How to identify and buy Pure Banarasi Silk Sarees?

Buying silk sarees for all kinds of gatherings be it formal or informal, traditional or otherwise, has become somewhat of a culture in India. In fact, many people around India have much knowledge about Indian Silk Sarees and are interested in buying silk sarees for all functions and cultural ceremonies.

Silk sarees hold a special place in the Hindu religion, and they have a certain elegance and class that is unmatched. India has many kinds of silk sarees and the difference between them is from where they are made and originate.

The Kanchipuram saree from Tamil Nadu, Banarasi silk saree from Varanasi, Mysore silk saree from Karnataka, Chanderi silk saree from Maharashtra, Muga silk saree from Assam, Paithani silk sarees from Gujarat, Baluchari silk sarees from West Bengal and Bhagalpuri silk sarees from the North – these are only a few examples of silk sarees with different ethnicities and origin. Each type of saree holds a specific historic and traditional value in India and most people in these regions use silk sarees made from pure silk which is native to the specific area for religious functions, ceremonies, weddings and wedding rituals.

Banarasi Silk Saree – Introduction

Banarasi Silk sarees have a reputation in the market and can be seen worn by celebrities and film stars. Banarasi silk sarees have a rich tradition just like the Kanchipuram saree – both these sarees are known for their cultural inclination and their expensive craftsmanship. Both these kinds of sarees were initially only used by Royalty in India.

The Banarasi silk sarees were woven by weavers to be worn by the Mughal kings, queens and the royal subjects. Similarly, Kanchipuram silk was woven to make sarees and dhotis for the kings and queens of Cholas, Pandyas, Pallavas etc. Their royal heredity and connection make this one of the most adored types of silk sarees by women who love to own them.

These sarees are more expensive than regular silk sarees in the market because of their uniqueness and excellent and unmatched craftsmanship. They are made for brides with customizations as well and therefore many women aspire to buy and own their very own bridal wear made from Banarasi or Kanchipuram Silk.

Banarasi silk sarees originate from a small town called Banaras (now Varanasi) in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. Varanasi is full of amazing Hindu Temples that are visited by millions of people from across the world. The place which is the Hindu Capital was once ruled by the Mughal kingdom, which was spread across North and Central India.

Mughal Kings and Queens wore extremely rich and intricate clothing resembling the middle eastern appeal. Banarasi weavers started weaving silk lace anarkalis, sarees and salwar for the royal kings and queens, which soon caught the eye of the entire world.

Banarasi silk apparel soon became a testament to rich and intricate silken wear adorned by golden thread work all over the fabric.

Buying and Maintaining Original Banarasi Silk Online

A Banarasi silk saree has golden thread work, for the most part, making the sarees unique and expensive. They are often heavy with plenty of embroideries and need to be taken good care of by dry washing them and keeping them covered in soft wrapping papers away from humidity or sunlight.

Humidity and sunlight are the biggest enemies of any silk saree. Keeping them in closed closets is also not ideal. Banarasi silk sarees can get ruined if they are not aired from time to time. Keeping sarees together where the silk threads can rub against each other is also not advisable. Banarasi sarees must be bathed in sunlight from time to time and wrapped in soft cloth or wrapping paper and kept in clean closets. Moth repellents must also be placed in them so that bugs do not eat away the saree and zari banarasi saree online

An original Banarasi saree can be expensive, and the quality needs to be assured only when one buys

from an original silk seller online. Make sure that the retail site is authentic and is known for the best quality silk sarees and therefore be assured that the quality and authenticity of the saree are maintained. Buying from retail websites that are well known is one of the best ways so one can rest assured that the saree is authentic and genuine Banarasi. One can also look up the information for authenticity online by looking at the various certifications and the history a seller has in the market.

The handfeel of a saree can speak volumes about how genuine and authentic the saree is. A pure Banarasi saree is often luxurious with an excellent hand feel. It is heavy and has exquisite work. Therefore buying from a website that has a return policy so that any ingenuity can be traced and returned is important