Complete details about the commercial cleaning services and its prices

commercial cleaning services

Entrepreneurs are constantly searching for commercial cleaning service providers. Because these companies are best at providing every solution with respect to commercial cleaning, they are always in high demand. Another reason behind the constant search for commercial cleaning services is the efficiency that comes with hiring professional cleaners.

Commercial cleaning services Scottsdale is the place where companies will find almost every service available under the commercial cleaning industry. Now, a major concern before hiring commercial cleaning services lies in the pricing of these services. 

Clearly, it is important to know the details of the cleaning business price chart. Moreover, every service provider has their own understanding with respect to activities performed within a particular service. Entrepreneurs must have complete clarity prior to entering into a contract with the commercial cleaning service providers. It is the key to avoid issues at a later stage.

Details of commercial cleaning services:

As an entrepreneur looking for commercial cleaning services, you must do your own research. Excel templates for cleaning businesses are sometimes available on the internet. This helps is creating a list of service providers which fall within your budget. Hence, the process for choosing a commercial cleaning service provider becomes easier. 

Just by searching for a cleaning business price list template there comes a long list of services along with its prices. Below is a list of services available with the commercial cleaning service provider and the average industry prices for the same. A quick look at it will be immensely helpful in making a wise decision.

Almost all the commercial cleaning firms provide:

  1. Residential cleaning services – Students and working individuals face major issues when it comes to residence cleaning. Not just that but property owners who rent out their apartments usually have to bear the expense for maintenance. All these people can benefit greatly from the professional residential cleaning service. This service ensures that every nook and corner of an apartment is clean. Starting from bedrooms, balconies, bathrooms and common areas everything comes under residential cleaning service.

Pricing – The average cost for residence cleaning service lies between $90 to $150 per residence. This service is also available on the average hourly rate that is between $25 to $90 per cleaner. 

For the working individuals this service commonly lies within their budget.

  1. Office cleaning services – Whether a small business or a large company, both demand for office cleaning services. Referring to office cleaning services covers all the essential activities. These can be dusting, mopping, emptying dustbins, washroom cleaning and common room cleaning. There is hardly any corner of an office which does not come to the use of the employees. Obviously, this means that even the tiniest booth requires regular cleaning. 

Pricing – The prices for office cleaning largely rely on the office area per square foot. As per the industry average office cleaning services cost $100 to $500 as per the size of the office. Sometimes office cleaning services are available at an hourly rate of close to $30 to $50 per hour.

  1. Janitorial cleaning services – The janitorial cleaning services are available with commercial service providers. Also, there exist specific janitorial cleaning service providers. These are service providers who only look after the janitorial cleaning for offices, malls, schools, colleges, etc. There is hardly any doubt about how important the janitorial cleaning service is for all these places. 

Pricing – The janitorial cleaning service price depends on the cleaning activities performed. More activities, the higher the total cost. Having said that, this service is also available at the average hourly rate of $30-$60 per hour.

  1. Sanitization and disinfection – If you are not inclined on hiring a professional cleaning firm full-time then you also have the option of only going for the sanitization and disinfection service. Clearly, this service is becoming a priority post the pandemic lockdown. Under this all the high-touch points are sanitized and disinfected. Thereby preventing spread of infection.

Pricing – The sanitization and disinfection service commonly comes at an average rate of $0.40 per square foot.

  1. Green cleaning services – Looking after the environment is the duty of each and every individual. The corporates can contribute and fulfill this duty by opting for green cleaning services. Because this technique is designed to protect the environment, the cleaning process uses methods which are effective even without the help of harsh chemicals.

Pricing – While the average cost for green cleaning stands close to $42.50 per hour, it is available in a range of $25-$60 per hour.

  1. Pressure washing services – None of the cleaning techniques are as effective as pressure washing service when it comes to dust cleaning. Be it walls, carpets, or vehicles, this service shows visible results within the first wash. 

Pricing – Because this cleaning service is very different from the other commercial cleaning services it comes at a comparatively higher price. The cost for pressure washing lies between $190 to $400.

Deciding note:

Commercial cleaning services are available at both hourly rates and flat rates. Entering in long term contracts usually comes with flat rates but one time services are beneficial on an hourly basis. 

Hiring a professional cleaning firm plays a key role in projecting a professional approach in front of the employees and clients. Moreover, you do not have to go through the struggle of looking for cleaning staff and arranging for the necessary equipment. So, now you know the great impact of commercial cleaning services. Clearly there is no reason to not opt for this professional service.