How to Shop For a Cool Wrestling Singlet

Cool Wrestling Singlet

A cool wrestling singlet is a must-have for your wrestler! The perfect wrestling shirt will make you look your best in the ring, so you’ll want one that’s both functional and fashionable. When shopping for a singlet, you can consider the different styles, fabrics, and sizes, as well as whether or not you want a sublimated design. Read on for some tips! To start shopping for a cool wrestling singlet, read these tips:

Cool Wrestling Singlet Styles

Wrestling singlets come in a variety of styles and cuts. The traditional high cut covers the chest area while the fila cut covers the underarms on each side. The low cut is similar to the high cut but is a little lower and extends up the middle of the abdomen and hips. It is popular in amateur wrestling, but isn’t always appropriate for competitive matches. The collegiate cut is generally used in the Olympics and World Championships. Women also wear low cut singlets, although they aren’t as common as men’s styles.

Before the 1970s, singlets were not officially allowed by the NCAA, and high school and college wrestlers had other options. In fact, many mat legends, including Dan Gable, Bill Koll and Dan Hodge, competed in different styles. Some of the earliest singlets styles are still popular today, while others have since gone out of style. While singlets are still popular among young wrestlers today, some schools are making a move towards jerseys.

The modern singlet is made of nylon, spandex, or lycra fabric, with gripper elastic in the legs. Wrestling singlets are typically reversible so you can wear them both ways. Buying a singlet that has a reversible design saves you money over two separate singlets. Lycra singlets are typically lighter and more comfortable than their older counterparts.

Singlets are made from a combination of polyester and ultra-stretch spandex. This fabric allows wrestlers to easily move and is comfortable to wear. Singlets are designed for both men and women, with women’s styles being higher cut. Whether you wrestle in college or amateur matches, you’ll be able to find the perfect singlet for your style and your budget. So get a cool singlet today!

Singlet Fabric

When it comes to choosing a fabric for your wrestling singlet, you’ll have plenty of choices. Wrestling singlets are typically made of heavyweight stretchable polyester knit and mesh. Those fabrics tend to retain sweat and bacteria, so washing them regularly is a must. You should avoid using an iron on your wrestling singlet to prevent lint from transferring from other fabrics to it. If you’d like to purchase a wrestling singlet in a unique color, you can also find it in sublimated fabrics.

Another option for fabric is Force Fiber. This fabric is perfect for wrestling singlets because it provides compression, cooling, and a matte look. All fabrics have different benefits, so you should choose based on your specific needs. For example, Force Fiber will provide cool comfort in hot weather. Other choices include nylon, polyester, and spandex. Whatever you choose, you’ll be sure to find a wrestling singlet that fits your style and budget.

The most common types of wrestling singlets are low cut and high-cut. The high-cut singlets are made with extra material, while the low-cut singlets use less. The low-cut singlets are usually a little smaller and have a lower neckline than the high-cut singlets. The men’s singlets are the same as their counterparts, but they’re manufactured differently to allow for more coverage for female wrestlers.

When choosing the right singlet, size is the most important consideration. You want one that is large enough to allow air to pass through while remaining tight enough to keep your opponent from catching hold of you. Don’t forget to consider the weight of the person wearing it as loose fabric makes it easier for the opponent to grab hold of you. And don’t forget to look for a fabric that is comfortable and breathable for your body type.


The most difficult aspect of wrestling singlets is determining the correct size for a child. This is because the material used for these singlets is stretchy and sizing them according to body weight is impossible. Because of the stretchy fabric, a child’s weight will vary significantly from size to size, which makes the wrong size a waste of money. Young wrestlers should move up a size.

For an individual to get a proper fit, the singlet should be tailored to their body shape. There are no one-size-fits-all styles of singlets. Therefore, try on various sizes and cut to find the right fit. Moreover, it should be flexible enough to stretch while being durable enough to withstand repeated wresting matches. If you have no idea of what size you should buy, try on different singlet sizes to find the right one.

There are two basic types of singlets: high and low cut. For freestyle and folkstyle wrestling, high cut singlets are used. Collegiate singlets are higher in the neck and armpits than freestyle ones. Both styles tend to fall just above the knee. Some manufacturers have even custom-made singlets with your school colors to match your style. One of the most important things to keep in mind while shopping for wrestling singlets is the size.

Sublimated design

Sublimated designs on wrestling singlets can add a unique and stylish touch to any apparel. Sublimation is a printing process that creates designs on fabric. Unlike screen printing, this process can last as long as the singlet itself. A sublimated design can be printed on virtually any color. In fact, there is no limit to the number of color combinations that can be used for wrestling singlets.

Sublimated wrestling singlets can be found in solid colors or in stripes. Solid colors are best for team uniforms, while striped designs are perfect for individual wear. Striped singlets feature stripes that extend down the side. These stripes can even reach the shoulder straps, hardly affecting the back and chest area. Printed wrestling singlets are rarely compliant with competition requirements but can be an excellent training garment.

For the best fit, sublimated wrestling singlets should be made of high-quality materials. The material should be breathable and stretchy to allow the wrestler full range of motion. The fabric should also be light and stretchy to prevent it from becoming heavy and uncomfortable during a match. Having good ventilation is crucial for wrestling singlets because it helps keep the fabric from absorbing moisture. It also dries quickly and keeps the wrestler comfortable throughout the match.

When choosing a wrestling apparel company, look for a company that can meet your requirements. Most sublimated apparel manufacturers are willing to work with any design you want. You can select the color, size, and design that suits you and your team’s needs. You can also have your wrestling singlets custom-made for your team and have them shipped directly to your customers or pick them up at their location.


When you’re shopping for a cool wrestling singlet, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a good quality product at a fair price. Wrestlers wear singlets during competitions, so the quality you get is crucial. Wrestling singlets made by Elite Sports are premium, heavy duty pieces. Made of 85% polyester and 15% ultra-stretchy spandex, they offer premium performance at an affordable price.

Size: When shopping for singlets, remember that sizing is generally determined by weight. Manufacturers usually provide weight ranges for their singlets, but it’s best to go beyond those ranges if you have a large or small body. Singlets will stretch quite a bit, so you should order one size larger than you would typically wear. Likewise, a youth wrestler might need to size up a singlet if they’re planning on growing in it.

When you’re shopping for wrestling singlets, look for a fabric with a 4-way stretch. This will ensure a comfortable fit, and will prevent the fabric from “grinning,” which is when the fabric becomes see-through when stretched. Wrestlers typically wear compression shorts or briefs under their singlets, which makes boxers unsuitable for wrestling. Fortunately, modern singlets are also made of stretchy spandex, which is comfortable and prevents “wrestler’s chafing”.