How To Change Your Status In Discord Manual

Change Your Status In Discord

.You can customize your own personal status to let other’s know what you are up to!  

Select your profile image from your desktop, then select Online from the popup menu

  • when you’re active on Discord and available Idle when you’re away and unavailable
  • To avoid being bothered by desktop alerts, select Do Not Disturb.
  • You can utilise invisible to hide from the online user’s list while still being able to communicate and play.

Change Your Discord Status on Windows or Mac

For both Windows and Mac, the Discord UI is the same. Whether you’re using the website or the desktop programme, the instructions below should let you update your Discord status. Because your Discord status is account-wide, everyone on all the Discord servers you’ve joined will see your updated message.

How to Remove Your Custom Discord Status

  1. In the bottom left corner, click your profile image.
  2. To change your status, click the X next to it.
  3. On a mobile device
  4. 2 Illustrations
  5. Custom status settings for Discord users
  6. clear custom status on discord
  7. To access the menu, swipe right.
  8. Select your profile photo.
  9. Select the Status option.
  10. Select the X next to your current state.

Using the slash command, you can change your Discord moniker (desktop and mobile)

If you like shortcuts, you can use the slash command to swiftly change your moniker in a server. This slash command works on both mobile and desktop versions of Discord, so launch it on your preferred device, go to the server where you wish to alter your username, and then type (in any server channel):

/nick /nick /nick /nick /nick /nick /nick /

new moniker> should be replaced with your desired nickname. If I wanted to alter my moniker to Marshall Gunn, for example, I would type: /nick Marshall Gunn

Your nickname will change once you’ve executed the slash command.

To change your Discord background to a light or dark setting, follow these steps:

  • Go to the user settings section of the Discord app (the gear-shaped icon in the bottom-left corner of your desktop). Click on your profile symbol in the bottom-right corner of your phone).
  • Select Appearance from the App Settings menu.
  • Decide if you want to go light or dark.
  • You’ll need to install third-party software, Better Discord, if you want a background that’s more expressive than a simple dark or light version. These changes will only affect your desktop app, not your mobile app.

How can I create a custom status on Discord for Android and iOS?

Custom Status acts as a combination of your description and a message you’d like others to see. It’s one of Discord’s profile elements that functions as a playing status.

  • Setting up a custom Discord Status in the iOS App: Open the Discord app on your iOS device and tap the user icon in the bottom right corner.
  • To add a custom discord status, click the “Set Status” button.
  • Add your custom status by clicking the “Set a custom status” button.
  • Emojis can also be used in your personalised status.
  • For your custom status, provide a time frame.
  • You’re done when you click the Save Changes button. The personalised status is now visible in your Discord app.