Metal Sideboards With Iris Furnishings Collection

Metal Sideboards With Iris Furnishings Collection

If you’re a fan of metal sideboards but haven’t quite decided which one to buy, here are some great options for your home. These are available from the likes of Iris furnishings, Alsorg, Wattisham, Array, and more. Choose one that complements the rest of your home’s decor, and get ready to swoon over its sleek design. You’ll be happy you did!

Iris furnishings

If you’re looking for modern sideboards, look no further than the Iris furnishings collection. Each piece reflects a sleek combination of metal, mdf, and simple graphic forms. This unique collection reflects the innovative style of animovel furniture, and is made with the highest level of precision and special laser cutting techniques. The resulting look is bold, yet elegant, with a contemporary feel. The sleek lines and smooth curves make this line of furniture a perfect addition to any home.

Iris Dresser: This chest is designed with modern Italian flair in mind. Made from gray toned engineered wood with eucalyptus veneers, this chest has a lacquer coating and polished metal handles. It features six large drawers, and no assembly is required. The Iris Chest is quite heavy. You may want to assemble it before putting it in your room.

Montana Furniture Pair Sideboard: This versatile storage piece is a beautiful, unique, and highly functional piece. It has an open-shelf solution and cabinet, and it is part of the Montana Furniture Collection. The collection reflects a graphic simplicity of form language, and subtle Nordic colours. The Montana furniture line was designed by Peter J. Lassen, a Danish designer. Iris furnishings products have an impressive history in the industry.


As the premier manufacturer of modular wardrobes, kitchens and luxury furniture, Alsorg has carved a niche in the residential, commercial and retail sector. With state-of-the-art machinery and an unmatched design identity, Alsorg has managed to establish a niche for itself in the Indian market. Its metal sideboards are an excellent addition to any home, blending style with functionality and function. Its range of premium quality products include bespoke and custom-made items.

Alsorg metal sideboards feature a range of stunning finishes, from oxidised steel to high gloss veneers. Among the designs are the SERRA sideboard with its brass-clad shutters that open unexpectedly and maintain the pattern’s seamlessness. As with all Alsorg products, these sideboards feature a luxurious material palette, outstanding craftsmanship and striking design. Whether you’re shopping for an accent table for a luxurious hotel suite or a stunning new kitchen, Alsorg metal sideboards are the perfect choice.

A sleek and modern home is a reflection of a minimalist spirit. Modern design is the best choice for minimalist-inspired living spaces, and Alsorg offers a variety of versatile pieces to fit any space. Their newest additions to their lineup include two glass wardrobes that merge a bedroom with the dressing area. Incorporating warm tones and vertical profiles, these wardrobes offer numerous storage solutions for the modern home.


A Wattisham metal sideboard will certainly add character to any room. The design is versatile and you can choose a style that suits your needs and taste. Before purchasing one, measure the space you have available. If you have a limited budget, you may also consider repurposing an existing piece to fit a new style and design. Moreover, you can even use the reclaimed piece to match a new wall color. You can also consider the type of materials used.

This piece will match with both a modern and classic foyer. The sideboard’s cream color will blend with any decor. You can even use different kinds of accessories with it. The main purpose of this item is to display your collection. Whether it is a coffee table or a sideboard, it will surely add style and charm to your room. Therefore, you can combine several pieces of furniture to fit your design scheme.

Alsorg Array

The sleek, contemporary design of the Alsorg Array metal sideboard is a conversation starter. Crafted from loosely arranged vertical metal pipes, this piece is an interesting design choice that will complement any interior decor. The console’s matte black finish and rusty brass details make it ideal for a modern or traditional living room. The console’s oxidised finish is a subtle touch that accentuates its sleek design.

As one of the most well-known furniture brands in the world, Alsorg has a diverse product line that caters to commercial and residential projects. Alsorg specializes in bespoke furniture pieces that are crafted to fit the exact specifications of a customer’s home. As a result, every piece of furniture is built to last, while remaining true to the customer’s vision. Here’s what to expect from the Alsorg Array metal sideboard.

Array is the latest addition to Alsorg’s impressive collection of sideboards. This sideboard is available in a variety of colors and finishes. Designed with your home’s design in mind, this sideboard is sure to transform a dull, boring room into a stunning space. This metal sideboard is the perfect way to showcase your personality while providing a beautiful accent piece to your space. The sleek, modern aesthetic of the Alsorg Array makes it an impressive addition to any room.


Whether you’re looking for a new piece of furniture for your living room, dining room, or office, the Alsorg Classic Line metal sideboards will fit in beautifully. The brand was founded in 2008 and caters to residential and commercial projects. While its core business is making kitchens and wardrobes, Alsorg also explores the potential of metal finishes in their sideboards. The brand’s products are known for their fine craftsmanship and luxurious material palette.

A contemporary console with soft edges is the ARRAY. This piece is made of vertical metal pipes loosely arranged and acts as a dividing screen. The Fenestra console features rusted brass tile panels and an integrated partition that blends with the rusty metal pipes, creating a seamless surface. The resulting pieces are a combination of functionality and artistic beauty. It’s hard to find a metal sideboard with such a sophisticated design.

A timeless style and distinctive craftsmanship distinguishes the Serra sideboard. Its V-panel design evokes an oxidised finish on the brass sheet. Designed to open unexpectedly, the front pattern conceals shutters on the side, highlighting the oxidised finish. It also adds a sense of surprise to your interiors. A striking design combines exceptional craftsmanship with luxurious materials for a classic sideboard.