5 Mistakes To Avoid When Washing Clothes In The Washing Machine

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If washing your clothes in the machine may seem very obvious, there are nevertheless a few mistakes to avoid for the good of your clothes and your device! There are 5 mistakes not to make again according to Washing Machine Repair Services in Leicester.

Washing clothes, even in the washing machine, is not always fun. Especially if you do not adopt the right gestures for a quality wash. Here are 5 mistakes to avoid when washing clothes in the washing machine.

Putting too much laundry in the drum of the machine

Every washing machine has a weight limit, and there’s a reason for that! It is therefore essential when buying your machine, to choose a capacity adapt to your lifestyle. Also, Washing Machine Repair Services in Leicester it is important to respect the latter. A machine accepting 8kg of laundry will have to be content with this weight, at the risk of seeing the drum damage. In addition, a too full drum will not allow a good washing of the clothes, which will come out with a bad smell.

Do not close buttons and zippers

It may seem like a hassle, but it’s important for your laundry to stop making this mistake. Fabrics that are more fragile and light may get caught in the buttons of a shirt or the zipper of a skirt, and your garment will come out clean… but completely damage. Remember to close zippers and buttons from now on!

Also, remember to always empty the pockets of your jeans, trousers, Washing Machine Repair Services in Leicester jacket… In addition to damaging the objects that could have remain in your laundry, you risk damaging the filter and the drain pump of your machine.

Not cleaning stains before starting the machine

Detergent and washing machine are not always powerful enough to remove the most stubborn stains. If you want to get your stain (and not just dirty) clothes back, it is imperative to clean them beforehand. So consider using a stain remover on your greasy or dirt stains (for example) and leave for a few minutes before putting in the machine, so that the product absorbs the stain. Your laundry will come out spotless.

With the average cost of washing machine repair in leicester as high as £96, repairing a washing machine is a costly affair. Moreover, the thought of replacing the old washing machine with new ones can add to worries. So, isn’t it a good idea to get a trustworthy and reliable cover for your washing machine?

Using too much detergent

It’s totally unnecessary and a real drain on your wallet. Using too much detergent will not wash your laundry better: on the contrary, Washing Machine Repair Services in Leicester it may still come out full of suds because the rinse cycle will not have been sufficient to eliminate all of the product. Also, abusing the detergent risks damaging your machine! The latter could overflow and you will end up with lots of foam in your laundry room.

Not maintaining your washing machine

For laundry that is always clean, the machine must also remain clean. To do this, remember to clean the inside of your washing machine at least once a month. To do this, remember to clean the filter of your machine as well as its seals. And for a vibrant drum, run an empty wash cycle at 90° with a capful of white vinegar. Finally, Washing Machine Repair Services in Leicester always remember to leave your machine open after each wash, the time to let it dry and avoid mold and bad odors.

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