How Gojek Similar App Improves the Local Service Industry

Today the services are readily available to people from their devices compared to previous times. The businesses were operated offline in the earlier times as the business owners needed to keep an eye on each part of their businesses. It was a very tedious task of managing offline businesses. 

The people needed to visit the business premises by sparing their busy hours to purchase the products or to book any services for their routine fulfilled. Thus, there was a massive amount of time wasted by the people due to the offline business model. Therefore, the need for an online business model has reached its peak as many issues were being generated for the people and entrepreneurs.

As far as the Indonesian Market is concerned, the businesses were getting sufficient scope to rise in the market. The businesses were given an app platform as a way to modernize themselves. Later, revolutionary apps were launched in the market for many businesses. These apps provided people with multiple services that they could easily access through an application. 

These applications, which were solving the multiple purposes of the public, were known as ‘Super Apps.’ Later, many super apps were launched in the market: Gojek, Careem, Paytm, Grab, etc. But no other app grabbed immense attention like Gojek in the Indonesian multi-services market.

Thus, the local entrepreneurs got the idea of developing an app like Gojek by observing the colossal progress of an app in the market.

Gojek Overview:

The firm satisfies the multiple needs of the people at a time through an app. It was founded almost 12 years ago, on 13 October 2010, in Indonesia. The company is headquartered in Jakarta. Previously, the company offered services of making payments online, shopping, ride-hailing, and food ordering to their customers when they were founded recently.

With the vast progress of an app, the company serves 20 services concurrently in the market through an app. Along with the expansion in the service range, the company also established its business branches in 6 countries in Southeast Asia. Due to the company’s immense growth, it received 29 million active users monthly, which showed that people loved the app’s usage as it was a one-stop solution for many purposes.

Thus, from the above-mentioned tremendous progress of an app, the entrepreneurs thought of giving their businesses an app like Gojek. Moreover, Gojek Clone offers entrepreneurs a platform to perform business online and customizable features.

The entrepreneur can provide the service online and quickly expand his business through an app. In addition, customers can buy various services or products from an app effortlessly just by performing some taps on their phones.  

Which Enhancements Does Local Service Industry Receive Through Gojek Similar App Platform?

By creating an app, the entrepreneurs receive several enhancements in their business. Before getting an app, the entrepreneurs should discuss the basic requisites and needs of a business to be satisfied by consulting the firm developing an app similar to gojek for their clients. Now, let’s go through the improvements that the businesses receive through an app through which they gain an epic rise in the market:


The business receives an entirely new direction to run through this platform. All the hectic processes of the ventures are automated by an app for the business owners. The functions include generating salary reports of employees working in your businesses and live tracking of each activity performed. 

The entrepreneurs previously had many difficulties performing these processes as they needed to do it manually in their businesses. Therefore, an app like Gojek for business came to their rescue.

Reach To A Larger Audience

The business reach increases to a great extent through Gojek Clone. The entrepreneur can add the various offers inside an application, pushing it to a larger audience. In addition, the business owner can attract a massive audience towards an app by offering them discounts on various services, additional discounts through promo codes, and discounts by referring an app to a friend.

A Rise In The Number of Sales

The number of sales rises as the people receive the services at a price reasonable to them compared to the offline services available to them. It also raises the sales number as they prefer apps to their close ones, and they trust the most on those people and start using an app.


Along with all the enhancements which can be implemented in your business through the online platform, the business owners also receive a scalable app that can handle any amount of users through an app according to your business size. Apart from that, the entrepreneur can also add/remove/update the features for satisfying their consumer needs as they have the source code of an app.

Final Verdict: 

Due to the high penetration of users into an app, people from all over prefer the usage of apps. Therefore, launching an app for your business is always a good option. Furthermore, the multi-service apps are preferred because they get all the requirements satisfied through one app, and also, the storage of devices is less occupied. Therefore, as an entrepreneur, it is the best opportunity to launch your app like Gojek in the market.