How To Maintain Your Air Conditioning Split Systems?

Air Conditioning Split Systems

Air conditioning is a staple in all households to beat the heat or remain cozy during winters. Compact split systems have become increasingly popular across the globe due to their convenience to use and low cost. However, maintaining an air-conditioning system can be a tedious task. Ductless split systems especially require proper care for their smooth functioning.

Here’s a complete guide on how to look after your split air conditioning systems:

Clean outside frequently

Most users think AC system maintenance only involves keeping the inside clean. However, you must often check the accumulated dust or wipe the outer structure of the AC unit, like you would with furniture or an electronic device. The dust can also get accumulated on the outer layer of the unit. Hence, if you only focus on keeping the inside clean and let the outside collect dust, the effects will be detrimental.

Clean your air filters regularly

This is an important step, but you can do it yourself. You can remove the air filters from the system, wash them with high-speed water, and clean it. Alternatively, you can use a vacuum cleaner for the same. This purifies the filter of any dust particles or gravel. You must frequently clean the air filters if you have moved to a new home. The dust remains from the construction may be resting in the filters and they must be removed.

Ensure your system has enough room

While split AC systems require less space than central ACs, they perform better when you offer enough space to function. Allow at least four feet of space around your mini-split system in all directions. Leave some distance between the system and any furniture or paintings that may collect dust and reduce its efficiency.

opt for annual inspection

Scheduling an annual inspection for your AC split systems can save you time and money. The inspection can reveal any fault in your system or its functioning. This will save you any extra expenses due to emergency repair. Moreover, an underlying fault can leave with hours of running your split systems, but with no cooling. You can contact an HVAC professional for a better maintenance inspection. He will help figure the accurate fault or areas that need constant maintenance.

Do an electrical inspection

Examine the split system wiring for connectivity issues. Check with the circuit for pitting and fix it if it is pitted. Examine the condition of the wires and connectors for signs of overheating. A discoloured connector may indicate a faulty connection. Capacitor maintenance and testing are also necessary. Every capacitor that shows signs of leaking must be repaired.

Clean the cooling fan

You must clean the cooling fan too when cleaning the air filters. The cooling fan is also referred to as the heat exchanger. This device is present at the back of AC split systems. Keeping the fan clean can reduce electricity consumption significantly. Therefore, it is advisable to clean your cooling fan, especially during winters.

Watch your pipes

The pipes that bring in the cold or warm air to your house must also be cleaned since they can accumulate a great number of debris and dirt. Moreover, there could be underlying leaks in any of the pipes. Look out for any of these faults in your pipes and fix them as soon as possible. To make this maintenance more convenient, remember to check your pipes whenever you clean your air filters.

Look for other faults

The maintenance professional must also clean the condenser outlet and keep an eye out for any modifications in your daily life that may influence system operation. This includes leaving any of your rooms unused, etc.


An AC is an important part of a home, and you must keep it clean since you breathe in the air from it. Otherwise, the users may face various side effects, like dust allergy or breathing problems. Take some time off to maintain the wellness of your compact split AC systems.