The bedroom also reflects its owner a bit: it can be old-fashioned, fresh and young, modern, oriental, eclectic… today we want to see some ideas and ideas for furnishing a modern bedroom.

We will see which are the best colors to choose, the materials to use, which furnishings to choose, and how to get the best effect for your modern bedroom.

If the style of the bedroom is modern, it goes without saying that you will have to be modern too. There is no need to choose impossible shades or the classic black and white. You can also go with the fantasy, for example with a beige, a cream, or a cold light green, gray. However, banish colors that are too bright and bright , you must try to maintain a relaxed, calm, elegant profile. However, the perfect colors are pastel ones, avoiding nuance messes.


This means that the main furniture, that is the Ottoman beds, will have great importance. The modern double Ottoman beds can be made of different materials, wood, iron, but it will have to blend perfectly with the room, since it is the most important piece of furniture. Avoid bulky and overly refined headboards, which would clash with the style of the room. A beautiful coffered headboard can, on the other hand, blend well with the room. Even the wrought iron Ottoman beds , contrary to what one might think, is ideal for breaking up the ‘perfect geometry’ of a modern room .

Yes to clean and clear lines, the square geometries (rectangles, etc.) are the ones that best blend with the tone of the modern room. Yes in neutral colors and in the same color as those you have chosen for the walls and the floor, no to unlikely colors or geometries. Tone-on-tone is usually fine .

As for the furnishings, try to space and choose wardrobes that are also modern and fun: think for example of a wardrobe made of broken lines and shiny material, or shelves connected to the mirrors. Try to play between classic and modern , remember that you don’t have to keep a too austere style or the beauty of the room will suffer.

Play with the light: it is important that it is not direct and blinding, but rather soft. You could insert lights built into the wall, behind the bed, so as to solve the problem of the abat-jour and to guarantee an enlightened environment even in the evening and in the morning without having to resort to too strong lights.


If you think a rug with squiggles looks good in your room, it probably does, and the same can be true for a Persian rug in a serious black and white room. If a modern painting or print appeals to you, then it could be perfect on the head of the bed, to break the linearity of the room. Try to make the room unique without making it too redundant : no bright colors and scattered without criteria, just a painting (or a set of mirrors) is enough to make a modern room really beautiful and interesting to see.

Wardrobes, which are an important component in the room, should also be chosen carefully and carefully. Opt for cabinets that blend well in material, color and shape with your room. There are different models, even in the form of chest of drawers, small and large, suitable for everyone’s needs, whether you have a single room or a double room. Don’t forget to put a touch of yourself and your personality into the room, you won’t regret it and your modern bedroom will be a real show!