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Commercial Electrician Edmonton

You’ve probably needed a Commercial Electrician Edmonton before, no matter what kind of business you operate. Perhaps you’ll find an issue on this list that you weren’t aware of! Chris Electric, with its many years of experience, has assisted its customers with a wide range of electrical projects, but there are a few that are so prevalent that we thought we’d share them with you.

Commercial Electrician Edmonton

Even though companies and residences are very different in many respects, they both require safe wiring. You might come across evidence of inadequate electrical conditions, especially if you’ve recently purchased a new firm or are remodeling an existing workspace. These can include the following:

• Exposed wire or deteriorated wiring.

• Sparks in a switch or connection that are visible or audible.

• ‘Faulting out’ or tripping breakers or safety switches regularly.

These are some critical issues that shouldn’t be overlooked in a business setting any more than you should disregard them in your home. These are symptoms that someone could be gravely wounded in your workplace, and they are generally straightforward to address.

Switchboards That Are Insufficient and Outdated

A switchboard is similar to the control and distribution center for electricity in your business, and most individuals have a rudimentary grasp of what it performs. The switchboard brings mains power into the building, and breakers distribute it to various circuits across the business. When your switchboard isn’t up to par, you can usually tell right quickly. You may have antique Bakelite or ceramic fuses or plug-in circuit breakers on a switchboard from before the 1990s, or your meter may look like it belongs in a BBC history piece. Another reason you might need to upgrade your switchboard is if you’re adding a new, big load to your workplace’s electrical needs. The following are some examples of a new, substantial load:

• Refrigeration and air conditioning

• The provision of hot water

• Washers and dryers used in commercial establishments.

• Servers for computing.

• Projectors (audiovisual)

Examining a new addition to your workplace’s maximum wattage is one approach to see if it will draw a considerable amount of electricity. This tells you how much power it’ll use and whether or not it’ll need its circuit to do it. Even a split system air conditioner can consume 500 watts or more on a heating setting, while an electric oven can take up to 5,000 watts! The safest choice is to visit a Commercial Electrician Edmonton, who will be able to check your existing switchboard for suitability and tell you if it’s necessary to put your new addition on a separate circuit for legal or safety reasons.

Commercial electrician Edmonton

Determination Of The Source Of The Problem

We’re frequently called in to figure out who’s tripping the circuit breakers. If you continually need to switch appliances off or reset breakers in your business, it could be a clue that there’s a concealed wiring defect. It’s sometimes as easy as a circuit overload, where too many appliances are attempting to draw electricity simultaneously, and the circuit can’t manage it. A short circuit, for example, is a more sinister example. When risky exposed wires in a circuit unexpectedly hit neutral wires, a tremendous amount of electricity flows across the circuit, causing a short circuit.

This produces a great deal of heat and can cause a fire. These defects are occasionally accompanied by a terrible burning odor or discoloration of the breaker, appearing to be burned. Ground fault surges are another example of poor wiring. This happens when a bare live wire comes into contact with a ground wire or the metal case of an outlet box rather than a neutral wire. Again, too much energy flows through the circuit, causing the breaker to trip to prevent a fire. Burning odors and discoloration near the outlet, rather than the breaker, can be caused by these types of failures.

Electricians are trained to recognize the kind and location of faulty wiring, ensuring that you and your employees are protected from the serious dangers that these defects pose. The basic message is that if your breakers are frequently tripping, especially if there is a burning odor or discoloration everywhere, you should not attempt to fix it yourself. This can lead to significant harm, if not death. For a quick assessment of your issue, contact an electrician right now.

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If any of the items on this list sound familiar, give Chris Electric a call right now. Their friendly staff will assist you in scheduling an immediate assessment of the problem and will give you a quick, no-obligation price to get you back in business as soon as feasible. They can assist you with any company or concern you may have! All of their work is guaranteed, and they are available 24/7 Commercial Electrician Edmonton.