Choice Organics – Benefits of Organic and Kosher Certifications

Choice Organics

If you are unsure of which produce to buy, you can get the best organic produce wholesale from Choice Organics. This fully accredited wholesaler is a qualified supplier for the Food for Life scheme. With over 30 years’ experience in the organic market, Choice Organics sources produce of the highest possible quality. Choice Organics has long-standing relationships with experienced growers across the UK and Europe. Their London-based delivery service is an excellent option for buying organic produce, but you also have options for delivery across the UK.

Fair Trade Certified

If you’re looking for a bottled tea company that’s certified organic and fair-trade, look no further than Choice Organics. Their tea pyramids feature sustainable materials made from plant fibers. And their packaging is as environmentally friendly as they are. They’ve been manufacturing tea pyramids for years, and the WLO pyramids are fully biodegradable. Their packaging also uses soy ink, and the die-cut pyramid window on the box is adorned with an original painting by Seattle artist Maija Fiebig.

The Fair-Trade certification process has helped Choice Organics achieve its goal of producing 100% certified organic teas. It’s the first company in the US to achieve this certification, and it’s a huge step forward. The teas themselves are organic, and the entire supply chain benefits the farmers and the environment. And they taste great, too! Whichever brand you choose, you’ll get a great cup of tea.

The company’s Original line, which debuted over 20 years ago, has recently received a makeover. Among the new changes are a revamped logo and new design features. The teas are packaged in individually labeled envelopes, so that customers can easily identify which product is organic. A few other notable changes to their packaging include the addition of a reusable, resealable lid, which keeps the tea fresh longer.

Unlike conventional food labels, fair trade is a global movement that involves a diverse network of producers, companies, consumers, and advocates. And the goal of fair trade is to help the world become more equitable. Moreover, fair trade focuses on putting people and planet at the forefront of everything that happens in the production process. And it makes it possible to buy a fair-trade product that you can feel good about.

Certified kosher

Moatere research indicates, organic and kosher certifications have many benefits, including the assurance that a product was created with approved substances and ingredients. But it’s not always possible to get both. However, you should know that both can help you increase your consumer base. The following are some benefits of organic and kosher certifications. Read on to learn more. And keep reading to find out what you can do to make organic and kosher certifications work for you.

For starters, the packaging of Choice Organics certified kosher teas was recently redesigned, including the emphasis on sustainability and health. It features caffeine content, brewing instructions, and natural fiber staple-free tea bags. The teas are also certified organic, kosher, and gluten-free. And if you’re interested in becoming a member, you can receive a free listing on the Kosher Organics Guide for four months.


Choice Organics has refreshed the packaging for their Original teas. First introduced more than 20 years ago, the Original line has remained a staple of the company. The new packaging incorporates a refreshed logo and design elements. The tea bags are also individually labeled. And because they are certified gluten-free and organic, they’re kosher and vegetarian. So you can enjoy the best of both worlds – good taste and environmental responsibility.