Frequently Asked Questions About Liquid EHR Software

Liquid EHR Software

Liquid EHR Software is a practice management and electronic medical record (EMR) solution for optometry practices that includes a patient communication system, appointment scheduler, e-Prescribing, electronic insurance filing, and more. Users may access patient data, check appointment availability, book and reschedule appointments, and examine waitlists via the scheduler. Users may manage and modify patient records, including seeing patient appointments, prior billings, patient histories, diagnoses, and recalls, as well as setting up reminders, linking family members to the primary insurer, and more.

Users may add test results, send patient reminders, and see clinical summaries on this platform. It blends electronic medical records and practice management best practices. Audit logs, restrictions, and encryption tools are also available to users. This solution streamlines daily clinical operations and enhances patient care for optometry offices. It was created with doctors’ concerns in mind when diagnosing eye problems. Liquid EHR Software is a cost-effective alternative since it eliminates the need for eye care businesses to purchase their own servers. It gives users a safe place to save and access patient information as well as other programme features. Through the cloud, users may simply access it from anywhere. 

Frequently Asked Questions of Liquid EHR Software

What kind of specialisations does Liquid EHR support? 

It’s a solution designed specifically for optometrists and ophthalmologists. Built-in eye charts, historical IOP charts, sketching tools, picture management, and frame data integration are just a few of the tools available for these specialisations. 

What do Liquid EHR users think of the support? 

Liquid EHR reviews attest to the company’s exceptional technical assistance. Their customer service representatives are patient, knowledgeable, and professional. They even provide assistance on Saturdays in the event of an emergency. The support staff works closely with customers to ensure that their systems are restored quickly and with little interruption. Most importantly, they respond quickly to update requests and value customer input. Unlike other systems, new employee training takes only a few hours rather than weeks. 

How can it assist practises in providing better patient care? 

It helps doctors to spend less time writing prescriptions, documenting patients manually, and obtaining medical data. This is how they can devote more time to patient care and so improve patient care. Optometrists may also refer to past notes, participate in enhanced interoperability, and improve patient-to-physician communication. 

Why should eye care professionals choose Liquid EHR instead of another EHR system? 

This platform is designed for optometry practises that are small to medium in size. It was created for optometrists, so it contains all of the functionality that practises need and is simple to use. Medical records management, scheduling tools, and medical billing are all available. In only a few minutes, users may incorporate lab test data, examine clinical summaries, and send patient reminders. 

Is this EHR meaningful use certified? 

Yes, this software has been certified as having Meaningful Use. It complies with the requirements set out by the Secretary of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. 

Is there a telehealth solution in liquid EHR? 

Yes, and it gives both existing and new consumers a free telehealth option. With a telehealth system that accommodates the rising demand for virtual treatment, COVID-19 stress is alleviated. 

Do they provide you any references? 

Yes, users can request references when scheduling a product demo. 

Is there a setup fee in addition to the real charges? 

There are no long-term commitments or upfront costs. Users are required to pay a monthly set fee. The pricing plan for this programme, according to Liquid EHR Reviews, starts at $199.00 per month, per user. Buyers who are interested in a personalised price plan should contact the seller. 

What features of this EHR system do consumers appreciate? 

Users love their scanned documents function because it allows them to read papers and scanned photos quickly. There are also illustrations for the anterior and posterior segments, which appear to be popular among users. Users can rapidly update drop-down lists and save data without having to browse through the entire programme. 

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What distinguishes this software features from others? 

  • A mailing list generator, workflow systems, audit trails, document management, integrated e-prescribing, compliance checks, and configurable exam records are among the software’s key features. Patient appointment confirmations and reminders may be sent to patients using the built-in patient communication system, which includes 2-way messaging, email, and voice calling. 
  • Marketing capabilities, including as surveys, office announcements, social media, and more, are included in Liquid EHR. 
  • Users may browse customer information by hovering their mouse over appointments in the scheduler, access more extensive appointment information with a single click, and book, confirm, and reschedule patient appointments. 
  • Patients might be designated as the family’s principal insurer and connected to other family members. 

What is the purpose of the ‘scheduler’ feature? 

Users may access patient records, examine waitlists, check appointment availability, and reschedule appointments using this feature. 

Liquid EHR Software Reviews: 

Pros: Excellent customer service. My need has been met every time I’ve tried to reach out. It is relatively simple to train new personnel. 

Cons: Patient charting necessitates a lot of clicks, which slows down the process and causes items like exam files to take a long time to open. 

Pros: This programme is quite simple to use. It’s simple to check in and outpatients. It’s incredibly simple to use. 

Cons: They need to improve their reporting skills. There is no possibility to create or compare monthly reports. 

Pros: For a solitary practice like mine, their EMR is adequate. There aren’t a lot of features that you’d find from other vendors. 

Cons: When it comes to doing specific jobs, they have limited alternatives. In order to describe clinical results, free text must be utilised regularly. 

Pros: Unlike most other suppliers, their product is not overpriced and delivers on its promises. It meets the majority of my Practice requirements. 

Cons: If I create a new test, all of the prior data appears to be lost. However, it significantly facilitated my job.