Hill County Fair and Guild of Creative Arts

Hill County Fair and Guild of Creative Arts

The hill county fair is a showcase for the fine arts and crafts in the area. You can see everything from pottery to handbags to mosaics and soaps. The fine arts are also displayed in the Sun City Craft Center. If you’re in the area and want to find out more about the arts, this is the fair for you! Take a look at these pictures to get an idea of the diverse types of art and crafts that are available.

Successes of the hill county fair creative arts

The Hill County Fair has been known for its creative arts competitions for over a century. On July 12th, the fair will begin with judging. In addition to the regular fair categories, there are contests in the fields of woodworking, welding, and visual arts. Projects in these categories include welding, woodworking, and water fowl. In addition, veterinary science and small pets will be showcased, as well as projects in veterinary science and the environment.

Guild of Creative Art is a Professional Development Provider

The Guild of Creative Art is a professional development provider approved by the NJ Dept. of Education. We provide educational resources for teachers that align with the New Jersey Standards and district improvement goals. You can take advantage of these services by registering for our free newsletter or signing up for our art demos. Our lineup of artists for 2022 is exciting and educational. We hope you’ll consider joining!

Fulton County Fair Association mission

The Fulton County Fair is one of the largest events in Northwest Ohio. What started as a small gathering of tents and 10 acres of rented land has grown into a world-renowned event that brings more than 325,000 people each year to Fulton County. The Fulton County Agricultural Society promotes agriculture, industry, science, art, and other interests within the Fulton County community. In addition to livestock, the fair features over 10,000 entries from area youth and senior citizens.

The Fulton County Fair Association promotes agricultural and creative arts talents. It also provides entertainment and education to the communities within the county. Founded in 1935, the association has no stockholders and is led by volunteer executives. It is non-profit and is not affiliated with any larger regional or national groups. The Fulton County Fair Association is a nonprofit organization, which means that it is run by volunteers and does not need external funds to operate.

The Fulton County Fair Association’s mission statement states, “To provide quality agricultural products, services, and experiences that will enrich the lives of Fulton County residents.” The association’s mission is to foster and enhance agricultural growth and prosperity in the community and enhance the quality of life in the region. The Fulton County Fair Association will hold a number of events and activities, including the Midwest Geobash, the National Threshers Association reunion, and more.

Agricultural Public Speaking Contest

The Hill County Fair agricultural public speaking contest has a diverse range of topics. The divisions are broad and include entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, cooperatives, communications, and sales and service. Students may also choose a topic within the agribusiness category. For example, a speech about hedging commodity prices may be a good choice for the entrepreneurship division, while a speech about marketing and sales may be appropriate for the agriculture division.

Gabriella, 15, of Huntsville, has been volunteering with the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair for three years. She is working toward a lifetime membership and volunteers in her community. She is involved in the 4-H community as a cheerleading coach and participates in many indoor activities. Gabriella also enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and fishing. Her future career plans include becoming a veterinarian technician. Gabriella will present her speech during the agricultural public speaking contest at the Fair on August 25.

During the ag sales portion of the contest, members of the FFA could compete in several categories, including writing an extemporaneous speech about an agricultural topic, giving a short speech, or reciting the National FFA Creed. FFA chapters could also send teams of four members to the ag sale section. Their job was to persuade judges to buy a particular item from them, and would be rated accordingly.

Commercial Ewe Check-up

The hill county fair requires sheep exhibitors to participate in the Commercial Ewe Check-up and assist with the tear-down on Sunday, July 12. Sheep exhibitor must also pick up the appropriate brand inspection papers before leaving the grounds. Inspecting sheep for scrapie disease is mandatory. A licensed veterinarian must complete the check-up in front of the specie superintendent. All sheep must have an official USDA/APHIS scrapie tag.


The Hill County Fair Rodeo has been a staple in Havre since 1930. This event features roping, bull riding, mutton busting, queens contest, livestock shows, carnival rides, open talent stage and more. The fair also features a variety of other events, such as the annual egg tossing contest. If you’re looking for the ultimate rodeo experience, this is the place to be.