Moovit, Fleetmatics Reveal, and C-Track – Which Smart Bus Tracker is Best

Smart Bus Tracker

If you’re a bus operator, you’ve probably considered a smart bus tracker. Then again, you’ve probably not. In fact, there are many different smart bus trackers on the market today. Which ones are the best? Here are a few options: Moovit, Fleetmatics REVEAL, and C-Track. Let’s look at each of them to find the best one for your bus fleet.


Moovit is a free app that allows users to track buses and train stations. Its data-driven approach is based on a global network of volunteer mapmakers, who collect over three billion anonymous data points daily. The app is designed to save users time and money by guiding them to their destination by providing real-time data on transportation options. With this technology, anyone can use it on their smartphone, tablet, or even on the go.

It works by calculating routes for public transportation, bike-sharing, and Uber-and-Lyft rides, and offers step-by-step guidance throughout the journey. Moovit also incorporates accessibility features to help people with disabilities use public transportation. These features include talking-to-text features, TalkBack/VoiceOver capabilities, and route-finding. Moovit has also optimized its menus for users with hand-motor disabilities.

Moovit’s new on-demand service combines public transit and on-demand, allowing riders to book a ride on demand and avoid waiting for a bus. Its free on-demand service is perfect for employees or anyone else who relies on public transportation. The free Moovit app allows passengers to easily plan their trips. Moovit On-Demand also helps transit agencies plan and execute routes, increasing ridership and reducing congestion.

As an added bonus, the SMART Bus’s Dial-A-Ride service will now be operated by Moovit, which will help customers avoid long lines and unnecessary waiting times. The app also has a live bus tracking feature so riders can plan their future trips and pay for them in advance. When fare collection resumes, Moovit will also offer real-time shuttle tracking. The SMART bus tracker will allow people to find their bus location and schedule, and make future reservations for rides.

Moovit found that using COVID-19 to track the number of people using public transportation would encourage people to use it more. This data could also be useful for riders who are concerned about maintaining social distance on the bus. By making public transit more convenient, the app may even save lives. The company’s research was done in 104 cities in 28 countries. Its user-testing has proven to be highly beneficial, and Moovit is working with local transit authorities to make it a successful tool for public transit users.


A real-time bus tracking system provides passengers with the latest information about the location of the nearest and most efficient bus. It uses Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to determine the current position of the bus as it approaches a specific location and along its route. By providing accurate arrival times, this technology enhances the convenience of using public transportation and helps commuters manage their time better. If you use public transportation to get to work or school, you will surely appreciate this smart bus tracking technology.

Another benefit is that you can see the exact location of the bus. It’s easy to use and makes life much easier for staffs and students alike. The bus tracking system can also give you a flexible time to catch your bus. The device’s servers can continuously monitor the location of the bus and store the information. The accuracy of the information provided by this system is its main contribution. The app is incredibly convenient to use and can even be used by blind people.

The current bus tracking system has several shortcomings. For one, it’s designed to be sighted-friendly. This means blind people may have difficulty interacting with the website or learning the interface. They may also have difficulty determining the ETA of a bus. Furthermore, they won’t be able to request ETA alerts if they’re unable to see. The bus tracker’s help-seeking features are triggered by these situations.

While using the C-Track smart bus tracker, participants are able to select a stop. Once a route is selected, the “Select Stop” section will appear. The participant will have to find this section, identify the relevant stop, and activate the appropriate link. Then, the bus will start moving toward the destination. You can even check the status of a bus on the way to the destination.


The MTData smart bus tracker app is a helpful tool for commuters. It provides real-time arrival information and shows the route of the bus, along with the current arrival time. Besides letting commuters know exactly when to expect the bus, the app also provides powerful control panel for school administrators. And you can generate detailed reports about each bus trip with the click of a button. But, it is still unclear how the company handles the data.

It is also possible to view estimated arrival times in real time, as this feature shows the status of a specific bus route. However, it is important to remember that the number of buses may differ from the number of bus stops. You should also consider whether you’ll be riding a bus during weekdays or on weekends. To get the best time to take the bus, you should check the schedule before boarding the bus.

Fleetmatics REVEAL

While GPS fleet management systems are a must-have for any business, Fleetmatics Reveal’s advanced features fall short of being the ultimate solution. It lacks 2-way messaging, group driver mode, and basic engine diagnostics. Despite these shortcomings, the system’s benefits far outweigh its drawbacks. With the right monitoring tools, you’ll be able to keep track of your fleet in real-time, and increase the safety of your workers and valuable assets.

The fleet management solutions from Verizon Connect Reveal provide GPS fleet tracking. High-resolution maps and smart clustering help businesses manage fuel costs and provide accurate ETAs. The platform also features customizable dashboards and performance analytics. This makes it a great choice for businesses that rely on their fleet daily. It is also a great choice for businesses that need to know the whereabouts of their fleet on a daily basis.

If you’re planning to use Fleetmatics Reveal on your company’s buses, it’s important to download the REVEAL ELD Logbook application on your smartphone or tablet. The app was developed by Verizon Connect and is only available for Android tablets, but phone support is anticipated later this summer. While you can’t track multiple buses at once, you can view your bus’s location using the Revel Logbook feature.

Parents are increasingly interested in learning more about their children’s whereabouts. After all, the safety of schoolchildren is more important than the cost of transportation. Fleetmatics REVEAL is an affordable and practical way to do that. With a few clicks, you can see how the bus is moving and even see where it is. Parents can even monitor their children on school buses, which is an added bonus.