How to Make Gum Wrapper Hearts

Gum Wrapper Hearts

There are several ways to create gum wrapper hearts. Creating them can be a fun activity for kids and adults alike. The easiest method is to use a needle and thread to create the shapes. However, if you don’t have any needle and thread on hand, you can buy them from a craft store. Moreover, they are non-toxic, so it is safe for everyone to use them. Read on to discover the best gum wrapper heart making techniques.

Easy method

One of the most romantic gestures you can make is a heart made of gum wrappers. These simple little pieces of paper can be used to decorate a room as well as a special gift for a loved one. If you want to make a heart that is unique, here are some easy steps to follow. Firstly, cut the gum wrappers into squares. Next, add a bit of food coloring to the open end of each gum wrapper. You can use the colored line to outline the heart.

First, cut the heart-shaped pieces from the gum wrapper. Now, fold them into hearts using the instructions that come with the wrapper. You should have enough pieces to make one heart. If you are a beginner, this project might be too difficult, but it is very easy and fun. Once completed, you can give the heart to your loved one as a gift or keep them for future use. It is a sweet and easy way to show your loved one that you are thinking of them.

Once you have all the pieces, fold them into heart-shaped shapes. Fold the bottom half to the center and the top half to the center, following the crease in the center. Make sure that the folds are even and that you do not damage the tissue inside the roll. Then, score the center area to make the heart pop out. As you can see, this method is very easy and can produce beautiful hearts for any special occasion.

One of the easiest ways to make gum wrapper hearts is to purchase a heart-shaped cutter. Heart-shaped cutters are readily available at most grocery stores, and can cost as little as $4. Another way to trace the shape of a heart is to use a pencil. Always use a good quality pencil, as cheap ones will produce borderlines and uneven cuts. You can use glue to preserve the shapes.


Next, fold the two opposite ends together, aligning them diagonally in the center. Fold the top and bottom parts of the gum wrapper so that they form a heart shape. You can also use a square piece of paper or fabric to make a heart. Fold the left and right sides of the wrapper up on a diagonal, creating a boxy shape. After you’ve folded the sides, you can glue the edges together to create a finished product.

If you’ve ever wanted to make a unique and delicious Valentine’s Day card, you should try making your own gum wrapper heart. This paper craft is a great way to show your loved one how much you care. To make these colorful cards, follow the steps outlined below. After you’ve folded your wrapper, you should be ready to fold the top and bottom corners. Then, fold both sides in half horizontally, with the folded crease facing the recipient. Then, fold the top half of the paper square in half, and then fold the other half in half, creating a heart-shaped crease.

Once you’ve folded your heart, it’s time to make the decoration. You can use your gum wrapper hearts to create a sweet decoration for your home, including a bookmark. You can even use them to make your own pop-up cards! If you’re feeling crafty, you can even make gum wrapper hearts as a gift for loved ones. All you need are gum wrappers and a couple of minutes to create a heart with your friends and family.

First, cut the gum wrapper into a square. Then, fold it diagonally and align the shorter side with the longer one. After you’ve cut the gum wrapper, you can fold the leftover paper into a square again. Fold the other side into the opposite direction. Now, you have four triangles, each one with its own crease. This will make your gum wrapper heart unique and beautiful!


If you want to make your own Valentine’s Day card, you can make heart-shaped gum wrappers using different materials. For instance, you can fold up two pieces of paper or a piece of fabric, and then glue them together so they form a heart shape. You can also fold up one piece of gum wrapper at a time, making a single big heart. You can give these cards to your loved ones as gifts.

One popular craft using gum wrappers is making a paper chain. The idea is similar to connecting chairs, and you will need about 15 pieces of gum wrappers for each heart. You can cut the bottom corner of each heart so they won’t stick together. Once they are rolled, you can use them as bookmarks and decorate your electronic cases. You can also save the remaining wrappers for other uses in the future.

For a paper heart, fold the top and bottom to the center. Then fold each side in half horizontally so that the crease is facing the recipient. A gum wrapper heart can be made by folding it into a mountain-like fold, or you can fold it back behind the crease. These heart-shaped gum wrappers can be kept for a long time and be re-used to wrap favorite candy.

Another way to make non-toxic gum wrapper hearts is by folding the top and bottom half of a square gum wrapper in a heart shape. Fold the bottom half of the wrapper diagonally, lining up the crease in the middle. Then, fold the bottom corner in the same way. Your heart-shaped paper will look like a box. You can also flatten the bottom by making small folds along the top and bottom edges.

Using a needle and thread

If you want to make a cute Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one, you can use gum wrappers. You can find several ways to fold and shape these adorable treats. One of the easiest methods is to fold the gum wrappers into a heart shape. Just make sure to fold each side evenly. You can use plastic card as a template to make your heart shape as sharp as possible. If you don’t have any plastic card on hand, you can use a needle and thread to make these Valentine’s Day gifts.

You will need a piece of paper and a gum wrapper. To create the heart shape, fold the right side of the wrapper so that the bottom corner lines up with the center crease. Fold the left side as well so that the top point is flush with the center line. Once you have your shape, you can start sewing. Gluing the gum wrapper heart to the thread is a fun way to create a Valentine’s Day gift that your loved one can keep forever.

You can also use a needle and thread to make a gum wrapper heart. This method is easy, but you should be aware of its risks. Make sure that you choose a needle and thread made of strong thread. Then, thread it to the piece of paper. You should now have a beautiful, colorful heart. This creative idea will make your loved one’s day! You can make many of these sweet little creations in one sitting.

Once you’ve crafted a couple of gum wrapper hearts, you can use them as garland. You can even make them into pop-up cards and use them as padding in a gift box. And don’t forget that gum wrappers make wonderful gifts for your loved ones. These are an easy way to show someone how much you care. You can make these beautiful hearts for your loved one, or for yourself!

Using a post-it note

You don’t need a fancy craft or a stamping machine to make a heart out of a gum wrapper. You can just fold the gum wrappers into a heart shape. They’ll look just like the heart you’ve seen made from a dollar bill. Plus, this heart-shaped gift is quick and easy to make! Make one for a friend or as a token of appreciation.

First, cut the gum wrappers into a square shape. To do so, fold each one in half, lining up the long edge with the shorter side. Then, cut it into four triangles, making sure to match up the corners of each triangle. Cut off the excess paper and fold in the opposite direction. You should now have four triangles. These hearts will be useful bookmarks and decor for any room in the home.

Now, fold the folded notes so that the open ends are facing up. You can then decorate each one as you see fit. When you’re finished, give them to your friends and family to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style. If you’re looking for a unique gift idea for the Valentine’s Day, these paper hearts will be the perfect choice! The only downside to making these heart-shaped gum wrappers is that they won’t be as pretty as you’d like them to be!

Once you’ve made your hearts out of gum wrapper, you can use glue to attach them to the paper. Once you’ve created your heart, you can insert a chopstick or pencil into the pockets at one end of the gum wrapper. To pop them out, simply insert a chopstick. You’ll be amazed by the result! This gum wrapper heart craft is quick and easy!