Five Flavors From Grassroots Coffee

Grassroots Coffee

Grassroots Coffee is a local Thomasville, GA coffee shop that opened its doors in 2009. Owners Megan and Spencer Young learned to roast their own beans and quickly built a loyal following for their delicious drinks. In order to give you a taste of what makes this coffee so unique, we’ve broken it down into five flavors: Single origin, light-medium roast, caramel, honey, and hints of spice.

Single origin

Grassroots Coffee is an organic roaster in Thomasville, GA. They source their coffee from all over the world and roast it fresh for their customers. They offer wholesale purchases and welcome visitors to their roastery. Their mission is to provide the best coffee in the world, and the company’s passion for high-quality beans has made them the most sought-after brand in the market. Grassroots coffee has earned USDA certification as an organic coffee roaster.

Light-medium roast

There are a few different types of roast, but light-to-medium roasts are the most common and are the most popular. These roasts bring out the different characteristics and qualities of individual coffees. These roasts are often the preferred choice for cupping purposes and are often referred to as Half City, Light City, New England, or Cinnamon roasts. A medium roast has a slightly darker color than light roasts and is considered to be a medium level roast. The flavor profile is richer and there may be some oils on the surface of the coffee beans.

The lightest roast is generally less acidic and contains more caffeine than a dark roast. Dark roasts tend to mask low-quality flavors, but light roasts are often characterized by a broader range of flavors. Today, roasters are finding ways to roast lighter and achieve great flavor without getting the horrible flavor profile associated with dark roasts. The light-medium roast is an increasingly popular choice for coffee drinkers, as it can satisfy the needs of both light and dark-coffee lovers.

There are three main roast levels: light, medium, and dark. Light roasts have a light-brown color and lack any oil on their surface. A medium roast retains the unique flavors of a coffee and is often the most popular among consumers. Medium roasts are roasted to a slightly darker shade, but not black, and are generally more robust in flavor. Light-medium roasts are also known as Breakfast or American roasts.


Whether you’re on the go or just looking for a warm cup of coffee, Caramel coffee from Grassroots Coffee can be just the thing. Roasted locally and served by friendly baristas, this coffee blend will give you the taste of caramel and chocolate in a cup. Grassroots Coffee serves a wide range of coffees including whole bean, super coffee, and even hemp-infused coffee.

Hints of honey

Grassroots Coffee is a specialty roast made in Thomasville, Georgia, with hints of orange and honey. This light roast has a rich, earthy flavor with a hint of honey and citrus. The business opened its doors in 2009 after its co-founders, Spencer and Megan Young, mastered the art of coffee roasting and brewing. During the first year of operation, the coffees sold for an average of $14 a pound.

Spice notes

When it comes to tasting the flavor profile of a particular cup of coffee, it’s important to understand what spices are in the mix. The spice wheel has four categories, each with a specific flavor profile. For example, cinnamon, ginger, and clove are classified as spices. The term “spicy” is not commonly associated with coffee. While most people do not associate coffee with spices, there are plenty of varieties that can have a spicy flavor profile.

Orgainc certified

With organic, fair trade and kosher certifications, this coffee is produced by a certified B corporation in small batches. The company has received explicit permission from farmers to use their photographs on their product packaging. Each cup of organic, fair trade and kosher coffee is accompanied by a certificate stating the origin and its organic status. The coffee also has a high level of flavor, with flavors of maple, toffee, and pear.

The Association of Professional Agropecuarians of Panama, or APANB, is a grass-roots organization of indigenous Panamanian professionals. The organization sought to improve coffee yields and increase income by introducing organic farming methods to the region. The project selected the participating communities based on their experience with producing organic coffee. In addition, the German government’s AECI aid agency and APANB collaborated with the group to conduct the project. Ultimately, 60 coffee farmers and 90 women were involved.

The coffee producers who meet the standards must follow strict guidelines and regulations. Non-organic products cannot be mixed with organic products, and cleaning processes must be approved. Certified organizations undergo regular inspections and if they fail to follow these standards, their certification will be revoked. And it’s important to understand that coffee producers may choose to produce organic coffee alongside conventional coffee because of the high quality and taste. The key to great tasting coffee is to use the best quality, most organically processed coffee.