5 Errors Android Developers Must Avoid During Development

Android developers

It is a fact that the Android app development industry is experiencing a massive amount of competition as android developers try to be on the market with their apps. To remain ahead in this environment of competition, Android programmers must be innovative when developing their apps, while striving for speedier development times. However, it’s easy to make mistakes that could delay development time which reduces the chance of capturing your market. Below we have listed some of the most common Android developers mistakes in process of mobile app design and development that are avoidable during the development phase.

Rewriting Code

This is among the most frequent mistakes made when developing android apps by android developers. Features like networking calls, access to databases social logins, JSON parsing and image loading. are standard features that are found in all apps. Writing code for such features can be a huge mistake that wastes a large quantity of android developers time. These features come with pre-written codes that were written and tested many times before and the mistake of writing these codes for your app should not be attempted. It is recommended to conduct some investigation into the existing feature codes and determine the ones that you can use for your app.

Incorrect Use of Bitmaps

Smartphone users are awestruck by content, particularly when it is made up of images. Images are a great source of content that can be used to provide a wealth of information in one glance. The main problem with using images in your application is that they consume plenty of memory. The image must load into the memory prior to when it can be displayed on the screen. 

Bitmaps are used for this purpose which is among the more commonly used methods employed by programmers to cut down on the amount of memory used and to reduce lag. Uncertainty about the idea behind bitmaps results in the development of an app that is not efficient for mobile. It is always advisable to determine the angle of the area in which you plan to display the image. adjust the image to fit and only show what you can display.

Not Using minSdkVersion 14

minSdkVersion 14 is a new version that has been added to the Android software development kit. Android developers should upgrade to the most recent version that has new features rather than using the older versions. The older devices and phones makes the code more complex and can be difficult to keep up. This can also slow down developing. If you’re starting from scratch and wish to deliver an excellent experience for users, then the old versions must be put aside and the most recent versions have to be accepted. Since smartphone users have moved towards more advanced devices as well, so should the android developers.

Non-Employing List View Hierarchy

Designers are using the deep view hierarchy to layouts for some time until now. Layouts are an XML presentation that is available in Android. To draw the content and to draw the required content, the XML must be parsed and the size of the screen needs to be calculated and the elements have to be placed in the right order. This is a lengthy and resource-intensive process that must be optimized. List view simplifies the hierarchy and improves the whole process. Android developers must take advantage of this feature to reduce their development time.

Making Users Wary

The data packages are not delivered or acknowledged, then processed and received instantly. Most of the time there is a amount of time lag in the whole procedure and the user is required to be patient. There are occasions when there could be problems with the network or even packages that be lost or destroyed on the way. The process might not be completed. 

All of this is easily monitored and protected against. Network calls that are successful tend to be more likely when compared to unsuccessful calls. Therefore, it is likely that the method will be successfully used by android developers in most cases, and users will be informed on the rare instance of error. In the present day users demand immediate responses from apps, and nobody wants to wait. This could be a huge problem for any android developer.