How To Get More Followers On Facebook (FAST)

Since its birth in 2004, Facebook has achieved a firm position in the ranking of social media platforms. 

It heads the top of the list as the most used social network in the world and in our country it reaches 22 million active users, almost 80% of all the people who use these platforms, according to Hootsuite.

The social networks they have become an essential channel to use in the digital marketing of a company, regardless of the sector in which it operates.

A social media strategy well defined and executed can be the key factor that drives an e-commerce and leads it to success.

And if you have doubts about this, check for yourself the article from Rupy “Comprar Seguidores Para Facebook”, who succeeded thanks to these platforms, the casual content they created and their actions to enhance user interaction, in addition to their investment in Facebook Ads.

For all this we are going to show you the best tricks to get followers on Facebook, improve the image of your company and boost your sales.

How To Get More Followers On Facebook in 2022

The facebook algorithm change in early 2018, it generated a wave of criticism for limiting the organic reach of posts.

The truth is that behind this, what was tried to control was the scope of publications that in their first impressions did not generate interest or interaction.

Therefore, since then it has become vital to create relevant content that motivates followers to interact when it appears on the Facebook timeline, thus ensuring that its visibility continues to grow.

You must not forget that social networks are nourished by the publications that are generated in them, it is logical that they look for quality content so that users do not stop using them.

You can learn more about this on this great article: Comprar Curtidas Facebook.

Invite Friends to Your Facebook Page

After configuring and optimizing your Facebook page You must make sure that it is visible to platform users and that your contacts manage to reach it.

Inviting your friends to follow your Facebook page is very simple, you just have to click on the left menu of the “Pages” section, go to the page you want and then click on the right dropdown button with the three points.

There you will find the option to “Invite to follow you” and you can send the invitation to all your friends.

But if you want to go further, we recommend that you also invite people you don’t have on your friends list.

The trick to avoid this filter that Facebook does when it comes to send invitations is to access users who have ever interacted with your page, even if they are not among your friends.

To do this, access the posts on your page, click on the reactions they have and press the “Invite” button next to the name of the person you want to invite.

Also, if your page reaches more than 100,000 likes, you can choose the option to add them as friends instead of liking them.

Generate Engagement And Content of Interest

Now that you know that you can invite all the people who have shown an interest in any facebook post of your page, it is important that you create the valuable content they are looking for. Users only share or react if they find what they are seeing interesting.

Generate your own content for Facebook and create original texts with words that capture attention, such as terms that arouse curiosity, that denote urgency or that launch open questions. The videos and images will also make you stand out and add quality to your page.

Invest in Facebook Ads

Promote with Facebook Ads the publications that have the best performance and analyze their results to check the effectiveness of the content created.

In Ads Manager you can plan your facebook ad campaign selecting the marketing objective that interests you most, such as getting more web traffic or interactions, segmenting the audience of your ad, setting how much you want to spend and when you want your campaign to start and end.

Share Facebook Page in Timeline

Make sure your Facebook page is visible, invite your friends to share it on their timeline, and post it to facebook groups related to your industry.

In the latter, people seek more personal interactions and pay more attention to it, being a potential focus for gaining followers.

Invite your followers to “See First” your posts and turn on notifications so they know when you post something new. This way you ensure that they see your content, interact and share it in their biographies.

Recommend Your Facebook Page

If you have a web page and you are following a digital marketing strategy I’m sure you’re familiar with the term link building and guest blogging.

Well, you can take advantage of this practice to add the URL of your Facebook page to your guest posts.

Use the comments or forums of other relevant pages in your sector to recommend your page, generate new followers and later leads and customers.

Now that you know the best tricks to get followers on facebook, it is a matter of you starting to execute them to make your numbers multiply.

But do not forget that your goal is to get quality followers before quantity, so it is essential that you generate valuable content that generates interactions in order to translate it into sales.

At Rupy we help you manage your business social networks and we shape the most appropriate social media strategy to achieve your goals.

Contact us and create a community of interest for your company.