How to choose the booking system for a hybrid workplace

As the globe adopts the hybrid workplace model, it is crucial to offer the finest options for your team to access because desks and meeting spaces are where the magic happens in a business.

Teams often alternate between working in the office and from their homes, which has increased the demand for firms to invest in desk booking software. Your team will be able to easily schedule days and times to come into the office with the aid of workplace management technology, and using an insight-led workspace booking software like Nura Space will guarantee that you have complete visibility over your team’s movements and how resources are being used at work.

It can be difficult to determine what the ideal solution looks like if you are unfamiliar with desk booking software. Any software you select must have the flexibility to grow with your company, and since your team may end up using the programme daily, it’s crucial to understand what the key components of a booking system are.

What is a desk reservation system, and how does it operate?

Digital platforms with desk booking systems allow employees to reserve workstations at the office. The software allows them to view floor plans and other details about a workspace, as well as find and reserve workstations based on availability, location, and features.

Desk booking systems have many benefits. What are they? What is its purpose?

A desk booking system’s major objective is to make it simple for users to find and utilize available workstations.

1. How to run a hybrid office

Many organizations were compelled by the epidemic to switch to a hybrid work paradigm as soon as feasible, which may have resulted in the loss of best practice procedures or missed opportunities for enhanced worker assistance. There is a fantastic chance to make sure your team has the greatest tech available to manage their day-to-day as we go into a permanently hybrid model and employees start to partially return to the office again.Desk reservation programmes are just one method for streamlining a mixed workplace environment.

2. Develop your staff’s understanding

The better qualified you are to design a setting that works for them, the more you will understand how your staff uses the office. Desk booking technology from Nura Space gathers and analyzes data so that you can get sophisticated analytics to assist in problem-solving. A need for smaller meeting rooms or private workstations can be indicated, for instance, if big conference rooms are frequently reserved for use by lone employees or small groups. Standing desks should be on the office purchase list if many people are restricting their desk search by “standing desk” but there are few of them available.

3. Understand the worth of your workplaces.

People typically only consider waste like paper and plastic when they think about office waste. The kind of waste that people are familiar with recycling—the tangible waste that inevitably results from having teams in the office. However, idle and underutilized workplaces or intangible waste are likely the biggest source of office waste, particularly in light of the epidemic. 50% of the office space, as well as the energy utilized to power, heat, cool, and illuminate these spaces, is wasted if only 50% of your team is present at work on any given day.

Utilizing a hybrid work environment can help you save money on rent, utilities, and office space. Having complete control over which office spaces are being used or not is essential if modifications are to be made that can result in these financial advantages. If you have the right information and an accurate overview, which systems like Nura Space’s desk booking technology will give you, you can cut the size of your office in half while still providing a great working environment—or even a better one, since empty offices can feel lonely and have an adverse effect on team morale.

4. Improve time effectiveness

Finding coworkers can be one of the major problems with hot desking, according to many people. Desk booking systems can save the day in this situation. Some websites, like Nura Space, allow users to look up coworkers to see where they are seated so they may reserve spots nearby for convenient cooperation. People will save time by finding the person they need to speak with by using live maps, which allow you to see who is where in the office.

What are some important characteristics you ought to watch out for?

a real-time floor plan

This is a major issue. The entire layout of your office should be visible to administrators in real-time. Reservations ought to be reflected right away so that consumers can rapidly see vacant places. Users may locate and reserve available workspaces, find their reserved desk, and move to it using a live floor plan view, which also guarantees that employees are provided with current and helpful information. Like the Nura Space mapping, a good live floor layout will also include emergency exits to increase security.

rapid deployment

You don’t want to attempt to set up desk booking for weeks. Quickly design floor plans for use in Nura Space, and set up resources either individually or in bulk, depending on your needs. Your employees will flourish more quickly the faster the software can be introduced.


Any user may simply comprehend and utilize a decent desk booking system because it is straightforward and user-friendly. It’s excellent to have any extra user experience elements that make the product simple to grasp. The Nura Space desk nodes, for instance, are color-coded: Red indicates booked, Green indicates available, Blue indicates checked-in and in use, and Grey indicates unavailable. This makes it such that all it takes is one fast glance to understand how the current office desk usage and layout are set up.

complete adaptability

Having centralized, continuing management over the software is crucial because your workplace is dynamic and will evolve over time. You can assist ensure that you have complete control and flexibility over your workspace by using a tool like the Nura Space admin interface to perform tasks like directly map workstations into your floor plan.

‍search parameters

Varied people require different work arrangements to succeed, including dual screens, height adjustment, standing, window chairs, and silent corners. Instead of wasting time looking around for that free standing desk they’re looking for, users will save time by finding exactly what they need straight away with the use of a tagging system when entering workstations.

actual data

It’s not enough for your desk booking platform to be visually appealing. You will be able to better understand how your workspaces are being used with access to real-time data and analytics, which is a crucial tool for getting to know your team. Workplace analytics are becoming increasingly crucial for firms aiming to cultivate a truly engaged workforce, since these insights assist in creating a workplace created precisely for your team to flourish and grow. For instance, perhaps there are some meeting rooms that are always in demand while others go unutilized.

Or your team may always sit together as a whole department, indicating that you do not desire isolated workstations. You may utilize trends to your advantage when deciding how to use your workspaces most effectively and when predicting how people will use them in the future. In order to assist you in transforming the data into useful insights, Nura Space gathers workplace analytics and organizes it in ways that are easy to use.