Top Fixes – Spotify Can’t Play Current Song

Spotify can't play current song

Music is our spirit amigo. Anything circumstance we are in; we go for the comparing music. Notwithstanding, it is tragic when we are sticking to a portion of our main songs or songs and out of nowhere the application quits working. With this, you see a blunder message ‘Spotify can’t play current song’ or something different. While there are a few reasons for such blunder, discovering a few speedy and suitable solutions is fundamental.

How To Fix “Spotify Can’t Play Current Song” Issue?

You might ponder concerning why this Spotify gets such mistakes. The issue happens because of errors in the membership level, tainted documents, and considerably more. What’s more, to tackle these issues there are a few fixes that you can try.

Also, we have incorporated a portion of the techniques that can turn out for you. Along these lines, let us find out about it if, Spotify can’t play current song.

1. Restart Spotify

Commonly errors and accidents can bring about no song playing blunder. Thus, attempt to restart the Spotify application. It is the speediest and the simplest arrangement accessible. If you are utilizing Spotify on PC and it gives the error Spotify can’t play current song, switch it off through Task Manager.

Moreover, for telephones, close the application and relaunch it sooner or later. This will ultimately resolve your concern. If not, then, at that point, change to the following segment.

2. Restart Your Device

Moreover, If the above strategies have been of no assistance in recovering your hearing rapture up to this point, then, at that point, attempt to restart your gadget. It will help you in handling the issues with respect to Spotify.

After you restart your gadget, sendoff Spotify and check if the issue ‘Spotify can’t play current song’ continues to happen or not. If it is yet making a deterrent your melodic joy, you can check for different fixes referenced underneath.

3. Change Your Subscription Level

Along these lines, Spotify can’t play current song that you have downloaded to listen disconnected. Furthermore, you are confronting trouble while playing excellent songs on the web.

You want to realize that this issue for the most part emerges when you minimize your membership level for example you change your membership from premium to a typical free one. If this issue is the genuine explanation for your spoilt state of mind, attempt to change the settings of the Spotify application.

  • To change the settings, these guidelines could take care of you.
  • Send off the Spotify application and sign into your record.
  • Open Settings and track down the Music quality choice.
  • Then, at that point, change the settings to low and afterward to exceptionally high.

4. Reinstall Spotify

At times, Spotify can’t play current song error can happen because of debased records. Henceforth, to eliminate this mistake, you ought to attempt to reinstall it on your gadget. Initially, uninstall the Spotify application, then erase all the relating documents from your gadget. Then, reinstall the application on your gadget and sign into your record. Presently, check on the off chance that the issue is settled.

5. Update Spotify

An obsolete Spotify variant can likewise be the excellent suspect of Spotify can’t play current song issue. Thus, check if there is any update accessible. You can likewise check the application store for refreshes. Also, on the off chance that viewed as any, introduce it quickly. Along these lines, do give this a shot. On the off chance that the more seasoned adaptation was the purpose for the no strong issue, it will get settled in the wake of getting the fresher form.

6. Resync Spotify

Whenever you download heaps of songs in a go, for disconnected tuning in, you want to associate with your record after a specific time span. If you have not been associated for around 30 days or more, then, at that point, you will not have the option to play the download music.

For that, you want to go on the web and resync your Spotify playlist. Do this on normal premise and the Spotify not playing song mistake will be no more.

7. Not Enough Space

On the off chance that you need more space on your gadget, then your application probably won’t work impeccably. Most of the exceptional clients select to download the songs. In this way, they can play them whenever and anyplace (regions with low organization accessibility). Downloading of songs will consume extra room. What’s more, on the off chance that you need more space, this issue might emerge.

  • To beat this issue, you can eliminate a few records on Spotify. For that, follow these means:
  • Send off Spotify and login to your record.
  • Go to settings and pick nearby documents. Presently, switch off the show nearby documents.
  • Close the application and relaunch it.
  • Presently, attempt to play a music to check whether the issue exists.

8. Cripple or Enable Crossfading

Attempted each arrangement previously mentioned yet at the same time far off from your heartfelt melodic experience. All things considered, if that is the situation, you can take a stab at impairing or empowering the Crossfading highlight. This element empowers smooth advances between the songs. What’s more, resetting it could assist you with disposing of the playback issue. Steps to turn on or off this element are:

  • Open Spotify and login to your record.
  • Go to Settings and afterward select Show Advanced Settings.
  • Presently, in the Crossfade choice attempt to change the setting to 0 (Default progress time is 5 seconds). It will empower a faster progress between the songs.
  • Presently, check on the off chance that changing this setting tackled your concern or not.

Last Words

Spotify is joy amid hardship and if it quits working, it tends to baffle. Accordingly, we have referenced these fixes that can assist you with getting your old pal (Spotify can’t play current song) on target. The arrangements are for the most part viable to dispose of no sound mistake. Consequently, do give each stage a shot until you get the arrangement that works for you.