How to Choose the Most Suitable Skip Size For Your Needs

skip hire sizes

Skip hire companies offer a variety of skip sizes and dimensions, from 2-yard skips to 40-yard skips. Prices vary according to skip size. Saving time and money requires getting the right size bin for disposing of a substantial amount of waste. Even so, it can not be easy to find the right size skip for getting rid of your unwanted garbage.

A wrong-sized skip can result in costly consequences if it is hired. It will be a waste of money if you hire a small skip that cannot accommodate the amount of waste you want to dispose of, or if you get a large skip that is too big for the amount of rubbish. So here is a complete guide on how to hire the right sized skip. 

How To Choose The Right Skip?

Do a Bit of Research

You should take some time to learn about the skips that are available in your area. There are some different kinds of skips available on the market. How do they differ from one another? And what are some of the uses for which they would be suitable? Make sure you have all the information you need before booking a skip for your residential or commercial waste. Research can be done online by searching, for instance, skip hire Edge Lane Droylsden.

Understand the Differences

There are different kinds of skips that are used for different purposes. You must be aware of this. In case you are unclear, make sure you ask the skip hire company. Skip sizes range from mini to large.

Understand Your Needs

Having now acquired a basic understanding of the types of skips available in the local market, you should now try to narrow down your requirements.

Do you need a skip to hire before consulting with a waste disposal company? Is it household waste, or something else special like after-renovation waste or garden waste? Would you like to dispose of commercial waste? For the right skip, you must be very clear about your needs.

Get the Estimate

The price of skip hire will be determined by the size of the skip you choose. If you wish to avoid extra expenditures, then you will have to make sure you choose the right size. Consult with your service provider for an estimate of the skip sizes. You can then decide on the right skip size based on the budget you have.

To help their clients who are confused about the size of the skips, a good skip hire service provider in Sutton will always assist them with the right suggestions. You will be able to discuss your needs with these experts, and they will then suggest their products to suit your needs.

Likely, a skip that is suitable for domestic waste management will not be a suitable choice for collecting renovation waste.

Different Skip Sizes:

2 to 3 Yard Skips

These skips are small skip bins ideal for removing small amounts of household waste like garden waste. You can also use mini skips to renovate your kitchen or bathroom. Generally, skips of this size can be fitted into properties that make them convenient to use. Mini skips come in sizes ranging from 25 to 35 black bin bags.

4 to 5 Yard Skips

Mini skips are slightly larger than midi skips and are ideal for projects like household renovations and garden cleanups. With it, you can get rid of quite a bit of waste removal, including junk waste and garden waste. Skip bags are available in sizes ranging from 45 to 55.

6 to 18 Yard Skips

The maxi skip is a large-sized bin that is ideal for commercial and industrial applications. The skips are popular with builders because they are large enough to accommodate large amounts of waste, including bulky items and heavy materials. There are 65, 80, 100, 120, 145, 170, and 195 black bin bags in these skips.

20 to 40 Yard Skips

Large roll-on roll-off skip bins are perfect for commercial and industrial waste removal. Bulky items and heavy materials can be disposed of in heavy-duty bins. Industries can also use them to dispose of enormous amounts of waste. Among the available sizes are 220, 275, 330, and 440 black bin bags.