Ketty Quigley: The French Foodie in Dublin

French Foodie in Dublin

If you’re looking to find the people who make business decisions in the food industry, you should read this article. It’s written by Ketty Quigley, the French Foodie in Dublin, a successful businesswoman who runs a blog about the city’s food culture. In addition to being an avid foodie, Quigley also runs a business that enables tourists to experience the city’s delicious cuisine.

Ketty Quigley is a foodie in dublin

If you’re planning to go on holiday to Ireland, it’s worth considering a tour led by a French foodie. Ketty Quigley is a multi-award-winning food blogger and a graduate of Ballymaloe Cookery School. She founded her own food tour company, Delicious Dublin Tours, and contributed to a number of Irish travel guidebooks. She is currently studying for a Masters in Gastronomy and Food Studies at TU Dublin, where her research focuses on food tourism in Ireland.

Known as the French Foodie in Dublin, she has been writing about Irish cuisine for over five years. Since founding her food blog, she has travelled to France and the UK to explore the cuisines of Ireland. Her passion for local and seasonal produce has led to her winning SHEmazing! food influencer awards and being named one of Tourism Ireland’s Irish food champions.

As a French native, Ketty Quigley originally hails from the Loire Valley. She moved to Dublin in 2004 and fell in love with the city. She worked in the travel industry for a few years before starting her food blog, French Foodie in Dublin. The site changed her life. She has a dedicated following, and she has a blog dedicated to Irish cuisine.

When the temperature reaches 20 degrees in Dublin, Quigley drinks a glass of Ricard. It tastes like summer in the south of France. She also drinks craft beers and Irish spirits while she’s in the city. If you’re a foodie in Dublin, you’ll want to check out the city’s many delicious French restaurants. There’s no better place to sample the cuisine of a country that speaks your language.

She runs a blog called French Foodie in Dublin

A former model and TV presenter from France, Roz Dunbar recently moved to Dublin and fell in love with the food culture there. She now writes about her experiences and passion for food on her blog, Lemon Lipstick. You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. She also has a mailing list, Home of Food & Drink in Dublin, and is active on Facebook and Twitter.

Lilly Walsh runs a popular blog, The French Foodie in Dublin, about delicious, healthy Irish cooking. The blogger, a mum of four, focuses on recipes with a French influence. Her recipes are easy to follow and look delicious. The French influence is evident in her recipes and advice, as she is a nutritionist for Leinster Rugby and advices Irish people across the country on nutrition.

Quigley, originally from the Loire Valley, has won many awards for her work. She was named ‘Food Influencer of the Year’ in 2017 and is a regular judge of the Irish Restaurant Awards. She has been featured in numerous Irish and international press publications. Despite her relatively young age, Quigley is already a well-known food blogger. She runs a blog called French Foodie in Dublin, which has earned her numerous awards.

The city was badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but fortunately, fewer restaurants closed, and Dublin’s restaurant scene emerged relatively unscathed. However, staffing shortages still plague the city, which is why there are limited opening hours and lunch service in many Dublin restaurants. Despite these difficulties, most restaurants are committed to working hard to maintain a healthy work-life balance. However, this doesn’t mean that restaurants have completely recovered from the virus, and it is unlikely that they’ll be back to full capacity for a long time. Until there is proof that COVID recovery has been achieved, the city won’t return to its previous level of popularity. So, you should still make reservations well in advance and be aware of any possible problems.

She organizes foodie tours

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy Ireland’s local cuisine, Ketty Walsh is your woman. A native of the Loire Valley, Ketty has lived in Dublin for over ten years and has a passion for food, Irish and otherwise. In 2012, Ketty started a blog and then decided to start a food tour business in Dublin. She’s also a freelance content writer, social media manager, and marketing consultant.

The founder of the food tour company French Foodie in Dublin is a native of the Loire Valley, France. After moving to Dublin in 2004, Ketty fell in love with its culture and food. She spent years working in the travel industry before launching a food blog called French Foodie in Dublin. This blog changed her life and she quit her office job in 2013 to pursue her passion for food.

She is a businesswoman

A French foodie in Dublin, Ketty hails from the Loire Valley and has been in Ireland since 2004. Her passion for Irish cuisine led her to start a blog in 2012 and launch her food tour business Delicious Dublin Tours a year later. She also works as a freelance social media manager, content writer, and marketing manager. Read on to learn about the entrepreneurial spirit behind Ketty’s success.

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