Garmin Olathe Soccer Complex Field Naming Rights

Garmin Olathe Soccer Complex

The Garmin Olathe Soccer Complex is a multi-use athletic complex in downtown Olathe, Kansas. The complex includes nine all-weather artificial turf fields for soccer and is adjacent to the upcoming Ridgeview Marketplace development, which will include a 250,000-square-foot retail center and two 93-room hotels. The soccer complex is home to the Heartland Soccer Association, a nonprofit youth soccer organization that attracts players from all over the Midwest.


Located in the town of Olathe, Kansas, the GARMIN Olathe Soccer Complex features nine tournament-quality synthetic turf fields, a multi-use building, concessions, and free parking. The complex also serves as the home of the Heartland Soccer Association, one of the largest youth soccer organizations in the United States. Located at the corner of Highway K-10 and Ridgeview Road, the complex will include seventeen commercial buildings and two hotels. The complex will also feature nine all-weather artificial turf soccer fields. The complex will offer custom opportunities for companies seeking to showcase their brand in a unique and memorable way.

The new soccer complex is expected to feature nine all-weather artificial turf fields. The complex is expected to attract 1.5 million sports-minded visitors per year, which makes it the perfect backdrop to display the Garmin brand. The complex is part of a larger development project called Ridgeview Marketplace, which includes a two-story hotel and two50,000 square feet of retail space. The Garmin Olathe Soccer Complex will be open to the public for soccer competitions.

Heartland Soccer is the largest soccer league in the United States. The Garmin Olathe Soccer Complex is the host of the Midwest College Showcase on March 4-6, 2022. The Midwest College Showcase features invitational exhibition games for young college players. The participants will showcase their talents and abilities to college coaches. During the Midwest College Showcase, college coaches will scout the participants in person or remotely.

Field naming rights opportunities

For companies that are interested in announcing their support of the GARMIN Olathe Soccer Complex, field naming rights opportunities are available for the nine all-turf fields at the facility. The facility also includes a multi-purpose building with concession areas and free parking. The Garmin Olathe Soccer Complex is a destination sports complex that welcomes 1.5 million sports-minded visitors a year to the area.

Garmin Olathe Soccer Complex was officially named Garmin Olathe Soccer Complex as part of West Star Development’s new development. Garmin International, Inc. is a leading technology company with a well-known brand name in the sports and lifestyle technology market. The sponsorship of the new complex serves to build Garmin’s brand name and product line, while also creating additional interest in West Star’s exciting new development.

Heartland Soccer Association

With a long history of soccer tournaments and league events, the Heartland Soccer Association is well positioned to provide a world-class facility for its players. The organization hosts nearly three million spectators a year at four world-class facilities. Each year, the Heartland hosts 15 national tournaments and league events, attracting more than 2.8 million people in attendance. The organization is a strong 501(c)(3) nonprofit with $2.3 million in assets.

The GARMIN Olathe Soccer Complex is the site of the Heartland Soccer Association’s annual tournament, featuring nine tournament-quality synthetic turf fields. In addition to free parking and concessions areas, the complex is home to the Heartland Soccer Association, one of the largest soccer leagues in the U.S. Heartland Soccer is a nonprofit soccer association, attracting youth players from throughout the Midwest.

The Heartland Soccer Association is the largest soccer league in the country. The GARMIN Olathe Soccer Complex is slated to host the Border Battle Tournament from February 25 to 27, with the Heartland Soccer Association and GSI Sports partnering for the tournament. The complex is also the site of the Midwest College Showcase, which is expected to draw up to 1.5 million people over the weekend. The Heartland Soccer Association provides custom opportunities for advertisers to display their logo or message on the complex’s digital displays.

The new building includes office space and concessions. The 6,400-square-foot building also features retail shops. These shops will benefit from a massive customer base. With 1.5 million visitors a year, the Garmin Olathe Soccer Complex is an ideal location for these businesses. While the heartland Soccer Association is a nonprofit organization, donations and league fees will support its programs. There are no other facilities of this magnitude in Kansas City.

Midwest College Showcase

The Midwest College Showcase at Garmin Olahe Soccer Complex is a three-game guaranteed invitational tournament for college-bound players. This event is designed by college coaches for college-bound players and welcomes competitive travel teams from U-13 through U-19. Coaches of both teams and players are encouraged to participate. Campers should bring a copy of their player profile sheet. Campers will be given a t-shirt with the names of sponsors to wear during the event.

The Heartland Cup will be March 18-20. It is expected to draw 150 college soccer teams from around the Midwest. The Midwest College Showcase at Garmin Olathe Soccer Complex will take place April 8-10. Heartland Soccer Association is hosting the tournament in order to support development of young players in the area. This organization is supported by donations and league dues. For more information, visit their website.

The Midwest College Showcase at Garmin Olahe Soccer Complex is a two-day event that will provide the opportunity for young players to gain valuable exposure to college coaches. The tournament is designed to provide the best possible experience for young players and teams to develop and improve their skills. It is a must for premier teams in 2022! You will also be able to watch games on Garmin’s five video screens.

The project’s engineers worked with Payne & Brockway to determine the best conditions for the complex’s turf. The site is rocky, which makes it difficult to position evenly and is prone to settling. In addition, the fields will have uneven surfaces, which can create birdbaths. But AOG’s engineers took these challenges head-on. They worked closely with Payne & Brockway to find the best solution.