stunning images.

3D stickers can also be added.

Dynamic stickers are also available in this app.

You can post images on social media because they are more attractive and elegant.

10. CamMe

CameMe is a new selfie camera app for iPhone and Android users, and it’s widely regarded as one of the best.


Selfies and photos can be transformed into stunning images using this app’s best features.

When you posed with a group of people, the images may have been taken before the image adjustment adjustments were made, thanks to the timer in this app.

Long-distance photography is possible with this camera.

Additionally, users will have access to Photobooth and Gunshot templates through this app, allowing them to take even better pictures.

This app serves as an alternative for the iOS camera app’s missing features.

Using this camera app is a breeze for anyone who has ever used it.