7 Tips to get All India 1st Rank in CA Intermediate Result Nov 2022

CA Intermediate Result

If you are a CA aspirant preparing for the Intermediate exams of Nov 2022, then we have something super important for you. As we all know, the CA Intermediate exam is tough and challenging for all the CA aspirants. The CA Inter passing percentage in July 2021 was only 29.11%. But it is not impossible to get an All India 1st Rank in the CA Intermediate Result of Nov 2022 exams. However, students need to pay proper attention to their CA Intermediate preparation.

Talking about the CA Intermediate syllabus, there are 8 subjects that a student needs to prepare in the 8-9 months study period.  However, you need to complete the syllabus early on so that you can also revise it 2-3 times. Other than that, solving an ample number of CA Intermediate papers will help in getting confidence and further revisions. 

So, it can be said, if a candidate pays much attention to this exam, he/she will definitely do best and become a topper. So, we will be sharing 7 proven tips by VSI Jaipur to get AIR 1 in the CA Intermediate Result of Nov 2022. Now, let’s check out some crucial tips for the CA intermediate students below. 

7 Proven tips to get an AIR 1 in CA Intermediate Result Nov 2022

Students work very hard to get the best CA Intermediate Result. But sometimes they cannot clear all the paper. Due to a lack of inappropriate preparation, students could not get good marks. But these CA Intermediate preparation tips by VSI Jaipur helps the students to clear all the papers quickly. The CA intermediate toppers use all the below tips, so you will get a good result after adopting these. 

Prepare a Self-study Timetable for Yourself

Students must prepare a reasonable timetable, to cover all the subjects in time. According to the time, students pay more attention to each topic of the CA intermediate exam. Sometimes students feel the pressure of the exam, so they cannot concentrate properly. But a proven timetable regulates all the activities of students and provides relaxation to the students. VSI Jaipur also advises students to add some breaks to focus more on the exam papers. Moreover, a 12 to 14 hour studying timetable helps the students in getting the best CA Inter exam result and an AIR. 

Pay Attention to ICAI Study Materials

The study materials play a vital role in the CA Intermediate preparation. According to the study material provided by ICAI, students must prepare notes on each subject. In the note, you must write down all the necessary points of each chapter. 

Except this, always set duration on your mind and cover all the subjects before 2 months of exam. Further, in the remaining two months focus only on revision, which will provide you with good CA Intermediate results in the Nov 2022 exams. This learning process makes the preparation easier. 

Utilize your Time Properly

All CA students need to manage their time appropriately. A CA Inter-student must have control over all the regular activities. The students must reduce all the extra activities and convert these into study time. Also, students need to rest, but after 2-3 hours of rest, they must go back to their studies. If a CA intermediate student follows the perfect timetable and adjusts all the regular activities, he/she secures a good rank on an All India basis. 

Takes Advantage of the Coaching Centre

One cannot ignore the role of coaching centres in the CA Intermediate result. Self-study is very important but students need guidance to get an All India Rank. Therefore every student must join a perfect coaching centre for the CA Intermediate preparation. Students can consider joining VSI Jaipur coaching. VSI is an excellent CA coaching institute with expert quality teaching. All the teaching staff are highly qualified, so students can clearly understand every new topic. The superb study compilers provided by VSI Jaipur make your exam preparation easier. 

Attend Regular Mock Test Series

In getting a good CA Intermediate result or an All India Rank, mock tests can’t be ignored. Based on various interviews with the CA Intermediate toppers, we have seen that the mock test also helps in revising the syllabus. It helps you to know the question patterns of the exam. If every student attends the regular mock test session, then the nervousness for the exam reduces. Additionally, students also clearly understand the exam pattern and prepare themselves accordingly. Besides this, a mock test also develops each CA student’s writing and exam attending skills. 

Practice Questions 

Each group of the CA intermediate exam has many important and repetitive questions. However, some of the questions are quite challenging to solve. So the regular practice of questions helps students to get good CA Inter results. Also, students take the help of expert teachers of the coaching centre to clear all the problem papers. The practice session makes the student stronger to attend the exam. 

Focus on Specific Answers

The CA Intermediate student must focus on writing the specific answers. The lengthy solutions do not provide accurate knowledge to the students. Therefore, with expert teachers’ help, every student must prepare notes that contain exact and short answers to each question. All these help to know the valid points for every question. And it will be crucial in revising the syllabus. 

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Other Helpful Tips from Toppers of the CA Intermediate 

  • Students must focus on self-study rather than group studies.
  • Always try to complete the CA inter syllabus before the exam and add revisions to your exam preparation.
  • Students need proper guidance and motivation to secure good CA Intermediate results and an all India rank.
  • Also, strictly follow the timetable and study for 12-14 hours per day.
  • Avoid watching TV, mobile and other entertainment things and convert this into study time. And take short breaks from study.
  • Regularly revise the theory part of exam papers for good marks. 
  • Practice the MCQs of the study materials regularly for better results in exams. 


Finally, we can say that the students can get an All India 1st rank in CA Intermediate result of Nov 2022. These tips have been proved effective many times in the past and can also help you in the CA Inter preparation strategy. So, work harder and study more for good CA Inter exam results.