Know Everything about Compounding Pharmacy

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Compounding pharmacy is a powerful element in the field of pharmacy. Usually people understand the meaning of pharmacy. It is the creation and prevention of medicines. Pharmacists are the creators of all the tablets, capsules and syrups available at a chemist.

Now, pharmacy is a common term. But there exist several queries about compound pharmacy. General public is not aware of this term. Those who have heard this term are not clear about its meaning and uses.

What is compound pharmacy?

Compound pharmacy is an advancement over pharmacy. Similar to pharmacy, compound pharmacy is also the creation of medicines. However, in compound pharmacy the medicines created address the unique needs of the consumer.

The need for compound drugs arises when regularly available drugs are unable to address the medical needs. Many times the commercially available drugs are either too strong for a patient or may have side effects. There are several barriers in treatment using commercial drugs. Therefore comes compound pharmacy to rescue.

Execution of compound pharmacy:

There are various ways to execute compound pharmacy. The idea behind compound pharmacy is to make alterations in existing drugs to create a new one. The newly created drug is unique for each individual. Hence, no one medicine is used by numerous individuals.

Following are some popular methods of compounding:

  1. Dosage customization – Compound pharmacy makes modifications in the strength of a drug. The concentration of salts is changed for the needs of the patients. In addition, regulation of dosage takes place.
  2. Flavors – Children are fussy in taking medicines. They are mostly cribbing about the taste. Therefore, compound medicines add flavors to drugs. As a result, it becomes easy for children to take medicines.
  3. Allergies – Usually, not all medicines suit patients. They have allergies. Consuming a non suitable medicine can be fatal. Hence, people opt for compound pharmacy. Just like dosages, pharmacists modify the salt combinations. This helps in avoiding salts that can have allergic reactions on a patient.
  4. Form change – As per the age and medical concern, there arises a need to change the form of medicines. Patients who are unable to consume tablets need syrups. Compound pharmacy addresses these requirements.

Types of Compounding Pharmacy:

Primarily it is important to know the meaning of compounding pharmacy. Then comes the information about types of compounding pharmacy. The field of customized drugs addressing different problems.

There exists various types of compounding pharmacies. These are:

  1. Pain regulation – Usually consumption of painkillers is harmful. It is common knowledge that regular consumption of painkillers has many side effects. However dealing with chronic pains demands medicines. Hence there exists pain regulation compounding. In this type, the pharmacists create pain relievers as per the needs of patients. Narcotics are used in regulated quantities. As a result, the patients get relief from chronic pains without harmful effects.
  2. Dermatology – Several skin diseases like psoriasis, acne, eczema, etc are difficult to treat. Similar to painkillers, skin related medicines also have side effects. Having said that, dermatological issues must be treated in time. Due to these reasons, there exists dermatology compound pharmacy. In this pharmacists create special ointments, drugs and more to treat all skin problems.
  3. Pediatrics – Children cry a lot by the name of medicines. Sometimes they don’t like the color, taste or form of medicines. Having said that, treatments are unavoidable. It is important to take medicines in time for better child health. Therefore, the pediatrics compound pharmacy creates drugs as per the likings of children. The color, flavors, etc used are attractive for children.
  4. Geriatrics – Similar to pediatrics compound pharmacy, there is geriatrics compound pharmacy. Old age individuals start behaving like children. Eventually it becomes a task to give medicines to older individuals. Hence, the geriatrics compound pharmacy manufactures medicines that are easy to swallow.
  5. Veterinary – Pets can not express their pain. It is difficult to know what is wrong with them. However, treatment of pets is a must. Veterinary compound pharmacy helps in making medicines that are suitable for pets. Unlike humans, pets have varying needs. Addressing these needs is crucial for their health and well-being.

How to access compound pharmacies?

Compound pharmacies are present in both forms, online and offline. The compound pharmacy online is becoming popular especially during pandemic. Now that people are reading a lot more about compound pharmacy they prefer to get custom made medicines.

During lockdowns people have availed the service of online compound pharmacies. They consult pharmacists via the internet and discuss their concerns. As per the discussions, pharmacists create suitable medicines and deliver them at the patient’s residence.

Deciding Note:

Just by searching compound pharmacies near me on the internet, there comes a list of compound pharmacies in your vicinity. The idea of compound pharmacy has powerful results. Patients opting for compound pharmacies vouch that this field of pharmacy leads to better treatments. 

There is a myth that compound pharmacy is expensive. Looking at the impact, it is rather cost efficient. There are many benefits of this field of medical science. It is the best innovation for people with serious health issues. Hence if you are someone with allergies, chronic pains or hormonal issues opting for compound pharmacy can be helpful.