Marketing Your Start-up in the Time of Coronavirus

The novel coronavirus declared a global emergency has triggered social isolation. This pandemic has had a significant impact on all industries across the world. Large companies have, in response, adopted remote working while large retail chains have shut down.

Small businesses, on the other hand, have barely made news. If you have a start-up, the high chances are that your business finance does not have cash reserves to manage a sudden shutdown such as this. The ripple effect will be that businesses will change their mode of operation, and there will be a profound change in how people travel, work and shop. If you want to increase visibility of your business with effective strategies and minimal effort check out Socialwick.

Market your Solutions

As a small business owner, your priority should be focused on keeping your brand known. Begin by asking yourself how your brand could be relevant to this crisis. Once this has been established, adapt your marketing to reflect it.

Right now, effective marketing is crucial because most people are searching for products online. When done right, online marketing, particularly via social media, will be one of the most powerful sales mediums. Here are smart ways of surviving as a business in these tough times.

Leverage Social Media

Today, the highest percentage of quarantined nationals spends most of their time on social media. Because people are mentally and emotionally disturbed, this is not the time to come out as too salesy. Approach your marketing in an empathetic manner.

Talk about how your brand can help the people stuck at home while at the same time making it stand out. If you sell food such as groceries or milk, for instance, how can you help the people in need of your services? Do you offer home delivery at a discounted price?

Be Found Online

Whether they are driving or in their houses all day, most people are online most of the time. Since the start of the lockdown, search traffic has seen an increase with the trend expected to increase in the coming days. People from different communities are hooked online, monitoring global and national trends of the pandemic.

Many are taking this time to shop online. If you are online, you can be sure to make more sales than ever. This is the time to take advantage of SEO strategies to be ranked fairy by Google on SERPs.

Leverage SEO

Search engine optimisation is the engine of increased organic traffic. If you are looking to stay ahead of the curve, SEO must be your ultimate solution. On Google’s search engine results, you want your local business to be on the front page and the top ahead of your competition.

Use the right keywords and link up your location. This will ensure that every person in your community looking for your product finds you first. Polish up your content and optimise your site to please the search engines and the end consumer.

Use pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Right now, after SEO and social media marketing, PPC is the next big thing. Notice that searches related to COVID-19 are exploding, meaning you must target your marketing efforts there.

Because this has affected ad campaigns, it is important to understand the kind of traffic your ads are getting. In that case, use new keywords to ensure your campaign is reaching your target market.

Get your Business on Google My Business

In these uncertain times, a lot of people are now turning to Google to check where they can find local necessities. If you do not have a Google My Business account, this is the time to create one.

This is the only way locals in your community can get to know your business, your address, credibility through reviews and the hours you are open. If you already have an account, this is the time to update your business hours and phone contacts and notify your customers.

Any start-up looking to make a smart marketing move must not fall victim to the panic move linked to COVID 19. Be careful to use metrics and not hysteria when analyzing data and making marketing decisions.