Children Safety: All about child safety locks

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The violent closing of the doors can be a nuisance and a danger, especially for children.

The problem of slamming doors is a matter of annoying noise, but also, in the long run, they generate problems in the doors and their damping system, something that is common to happen in the entrance doors of buildings.

Ensuring the highest possible safety in everyday life is essential. This includes the correct use of doors and locks to minimize the risk of accidents such as trapped fingers or pinched hands.

There are reliable child safety locks in the locksmith sector that you will find very practical. These models, used by professional locksmiths in tampa, prevent doors from closing abruptly and causing damage, especially to children’s hands.

Slamming doors are a problem when there are children at home or when there are many drafts when leaving windows or accesses open, which can cause damage to the structure of the door and even break windows. Violent interior door closings are easier to fix.

If the problem comes from a door that produces a lot of noise when closed normally, you can reduce the noise of the door slam by installing a  foam or silicone weatherstrip that absorbs the blow.

If the noise is a product of the slip, either because it is difficult to retract or generates blows when entering the frame, it will be advisable to change the lock for a silent one.

Other options that can be widely used to avoid slamming doors are the stops and wedges inserted under the door,  preventing them from moving. They are ideal for when you have small children at home.

Childproof locks, easy to install and use

Child safety locks are very easy to install because they only have to be installed on the doors. Currently, there are a wide variety of models that are even more practical and can be placed directly on the existing lock to save you a considerable amount of time during installation. Some locks, for example, require very specific movements to open a door (pulling the handle, pressing a button, and turning the handle at the same time).

According to a consulted locksmith, these devices are designed to ensure the safety of young children and can also be easily uninstalled the day you move in so that you can reuse them in your new home. Other locks only work with inserting a unique key to open or close a door. You will find in stores a wide range of very aesthetic models sold at various prices according to your expectations and your budget. Feel free to ask a professional locksmith for advice and additional information who will be happy to answer all your questions to help you make the best decision for you and your children.

If you want quality and, above all, reliable work for installing child safety locks, do not hesitate to choose a professional locksmith to intervene as quickly as possible to attend to your request and answer it using our skills to the maximum. In addition, we can offer you the most recent models fully adapted to your needs, taking into account the aesthetics of your door.

Thanks to our sophisticated team of locksmiths with deep knowledge in the sector, always doing a meticulous and impeccable job. We will equip all the doors of your house with guaranteed and A2P certified locks to guarantee the protection of all your family members. You can live serenely at home without fearing risks or accidents with these childproof locks.

Finally, other services that professional locksmiths provide us:

Although, as mentioned above, this is a standard service, locksmith professionals not only dedicate themselves to the installation and repair of locks but also carry out the placement and replacement of cylinders, installation of armored and armored doors, doors garage; in addition to bars or domestic and commercial shutters, among others.

However, locksmiths also work on more complex mechanisms such as installing and repairing locks, auto, commercial, and homes locksmith services in Tampa.