Looking For a Plant Nursery in San Antonio?

Plant Nursery in San Antonio

Looking for a plant nursery in San Antonio? Consider these local places: Landmark Nurseries, Fanick’s Garden Center, Paradise Nursery, Wilson’s Landscape & Tree Nursery, and South Texas Growers. All are specialized in native and adaptive plants, and offer a wide variety of services. Landscaping design and installation services can be arranged at discounts. The landscapes here boast over three acres of plants, and each one is unique.

Landmark Nurseries

If you are looking for a job in horticulture, you may want to check out Landmark Nurseries in San Antonio. The company is known for its commitment to providing top-quality plant material and superior customer service. It has four growing facilities throughout Texas and each one specializes in a different aspect of the green industry. The company has over 900 acres of farmland and a wide range of products, including plants, shrubs, and trees.

While Landmark Nurseries in San Antonio is known for offering a large selection of plants, you should also consider shopping around for other garden products. In addition to excellent plant selections, the company also provides quality garden tools, attractive garden furniture, and outdoor lighting. You can find everything you need for a beautiful outdoor space at a price that fits your budget. When you’re looking for the right plants, you can find them at Landmark Nurseries.

For those interested in working in horticulture, a Landmark Nurseries review will provide you with a wealth of information about the culture and work environment. The review will also provide insights into the compensation and benefits offered to employees. You can even find out about the skills required for the job and learn how to best interview for it. Besides the positive aspects of working at Landmark Nurseries, a review may help you decide whether or not it’s the right company for you.

Fanick’s Garden Center

If you want to enjoy your home with the best plants, then you should visit Fanick’s Garden Center. They specialize in trees, shrubs, and roses. In addition to their vast selection of plants, they also offer organic fertilizers and pest control services. Whether you’re looking for a way to beautify your yard or simply want to make your lawn look great, they have the plant nursery for you.

The nursery, which has been in business since 1939, offers a wide variety of plants, shrubs, and evergreens for your yard. They also sell produce, herbicides, and fertilizers. You can find free guides online and in the store, and you can even download a calendar of events to plan your next garden party. Whether you’re planning to make an outdoor dining area or just want to add a few trees to your existing landscape, Fanick’s Garden Center will have everything you need.

This plant nursery in San Antonio has a brick pathway, an indoor strolling area, and weekly sales. You can also take classes on gardening to learn more about plants. The store is family-owned and boasts over 70 acres of plants. You can browse through the flora and fauna in their countless varieties, from succulents to trees and cacti. If you love plants, you’ll love Fanick’s Garden Center in San Antonio.

Paradise Nursery

If you’re looking for a plant nursery in San Antonio, consider Shades of Green. This family-owned nursery features a brick pathway and indoor strolling area. It offers weekly sales and classes to teach you about gardening. Fanick’s is a family-owned nursery that has over 70 acres of plants and trees. They offer an abundance of seasonal plants and are known for their extensive selection of trees. You’ll be happy you stopped by.

Located in NW San Antonio, Palm Buddha has been in business for 30 years. They’ve won People’s Choice landscaping awards for seven consecutive years. Their knowledgeable staff takes pride in each job and enjoys helping customers create a tropical landscape. The nursery also provides ongoing botanical support and transplants, as well as rental of tropical flair. This is a great place to get the perfect plants for your home or business.

If you’re looking for quality plants and landscaping supplies, the experts at Paradise Nursery can help. Their extensive inventory of native plants will help you make the right choice for your yard. In addition, they’ll also provide top-quality fertilizer. These professionals have been leading customers to gardening success since 1985. If you’re looking to plant a tree or two, you can hire professionals from the nursery. With professional tools and San Antonio’s rocky limestone soil, they can successfully plant your trees and shrubs.

Wilson’s Landscape & Tree Nursery

The staff at Wilson’s Landscape & Tree Nursery in the heart of San Antonio takes pride in their work. With over 30 years in business, they’ve won the People’s Choice landscaping award for seven years running. The company also offers a wide selection of flowering shrubs and perennials. From koi ponds to deer-resistant gardens, Wilson’s is the company to call.

The founder of this company is an expert in landscape design. The nursery focuses on quality plants at reasonable prices. From drought tolerant to deer resistant plants, this nursery is sure to meet all of your landscaping needs. In addition to providing great plants, they offer wholesale prices, which are helpful for landscapers. They have a great selection of plants, so they can provide the best price for their customers.

When choosing plants, Wilson’s pays special attention to sustainability. Their extensive selection of plants includes native species. This allows homeowners to invest in a safe option while ensuring the plants thrive in the San Antonio soil. The company also offers services for planting trees, sod, and concrete pavers. They also offer fences. Their regular maintenance package includes mowing and bush trimming. You can even hire a team of horticulturists to take care of your landscaping needs.

Moon Valley Nurseries

For landscape design, Moon Valley Nurseries is a great choice. They specialize in Mediterranean landscapes, low water landscaping, and tropical oasis plants. To make it even easier to find the perfect plants for your yard, you can upload photos of your space and let the nursery do the rest. Moon Valley also offers professional planting and tree maintenance services, as well as wholesale divisions. In addition to providing great plants at a reasonable price, Moon Valley has an expert staff who can assist you in making your outdoor space look better.

Many people look for testimonials on the Internet before making a purchase. Positive reviews are a sign of a great experience. If you want to find out what others have to say about Moon Valley Nurseries, you can visit their website. This directory of San Antonio nurseries has thousands of customer reviews, and Moon Valley Nurseries has an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 146 reviews. It also features classes to help you learn how to grow and care for plants.

The garden center has a brick pathway, an indoor strolling area, and weekly sales. They also host classes to help customers improve their gardening skills. Located in San Antonio, Fanick’s has over 70 acres of plants and is a family-owned plant nursery. There are seasonal plants as well as an abundance of trees. You can also purchase plants at wholesale prices here. The nursery is open seven days a week and offers a discount for online orders.


One of the oldest plant nurseries in San Antonio, Milberger’s plant nursery has been around since the 1970s. Milberger’s began as a way to pay for law school, and since then, it has grown with San Antonio, providing a unique mix of plant life and educational efforts. Retail manager Trace Hazlett has been in the landscaping business since he was 16 years old, and enjoys a wide variety of jobs.

A unique feature of Milberger’s is their indoor strolling area, brick pathway, and various classes on gardening. Located on over 70 acres, Fanick’s offers a variety of tropical plants, seasonal plants, and cacti for the home or business. This family-owned business also offers wedding arrangements and delivery services. It is a great place to learn about plants and gardening. While visiting Milberger’s, don’t forget to stop by the Shades of Green plant nursery in San Antonio.