How Do I Drive Traffic To My Site In 2022?

Digital Marketing Agency Mohali

You are on the job of optimizing your content, you have chosen the best possible keywords, only to find out that you are still not first in Google’s results. Have you considered your traffic? An essential element in your SEO! Here are some tips to boost your site traffic according to Digital Marketing Agency!

First of all, why generate traffic?

For a site to be “well-referenced”, there are several criteria to take into account and traffic is one of the essential aspects.

Indeed the Google algorithm takes into account several data to choose whether or not to raise a site in the search results, the most important criterion is obviously the keywords but that is not enough. Google aims to provide the most relevant response to a request, to choose the sites it will present it is then based on many criteria and among them there is the criterion of “legitimacy”. This is where traffic comes into play, a site that generates a lot of traffic will be identified by Google as a popular and therefore relevant site. Between two websites with the same keywords, Google will choose to highlight the site that generates the most traffic.

It is therefore very important to know the different traffic acquisition levers to promote your SEO.

Create interesting content

Use your social networks

Your presence on social networks represents a real traffic opportunity for your site. Indeed, social networks are the places where your brand is expressed and are the privileged point of contact between your company and your customers. Your publications can therefore represent a real lever of traffic to your website if your content meets the expectations of your targets.

To effectively benefit from the traffic that your Social Networks can generate, it is important to think carefully about your content strategy because it will determine the effectiveness of your publications.

Each social network has its particularity, so you have to know your audience well before publishing your content, professional articles will have a better chance of generating traffic via LinkedIn and Twitter, while your articles on current events or humorous content will be more effective. on Facebook.

Use your CRM for your emailing

Email remains today a marketing lever that can be very effective when used well. You probably have a customer database listing valuable information about their profiles. Your CRM represents a real opportunity for traffic generation because it allows you, to define audiences sharing the same centers of interest to whom you will be able to offer relevant content.

The objective is to target each customer profile with content corresponding to their needs and expectations in order to generate clicks to your website. These mailings must not be the subject of clearly displayed marketing proposals but must appear to be useful or entertaining for your customers.

Use paid search techniques

One of the traffic acquisition levers is paid referencing, it is done through advertising campaigns on the search networks or on the display network via Google Ads ( formerly Google Adwords ).

This lever often generates large volumes of traffic on your site because it allows you to appear above traditional search results. On the other hand, it can be quite expensive and is not an effective solution in the long term because once the campaigns have stopped, your site will no longer benefit from this source of traffic. Paid search campaigns are therefore effective but do not represent a lasting solution.

We, therefore, advise you to correctly define your targets in order to select the communication channels adapted to each of them in order to offer them relevant content aimed at provoking visits to your website.

You now know the acquisition levers at your fingertips to increase your site traffic. It’s your turn!

To generate traffic on your site, it is first of all important to create content likely to interest your targets. Indeed, it is not enough to present links to your site hoping that someone will click on them, you have to make your targets want to consult your site.

If you operate in the B2B sector, for example, you will need to offer professional and useful content. This content will have two objectives, the first will obviously be to generate traffic on your site and it will also aim to enhance the image of your company by highlighting its expertise.

If you operate in the B2C sector, your content should be fun, entertaining and useful to your target. Entertaining content is the most shared content on social networks and the one that generates the most engagement.

We, therefore, advise you to create a blog attached to your site, this blog will allow you to develop the content to be broadcast on your various communication channels to generate clicks and traffic.