Jacob Elordi and Joey King Are Dating in Real Life

Jacob Elordi

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The teen drama “Euphoria” was Elordi’s second major role after the release of “The Kissing Booth.” This series has earned multiple awards, has two seasons under its belt and has a third on the way. In addition to his work on HBO, Elordi recently co-starred in the psychological thriller film “Deep Water” with Ana de Armas and Ben Affleck.

2 Hearts

The movie adaptation of Eric Gregory’s novel, All My Tomorrow, stars Chris Gregory and Sam Peters. In the movie, two young people – Jorge and Leslie – fall in love and end up transplanting their hearts, saving five lives. In the book, Gregory chronicles the life of his son, and how his father’s organs helped save five lives. It’s a touching tale of redemption and love, and the film is sure to leave viewers with a teary eye.

Earlier this year, Jacob Elordi starred in Netflix’s “The Kissing Booth” alongside Joel Courtney. He also appeared in “The Mortuary Collection” and “Euphoria.” He’s been landing roles left and right, and he’s now starring in “2 Hearts.” While the film has yet to hit theaters, there are still some ways to catch this movie.

The film follows the story of two couples in different decades and circumstances. When both couples fall in love, they find themselves in unexpected situations, as their lives intertwine. This story is inspired by the true story of Cuban exile Jorge Bacardi, who was born with sickly lungs and fought for his life. The movie also shows a heartwarming moment in a young man’s life, as he becomes a firefighter and marries his longtime girlfriend.


Aside from starring in his own shows, Jacob Elordi has also appeared in several other projects. He has appeared in the Netflix sapfest The Kissing Booth and the gritty drama Euphoria. Despite receiving terrible reviews, the rom-com eventually became one of Netflix’s most popular titles. Sadly, despite being the top-rated film of last year, critics haven’t been too kind to Elordi.

In the TV series “Deep Water,” Elordi will play an unreliable husband. His wife, meanwhile, is having affairs with other men, but he’s the main suspect in their affair. When he discovers their relationship, he is the main suspect in their affair. As a result, he is investigated. His actions are not only unfathomable, but also troubling.

While this tv series is aimed at mature audiences, its depiction of teen relationships has received a lot of criticism. While the show’s actors are credited with portraying teenagers’ lives realistically without glorifying the horrors of teenage relationships, they’ve failed to make the right message about abuse and toxicity in relationships. The show’s creators have since released season two on HBO Max, which fans can watch on the streaming service.

The Kissing Booth

The Netflix movie The Kissing Booth based on the novel by Beth Reekles has already been watched by millions of people. As a result, many people have wondered how Joey King and Jacob Elordi met in real life. The couple actually met on the set of the movie and later went on to date. This relationship lasted until their breakup in February 2019.

The actor has spoken publicly about his reasons for starring in The Kissing Booth series, which has been a runaway hit for Netflix since May 2018. He said that the movies had been the most difficult part of his career, but he enjoyed playing the role of Noah Flynn. Jacob Elordi also discussed his character, Noah Flynn, in an interview with ET. He also compared his character, Nate, in Euphoria, to Noah in The Kissing Booth.

This Netflix original movie is an exciting continuation of the trilogy, and I can’t wait to watch the second installment of this series. It’s been the most popular movie on Netflix in the past year, and I’m sure it will be the most watched in 2019! However, while fans of the first book were excited, the reviews weren’t so great for the movie sequel. I’d like to see a more uplifting ending to the series!

Acting for a Cause

You’ve probably heard about actor Jacob Elordi from his TV and movie roles. However, you might be surprised to learn that the actor has a political conscience. Not only does he support the right-to-life movement, but he has also taken part in the March for Our Lives protests to help get tougher gun laws in the US. In fact, he was recently photographed holding banners for the cause with his ex-girlfriend.

As a child, Jacob was an active boy, participating in sports and extracurricular activities. He also took up acting and was a writer for a short film called Max & Iosefa. This short film helped Jacob discover a larger artistic side of himself. After this, he was offered a small role in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. This role was his breakthrough role, as it gave him the recognition that he needed. Ultimately, it became one of the biggest hits of all time.

Jacob Elordi is also involved in Acting for a Cause, a nonprofit organization that holds virtual stage readings of classic literary works for a good cause. Acting for a Cause has hosted many star-studded events in the past few months, including a live reading of The Importance of Being Earnest. The charity event has also featured performances from Skylar Astin, Florence Pugh, and Madeline Brewer. The project is now reading Jane Austen.

Joey King relationship

Actor Jacob Elordi and actress Joey King are dating in real life. The two met on the set of the movie The Kissing Booth. Both thought the other was cute and decided to become friends. While they were dating, they had other dates, including going to the movie premiere of Slender Man together. The relationship has become public and has caught the attention of fans. While it is not clear whether the two actors will stay together, they have had plenty of fun together.

The couple shared several love snaps on Instagram and Twitter. They also shared PDA at the Kissing Booth premiere. But after the split, Joey and Jacob stopped posting adorable photos together on social media. In November, Jacob announced on his website that they’d take a break from the public. Then, in October 2018, Joey went on an Instagram hiatus to focus on his career. Meanwhile, Jacob posted a video of him wishing Joey happy birthday on his page.

In 2017, Joey King and Jacob Elordi broke up. Their relationship lasted almost two years, but the actors are no longer together. Joey King, on the other hand, is dating Taylor Zakhar Perez. The new movie version is based on the second book of the series, The Kissing Booth, and stars Jacob Elordi and Taylor Zakhar Perez. The kissing Booth 2 also features a hot new guy, Marco, and a long-distance relationship.

Kaia Gerber relationship

There’s no denying the rumors that Jacob Elordi and Kaia Gerber are dating. The two were spotted together numerous times, including out on the town and even in their Halloween costumes. The two are described as “inseparable,” and are frequently spotted together. According to the latest reports, Jacob joined Kaia for a vacation in Mexico, where they spent time in the sun. They have stayed in touch, and in October, Kaia shared a sexy shirtless photo with Jacob. In the caption of the photo, Kaia dropped the “L” word as well, which fueled speculations that the two were more than friends.

While the two seem to be single, the pair have been linked to other celebrities, including Pete Davidson and Cole Sprouse. Kaia Gerber has also been linked to Austin Butler, who is a former beau of Vanessa Hudgens. The two were recently seen leaving a yoga class together. Austin Butler was previously linked to Vanessa Hudgens for nine years before moving on with Cole Tucker. A lot of speculation is being created around this new relationship, so it’s important to stay tuned to the latest news.

Jacob Elordi’s net worth

If you’re wondering how to calculate Jacob Elordi’s net worth, you’re not alone. This young Australian actor has been working hard to establish himself as an actor and musician. In addition to his acting and music careers, he has a thriving social life. During his early days, Jacob played rugby and enjoyed watching films. He also participated in extracurricular activities, including photography and acting. In addition, he was active in many college plays and started auditioning for full-fledged roles.

In recent years, Jacob Elordi has been linked to co-star Zendaya. The two have been photographed together in Australia, but have not officially confirmed their relationship. While it may seem hard to believe, the couple has a net worth of at least $4 million. Despite being unmarried, Jacob Elordi has earned a nice chunk of money from his acting roles. Other than that, he’s also received cash from endorsements and commercials. His net worth is estimated to be around $4 million as of 2022. This figure includes a salary of around $56,000 a year.

In 2017, Jacob Elordi’s net worth reached $11 million, making him one of the highest paid actors in Australia. He has a very close relationship with his mother, Melissa, who is a respected citizen of Australia. His father, John, has a secure job in his hometown. Jacob Elordi has many upcoming projects that will likely boost his net worth. Originally from Brisbane, he was raised alongside two sisters.