Join KS Academy -Best CA coaching in India for virtual classes

For CA applicants, CA coaching is now a critical decision. By its very nature, the CA course is extremely difficult. Students who do not come from a business background may find it difficult to comprehend the course outline and material.

CA coaching institutes make all CA course issues simple and provide the best solutions for their students to achieve well in the CA Examinations.

There are many CA coaching classes in India, but if we are talking about the finest CA tutoring in India, KS Academy is the best in CA Coaching and provides students with the appropriate direction and assistance. CA aspirants are guided by KS Academy in special sessions.

Because KS Academy Founder K. Saravanan Sir thinks that students preparing for the CA Examination have varying levels of understanding, knowledge, intelligence, and catching power, he personally offers counselling sessions. Different types of guidance are required for different types of students.

According to Covid, Pandemic KS Academy has switched from face-to-face classes to virtual classes, or online classes, so that their students can attend classes without difficulty.

KS Academy is home to a significant number of students from all around the country.

What are KS Academy virtual classes for CA courses?

The best CA coaching in India is provided by KS Academy. In the field of CA coaching, KS Academy has proven its worth. Its previous year’s results support its claim to be India’s Best CA Coaching. Now, KS Academy is adapting to the changes by providing virtual classes for all CA courses, whether they are CA Foundation, Intermediate, or Final.

By enrolling online, candidates for each CA course can attend virtual classes. Virtual Classes allow you to view classes in real time from any location.

Teachers from KS Academy instruct students in a virtual classroom. Students participate in these online virtual classes to cover the whole CA course material.

Virtual classrooms have been shown to be effective, innovative, and useful to students. Students have their own learning environment and area.

Virtual classes from KS Academy have been shown to be beneficial in a variety of other ways.

Saves Traveling Time And Cost

When it comes to virtual classes, it is extremely advantageous in terms of saving time and money. Face-to-face or traditional classes require you to spend money on travel and time, but virtual classes allow you to take lessons from the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need to travel and saving money and time.

Flexible Timings

KS Academy Virtual classes give you the flexibility to attend classes at your leisure. You don’t have to stick to the schedule. Those who are working while also getting CA coaching can benefit from virtual classes. They have the option of taking classes at night or in their own time. Virtual classes are thought to be superior to live or in-person classes.


In terms of KS Academy virtual classes, they have a replay feature that allows you to respond at any moment. It is not possible to do so in face-to-face courses. You must attend lectures on time, and if you have problems understanding a concept or forget a point, you must wait until the next day; but, with virtual classrooms, you can listen to the lecture and learn the topic as many times as you like.

No more Missing and Clashing of classes

Assume you missed one of your single classes, and you now have to deal with the consequences of abandoning that topic. Missed classes are no longer an issue with virtual classes. KS Academy allows students to choose their own class time based on their schedule. Missing classes becomes unusual when people choose class times based on their schedule. There is no need for them to be concerned about missing courses. In KS Academy Virtual classrooms, even class conflicting difficulties such as face-to-face classes have been resolved.

Play class as per your comfort

In face-to-face lessons, you must attend at the specified time and cannot pause them; however, in virtual sessions, you can pause, rewind, and alter them to your liking. You are allowed to change your courses whenever you like.

Why Virtual classes from KS Academy?

Virtual Classes in KS Academy cover all previous years’ test papers, as well as questions from the practise manual and updated study material.

Students are also given smart compilers, and all lectures are offered in an easy-to-understand style.

Students are also connected to the faculty’s WHATSAPP group, where they can ask questions and get answers to their problems.

KS Academy unique pattern for CA foundation, Intermediate and Final

KS Academy offers classes, SAP examinations, and personal mentoring to students at different levels, all of which are critical to the success of CA courses.

Face-to-face classes are held at the Chennai facility, while recorded classes are held at other locations.

At each centre, SAP tests are also given. Personal guidance is also available over the phone.

Procedure to join KS Academy virtual classes

Visit in to KS Academy Chennai and select CA Online classes from the menu bar to join KS Academy Virtual classes for all CA courses. CA online classes will open, and you can order online classes by clicking “Order Online,” filling out the required information about yourself, and paying for them.

You can place an order by calling or sending a WhatsApp message to +91 91116 12345.