Kart Racing Outdoor Activities Pretoria

Kart Racing Outdoor Activities Pretoria

North Pretoria (Honingnestcrans) – Located in a village next to a farm, this amusement park offers two adrenaline obstacle courses for children, two obstacle courses for adults and teens, and a 58 obstacle course Big Zip. On the territory of the shopping center Zambezi Mall there is an indoor karting track Compu-Kart. Drivers can compete in a fun and safe environment, reaching speeds of up to 65 kilometers per hour. The performance area has so much hippy-hoppin ‘fun to get from slam dunk, big bag, bouncer and wall bums, as well as a unique adventure course called X-Park that combines elements of climbing, jumping and running. • Free before blasting the runway to the finish line.

There is a wealth of entertainment and activities to choose from, including 2 restaurants, clay painting, tree climbing, hiking, jogging and cycling trails. All activities are fun, safe and fun with guided tours.

The park is fenced in, so parents can eat and relax while their kids have fun. If your kids are ready for outdoor activities, visit the Acrobranch in North Pretoria. If you are looking for a place full of fun and varied activities for children of all ages, you should head straight to Pretoria. Every weekend the Montana Family Market hosts fun and entertainment for the little ones, including archery, princess and farm visits, and pizza, candles and snowballs.

Compu-Kart Raceway

Compu-Kart Raceway provides indoor kart racing, social events, company events, team building events, etc. Compu-Kart Raceway provides a challenging environment for racing enthusiasts, but is easy to use and safe enough for any beginner to come and go. Their well-trained coaches and referees will give you confidence and skills for you to have fun in the game. Electric karts, specially-made imported indoor racing karts and professionally designed tracks provide diversified kart experiences.

Indoor trails

Indoor trails are perfect for rainy days, while outdoor go-karts are perfect for picnics, bras and family days, as well as corporate events. Indoor trails are perfect for rainy days, while outdoor go-karting areas are perfect for picnics, bras and family days as well as corporate events. You will find some of these go-karting spots that offer parties for children and adults as well as corporate events.

You can take the whole family with you and spend the day on the slopes, order a party or simply have a braai or picnic on the go-kart tracks and have a fun day. Whether competitive driving or just driving on the track, go-karting is something everyone can enjoy. The maps are fast and exciting, while developing impressive speed.

Ideal for kids

Go-kart is ideal for kids 2 years old and up, mom and dad can also ride and help drive go-karts. Their electric go-kart track is part of the pirate ship’s children’s playground.

This unique and energetic sport is suitable for both children and adults. This is not only all-round fun, but also a great activity for developing confidence, coordination and fine motor skills in children.

Kids can cycle in the fun but safe Hazeldean Valley Kiddies Cycling Park. Pretoria North Park has a 3-hour high-altitude course for adults, which is also suitable for children over the age of nine. For the thrill of adrenaline, visit one of our Acrobranch adventure parks in Pretoria.

Reptile park and a marine aquarium

It also has a reptile park and a marine aquarium and is a great place to spend the day. This watery wonderland of Pretoria has slides, pools, playgrounds and a restaurant … everything you need for a fun family day out. Head to Hartbeespoort for a day full of thrills and fun for the whole family. Relive the thrill of childhood with real fun in Adventure Freaks.

Experience the most exciting racing in the West on the half-mile Paws Ups open-top kart track. Less than half an hour’s drive from Pretoria, you can make your racing dreams come true on our track at the Zwartkops International Kart Raceway. Come and watch our exciting day / night event at the Zwartkops Raceway, near Pretoria, on May 28th from 11am on the go-kart track.

Well-organized club, regional and national racing days across the country, run by karting officials. From 4 years old – Swartkrans karting for all ages Go-Kart West Rand, paved track for monsters, birthdays, picnics, swimming For all ages Indykart Indoor Gokarting Johannesburg; West Rand Indoor – Kart racing, premium motorsports for fun, parties, team building and more.

Extreme adventures

From extreme adventures to lighter family fun: go-kart racing, fly fishing in the Bronberg mountain range in Zwavelport and mountain biking at the Foortrekker monument, barn climbing and paintball in the war zone. Whether you’re playing Acrobranch or playing the pirate ship Big Red Barn, jumping on our bouncing castle or racing on the kids’ BMX track, your party can be hours of endless and energetic fun. We offer individuals and companies a wide range of activities that can be experienced as a fun adventure or as part of a complete team building.

We also have a camaraderie system in which each new team / runner will fight alongside an experienced team / runner who will offer help on race day to get the new team / runner involved. After that, everyone will have the opportunity to practice and familiarize themselves with go-karting and the track. Activities begin with a driver briefing covering all aspects of driving, safety and advice on optimal routes, possible overtaking and braking points to ensure competitiveness.

Again, this is where you can race from both sides, and since SSS hosts endurance and sprint events on different race days, this effectively means 30 race weekends a year if you do all the sprints and endurance events.

For kids, a good racing kart (used) will earn you between R15,000 (with a used engine) to R20,000 (with a new engine). Hoffmann engines are used and you can initially plan for an additional R10,000 for the purchase of a go-kart.