Why is Careem Like App On a Slightly Higher In Demand than Other Apps

The convenience and increasingly personalized experience you get when ordering something online have long been appealing to customers. From connecting with friends to ordering food to book a cab online, customers’ preferences have been changing, and today they prefer to perform everything online. Additionally, the global pandemic has added fuel to this growing sector, and it is clear that on-demand apps are not going anywhere, even for restaurants and store retailers. 

On the other hand, businesses are also looking for automation in order to grow and thrive in the years to come. With the increasing desire to save time and money and perform tasks online in daily routine, super apps are making their way. Most of the time, doing household chores becomes a challenging task for people but apps like Careem come with multiple services and make it easy for consumers to access various services under a single roof. 

Super apps are trending today; whether we talk about China’s WeChat, Paytm, or UAE based Careem, platform-based business models have gained popularity; with 7 out of 10 global companies adhering to them, the market is facing a major shift from single purpose to multi-purpose apps, and Careem is surely making headlines in UAE on-demand market as it allows customers to browse 20+ services under the same umbrella. 

What is Careem Like App Development?

Multi-service applications are, and their features are serving people with their widened, instant services and convenience. One among them is Careem. It is a multi-service application introduced in Dubai and right now operates across 15 countries, including Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. 

Careem became successful and very popular across the UAE region, and due to this, multi-service companies thriving to make a statement are indulging themselves in building a similar application, the Careem like app. 

An app like Careem is a ready-made platform with essential features and is highly customizable and scalable according to your business needs. Instead of developing a multi-service app from scratch, adopting a readymade careem like delivery app makes your work easy and simple. All you need to do is customize it according to your requirements. 

An App Like Careem For All Your Business Needs

People today prefer to access and install a single application instead of many applications as it saves phone storage and mobile data. An app like Careem comes with four different interfaces as follows: 

Admin panel: The admin panel manages all the features and functions of the users, store owners, and delivery partners. 

User panel: The user panel consists of many features that make it easy to order and receive products at doorsteps. 

Store panel: The store panel gets a notification about the product ordered by the user. 

Delivery provider panel: The panel gets a delivery request so that they can accept and deliver products to the customer’s place 

Reasons Why Careem Like Apps Getting Immense Popularity?

When examining factors that contribute to a super app’s success, it becomes evident that they are all closely related to Asian culture. So, what has caused the popularity of super apps in China to soar? Could their popularity expand to the US and other European countries? In order to find the answer, let’s review each of the 4 reasons for the success of super apps.

Mobile Experience 

Because the very first contact between Chinese citizens and the Internet was made via mobile devices, the country is known for having a mobile-first population. Google’s search engine shut down in 2010, so the nation had almost no experience with desktop computers. The Asian smartphone market is also much bigger and cheaper than any other market globally.

Considering these reasons, what impact have they had on the growth of super apps? In particular, users are becoming more inclined to install those apps that offer a wide range of services and offerings in one location – the so-called super apps. In the past, smartphones had limited storage, preventing users from downloading multiple applications.

Unbanked Population

73% of the Southeast Asian population, according to KPMG, is unbanked. Online transactions are the norm in this region. It is rare to find a place in China and other Asian countries where you can pay using a credit card, but all vendors accept payments via WeChat, Google Pay, and other options- the two super apps mentioned above.

A Growing Social Commerce Ecosystem

Instead of the traditional single-merchant apps used for ordering, shopping, or paying, super apps have a much larger ecosystem that combines these mini-programs into a much more integrated experience. Kantar Consulting reports that super apps like Careem that handle all aspects of purchasing and fulfilling transactions without exiting the app reduce friction to a point where shopping becomes practically effortless.

Almost all of these ecosystems rely heavily on social media channels. In addition to bringing in merchants, these platforms can communicate with consumers via payment and e-commerce networks. For restaurants, this integration allows them to connect to payment, delivery, and reservation services without having customers bounce between multiple apps.

Super App Like Careem is the Future of Business 

Super apps are growing regardless of whether they are welcome or not. It’s too appealing for merchants not to take advantage of the convenience and cross-marketing opportunities that come with it. In addition, new players in the West will enter the market, leading to a greater number of ecosystems as payment providers, issuers, and global networks seek to incorporate these types of offers for merchants.

Additionally, the trend is likely to gain further traction as mobile, contactless, and alternative payments become more prevalent. And the recent pandemic has furthered the desire of consumers for Careem like apps.