How to Find the Guardian Raid Bulletin Board in Lost Ark

Raid Bulletin Board in Lost Ark

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The Raid Bulletin board for Lost Ark isn’t very obvious. It’s hidden in a corner of the North Vern continent. How do you find it? Here are a few tips. Once you’ve located it, you can interact with it to progress in your quest. However, before you can interact with the Raid Bulletin Board, you should know how to find the Guardian. In addition, this article will tell you where to find the Guardian.

Find the Guardian quest

One of the first things you need to do in the game is find the Raid Bulletin Board. You can find it in the city of Vern, near the Royal Guard. To enter this raid, you must sign a document that requires your character to perform certain actions. However, this board is not always visible, so you might need to look in other areas to find it. Thankfully, the following tips should help you find it without too much trouble.

To find the Raid Bulletin Board, you must be level 50 and have completed the Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate. To find this quest, go to the Military District in Vern Castle. You can interact with the board to arrange raiding events. Once you have completed the quest, you will receive the Raid Bulletin Board. You can then look for other available raiding parties and organize them to complete the quest.

To get started, you need to reach level 50. To do this, you can either go solo or queue up with a group of players. Once you get to level 50, you can start the Guardian Raid. This is a huge beast that requires a high level of offensive prowess to beat. You can either choose to take on the Guardian or make it your first raid. There are many rewards in the Raid and you need to be patient.

If you are a newcomer to the Raid Bulletin Board, you should be aware of how the bosses are listed. They can be easy or hard to complete depending on your current level. Remember that each class has a movement skill and a unique UI pop-up that will alert you when one is nearby. Once you know where to find each boss, you can start raiding.

To do this quest, you must have at least a Difficulty Tier 1 character. The best character level is around 302, so make sure your gear is at least that level. You should also have a gear level of 250 or higher, since it is very important to equip the right weapons and armor. After you’ve gotten your gear, you should travel to Schuchshire and Varn to complete the quest.

When completing the Guardian Raid, you can claim the Soul of the Guardian boss by harvesting its soul. Doing this requires you to press ‘G’ next to the glowing orbs. You must collect the soul of the Guardian boss before you can leave the raid. This requires skillful play and you should avoid getting defeated too many times. You should assign healing potions to other positions in the raid.

Location of raid bulletin board in North Vern continent

The Raid Bulletin Board is an in-game location that is found near Vern Castle in the Military District. To access this location, you must be level 50 and have completed the Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate quest. The board is not particularly obvious on the map, so you might have to look for it in other ways. If you are unsure where the location is, follow the instructions below to find it.

The location of the Raid Bulletin Board is on the top of Vern Castle in the North Vex region. Once you reach level 50, you can access this location by pressing ‘G’. When you’re ready to participate in a Guardian Raid, you can fight different bosses, depending on your item level. You can also get leapstones and enchanting recipes as rewards for completing these missions.

The location of the Raid Bulletin Board isn’t specific, but it’s in the Vern Castle, near the Royal Guard. To enter the raid, you must have a Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate signed. The board is not immediately obvious, but it’s worth it to make sure you’re prepared for a little exploration. The board isn’t exactly in an obvious location, but you can find it easily enough once you’ve found it.

How to interact with it

To complete the Guardian quest, you’ll need to find the Raid Bulletin Board. Unfortunately, it’s easy to miss this treasure chest as it isn’t visible on the map. Here are some tips for finding it. Located in the city, the Raid Bulletin Board is an essential item to complete the quest. However, it is not always easy to find it. If you’re not familiar with this treasure chest, read on for a guide to help you find it.

You can’t interact with the Raid Bulletin Board if you don’t have the Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate. First, you need to complete the quest ‘Afterimages of the Rift’, which is located in Vern Castle. This quest requires that your character’s signature be on the document. If this doesn’t help, try looking for the signature in your inventory.

Once you have the Guardian Raid Qualification Certificate, you can visit the Raid Bulletin Board. This is located in the Military District of Vern Castle, and you’ll need to be level 50 to enter it. You can only access this board once a day, so you need to be careful when you’re there. There’s a good chance that you’ll miss it, so make sure you sign up soon!

Another great feature of the Raid Bulletin Board is that you can view the latest information about the next raid. This way, you can see if your party is prepared to take on the next challenge. Raids are usually broken into Abyss and Guardian Raids. While they are similar to MMO raids, they also contain unique elements. For instance, you can ask a player to add you to their party if you’re unsure of his/her character’s status.

The Guardian Raid Bulletin Board can be located at the top of Vern Castle, North Vern. It allows you to challenge the Guardian Raid with up to three other players. The number of players you have will determine how many times your party has the same health. To find a party, simply press “M” on your keyboard and type the number of players you’d like to join in your party.