Dr Tiffany Li, Owner and Veterinary Practitioner at Vet Villa Animal Hospital

Vet Villa Animal Hospital

Dr. Tiffany Li, owner and veterinarian of Vet Villa Animal Hospital in Irvine, California, grew up with different animals and began volunteering with a local animal shelter in high school. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in animal science, she went on to pursue a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine at Midwestern University in Arizona. She is particularly interested in surgical procedures, preventive care, and the advancement of her knowledge in this field.

Dr. Rebecca Swimmer

A native of the Chicago suburbs, Dr. Rebecca Swimmer knew at an early age that she wanted to become a veterinarian. She decided to open her own practice, Vet Villa Animal Hospital, to combine high-quality veterinary care with a friendly environment. Dr. Swimmer earned her Bachelor of Science in Animal Science from the University of Illinois and her Master’s degree in Neurobiology from Harvard. She has an interest in a variety of topics, and is eager to get to know her patients.

After completing her formal education in California, Dr. Swimmer pursued a rotating internship in small animal medicine at the ASEC. She was also exposed to advanced training from board-certified specialists and veterinarians. Prior to opening her own practice, Dr. Swimmer worked as a small animal general practitioner and emergency and critical care veterinarian. She is passionate about providing quality care and state-of-the-art medicine to all of her patients.

In college, Dr. Rebecca Swimmer was a pre-med student, but her passion for animals led her to work in an emergency room. She also worked as a receptionist at an emergency room after her Jack Russell Terrier was attacked by coyotes. Since then, she has been working as a veterinarian, including in the ER on weekends. Her educational background is varied: she holds a Bachelor of Science in International Politics and a Master’s degree in Animal Behavior from the Royal Veterinary College in London. She is a new mom to a human baby and has two fur babies of her own.

As a vet, Dr. Laura Soto is passionate about helping people. She is a Las Vegas native, having grown up in a low-income area. She lost several pets during her childhood due to preventable diseases. This led her to realize the importance of educating clients and providing resources to pet owners. She also loves to read and watch the Orange Theory. She feels blessed to be in this industry for over 30 years.

As an avid outdoorswoman, Dr. Rebecca Swimmer enjoys pursuing her hobbies, including gardening, hiking, and traveling. In her free time, she enjoys relaxing with her family and spending time with her husband, Jaimie. She also has two dogs, a cat, and a tortoise, who she calls “Penny.”

Dr. Rebecca Swimmer is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan College of Veterinary Medicine in 1989. She has also completed an internship at the Animal Medical Center in NYC. She loves to read, fly fish, and spend time with her munchkin cat, Pooky. In addition to her interest in animals, Dr. Swimmer is passionate about providing excellent service and forming strong relationships with her clients.

Dr. Sheena Forsberg

After graduating from Kansas State University in 1959, Dr. Sheena Forsberg worked for the U.S. Department of Agriculture as a veterinary medical officer. She later served as an entomologist and veterinary medical officer at the USDA’s Idaho Falls office. In 1983, she returned to the USDA to begin her mixed animal practice in St. Anthony. Her passion for animal health and wellness led her to a career in veterinary medicine.

Born and raised in a suburb of Chicago, Dr. Swimmer always knew that she wanted to practice veterinary medicine. She decided to open the Vet Villa Animal Hospital to provide veterinary care to animals in a compassionate and loving environment. While studying veterinary medicine at the University of Illinois, she developed a passion for neurology. She went on to pursue graduate studies at Harvard University where she earned her Masters degree in Neurobiology.

Dr. Sheena Forsberg graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. She decided to pursue veterinary medicine after volunteering in animal shelters while she was still in college. She returned to Pasadena to begin her career. After graduation, she completed her internship at the VCA Sacramento Veterinary Referral Center. Her training has taken her to some of the best animal hospitals in the country.

Dr. Tiffany Li

As a child, Dr. Tiffany Li grew up surrounded by animals. She became interested in veterinary medicine when she volunteered at a local animal shelter during her high school years. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in animal science, she completed her graduate studies at Midwestern University. Her interests include developing surgical skills and prevention. She enjoys golfing and true crime movies. She is a member of the American Society of Animal Practitioners.

In her spare time, Dr. Li loves to spend time with her family and pets. Her three fur children and daughter keep her busy. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and spending time in the sun. Her hobbies include spending time with her family and spoiling her dog, Ellie. She also has two cats and is passionate about holistic care and preventative care. Interested in small animal private practice, Dr. Li loves to provide high-quality care and excellent service for her clients.

During her studies, Dr. Li took time to volunteer in the Los Angeles area. She completed a rotating internship in small animal medicine at ASEC and received advanced training from board-certified specialists. After completing her residency, she worked as an emergency and critical care veterinarian as well as a general practitioner. She also enjoys giving back to the community. While Dr. Li is passionate about animals, she also appreciates being part of the San Gabriel Valley community.

Dr. Jennifer Miller, vet villa animal hospital, combines caring for animals with a passion for vehicles. When not in the clinic, she spends her time off-roading, hiking, and mountain biking with her wife, Jaimie. She lives with her two dogs, a cat, and a tortoise named Penny. While she loves her career, she also loves spending time with her family.