Gojek Clone 2022 – Advanced Features To Boost Business in Cambodia

Gojek Clone 2022

On-demand Applications have a solid footing in the Cambodia market. Why? Offering multiple services under one. It is very likely to find 5 different On-Demand Apps claiming to be like Gojek but have all same boring features and look.

When we are talking about Gojek, and thinking to launch a Super App, it has to be different.

The Gojek Clone 2022 app offers a common platform that connects the users, service providers and delivery drivers seamlessly. Whether you are ordering food at 11 pm, or book a car-washing appointment or calling on-demand maid cleaning services – its Gojek Clone App 2022 that does it all.

So, from Grocery On-Demand to Taxi Booking to Car Washing to getting a Salon Appointment, it is a one-stop shop for all of our needs.

Using Advanced Features To Stay Ahead In The Competition

The advanced level features of Gojek Clone 2022 are designed to streamline your operations. Each of the sophisticated Gojek Clone Features 2022 has been carefully considered and integrated into the On Demand Multi services App. With their different functionalities, the features are intuitive and spectacular. These are designed to help you grow and expand your consumer base by providing a stress-free experience.

Trailblazing Taxi Booking Using iWatch App Feature

To keep your business up to date with the ever-changing market, make sure you get your hands on our Apple Watch App, which allows you to book cabs instantly.

This is your chance to build a name for yourself in the world of on-demand taxis and stay ahead of the pack. This Apple Watch Taxi App was created and polished to allow Apple users to book taxis directly from their smart watches. It follows the same booking routine as the taxi app, allowing users to select a cab, pay, and receive an ETA. Quick and simple.

Gojek Clone 2022 Practices Social Distancing Protocols

The Restricted Passenger Limit feature has already been integrated into the Taxi Booking App, which promotes Social Distancing. Before asking a Ride, the Rider must also agree to all of the Covid-19 Safety Checklist’s points. Apart from this, there are Contact-less deliveries, Safety ratings and reviews, and Ride Cancellation amenities allowing the users to enjoy their rides and shopping without worrying on catching on virus.

User-friendly Interface That Is Simple To Use By Everyone

Whether your audience include teenagers, working professionals, senior citizens, working moms and so on, the app can be used by all.

It has a user-friendly interface used by everybody. Users used to waste time reading through the Services/Service Providers, therefore a simple Search Function in the App could help them save time. To find your desired Service, simply type in a relevant keyword and press the Search button.

Online Video Consultation – To Boost Your User Base

We make it simple for your users to do housework without leaving their homes, keeping in mind the “Social Distancing” trend. Your users can connect with a number of service specialties, such as doctors, lawyers, legal advisers, teachers, fitness trainers, and other specialists, using the Online Video Consultation feature. It may be connected to your Android or Apple device for face-to-face video conferencing. You can schedule a private video consultation with verified service providers with just a few taps and clicks.

Service Bid – To Get What You Needed In Your Time & Budget

Users of the app can post job descriptions for a variety of handyman categories, including plumbers, painters, carpenters, and electricians. As a result, the Job Request will be sent to all handymen in the neighbourhood of the Service Location whose services you require! Professionals who are interested in bidding for the position can now do so via In-App Push Notifications.

This Service Bidding functionality is only available in the iOS and Android apps.

In Conclusion

It is the ideal time to launch Gojek Clone 2022 with the modern amenities it comes equipped with. Take the demo to understand the flow and the new features, how they are helping in boosting your customer base. Also, check out the interface and if you feel like customizing that can be absolutely done by asking your team to do so.

All you need to do is figure out the best App Development Company who can Build Gojek Clone 2022 as per your expectations.